Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Cheers & Bon Appetit

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope Santa gave you everything you wanted, or wished for, and hope your wish wasn't too big to be accommodated. There's always Birthday's, Easter, Mothers day etc to look forward to if they were just a tad too expensive.

I did get my Platinum machine, but unfortunately it has to back. I have to be the unluckiest person when it comes to die cutting machines. When I couldn't even use the handle to get it out of the box and onto my desk I thought " this doesn't look good!" The handle wouldn't move unless you used a spoon to force it up. Once up, the handle was lopsided. I then got one of my dies that I use regularly, Les Papillions Two, 5 passes in the middle later and it still didn't cut totally, so I tried some of Sue's leaves that I use often, 2 passes in the middle and they didn't cut either, so I gave up, packed it up and I will call the shop when they open again on the 4th. So no fun playtime for me with my new machine for a while. It does put me off of getting another one, what do you think?

Anyway onto a lighter note we went to a Panto on Monday afternoon. It was Alladin, at the Mayflower Theatre and Joe Pasquale played Wishee Washee. Well!, I can't remember a time I have laughed so much at slapstick humor, good job I took tissues. There were 9 of us, but only one child of twelve, Oh and one very pregnant daughter that totally threw herself into joining in.

I hope you don't think I have cheated for this weeks blog, but like everyone over the festive time It's been so hectic here , so I looked for some items I had made previous and had stored in my stash box, and I  incorporated them with a die of Sue's I had been sent, and this is what I came up with, There's a festive one and 2 summery ones . I hope you are not too disappointed that it's not a card. When I sent my project to Creative Expressions they said they would like to see me to make more of this, and that it doesn't always have to be cards, again what do you think?

I think you  have all been wonderful visiting my blog this year and leaving such lovely and encouraging comments, and I hope you will visit in 2016 too. So I would like this opportunity to say a big heartfelt Thank you to you all, and I know I have lots to share with you all next year!


Here goes!

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Coconut White & Sand
Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing Folder- Detail Silver Shine
Spellbinders- Cinch & go Flowers
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Wild honey
Sue Wilson- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Scalloped Lattice Buckle Bar
Sue Wilson- festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Classic Poinsettia


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Friends Are Lifetime Treasures

Good  Tuesday Morning Everyone

MERRY CHRISTMAS  To All Who Visit!! 

This is my last post before Christmas for, however there is one next week but it's not a card. It's just a few things you can make with one little die. I have had a fantastic year with Creative Expressions, and I will continue into early next year.

The most heartwarming part of my blog, is the overwhelming messages that you leave  about my cards,  my escapades through the forest, my sad times but most of all your heartfelt messages for my family, and also sharing my impending arrival of my granddaughter  in March. You are all wonderful, and I thank you all so much for your support. Most of your messages have reduced me to tears, with laughter too, and I thank you for each and every one of them.

We as a family are sending you the most warmest of Christmas Wishes, and a happy & healthy 2016.

Tracey sending you positive gentle Hugs x, don't know if you will visit this week, but if you do hugs are here in abundance. Thinking of you. x

Sheila, if you pop in. I will be thinking of you & Niki. A difficult time for you I know but you don't have to feel on your own. I will check in a couple of times on the big day to have a chat if you or anyone else is around. Sending you Warm Christmas hugs Sheila XX.

Hope you like it!

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation Card- Coconut White & Pink
Creative Expressions- Thoughtful Sentiments
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Spellbinders- Delicate Asters
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Cosmic Shimmer- Detail Silver Shine Embossing Powder
Ranger- Perfect Medium
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Pierced Tags
Sue Wilson- Mini Gemini Dies- Indus


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Cinch & Go Flower

Hi Everyone

This is a quick tutorial of the Cinch & go flower, I hope you understand it, if not please leave a message and I will get back to you.

 Here goes!

These are the items you will need

This is for the full rose

This for the bud

spritz  with water to make the cinch easier

.next scrunch the first layer of the  flower, you don't have to be too careful, that's what makes every flower individual

Add some more glue and add each layer of petals

You will end up with a bud like this, if you want it tighter just scrunch it tighter or add a bit more glue to each petal

After layering the 4 smaller layer of petals together, add the smallest of the 2 big petals to the bud. I still have not used the largest petal of the die set yet. I hope this makes sense.

Once glued and dried, use the tweezers to open the petals.

 I hope this tutorial comes out OK, as I was helping Paul with plumbing problems while doing this tutorial. any questions, please ask.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Love You

Good Tuesday morning everyone

Well what a start to my week. Mammogram Monday (routine one). I was the first one for the day. Although she was really lovely and really chatty, she said are you ready to be a little man handled. What can you say, No, or go for it! When she started her man handling, I said GOOD GRIEF you could have warmed your hands up, and because of that I think she gave that dial an extra tweak, then said, right hold your breath!. when all I wanted to do was shout Ouch! and then slap her, or is that just me!. Four photo's later, and red raw from the clamps I left thinking thank goodness that's done and dusted. Fingers crossed now for a good result. I really don't think our men folk know what we go through. If they had their bits man handled with cold hands then slapped in between 2 plates, squeezed till they want to shout Ouch!, told to hold your breath,  and say cheese!! I dread to think of the obscenities. Sorry ladies!!

I hope you are all managing to finish your Christmas shopping and wrapping the presents and have placed  them under the tree ready for the big day. I am sooo behind this year, never known a year like it. Claire & Craig can't think of anything, but then again want so much!  Craig with a new home  & Claire with baby on the way. We have already bought all the baby furniture for the nursery and are in the process of carpeting Craig's lounge and he wants a wall unit for his big TV and  man stuff ( Games ), but that's nothing to do with Christmas.Got To get things sorted this week.

Paul said he wanted to buy me the new Platinum machine as he is fed up with me saying the other machines don't cut in the middle, what do you think? Do any of you have this machine, and would you recommend it. Rose I think you said you had purchased this machine, what do you think of it? Is it worth it's money?

Anyway, enough already! Here goes with this weeks card.

Hope you like it!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations card- Black, Custard & Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Sentiment- Sweet Thought stamps
Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Large Climbing Vines
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches-Maidenhair Fern
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Large Climbing Vines
Sue Wilson-Frames- Tags- Alexandra
Spellbinders- Fantastic new Cinch & go Flower Dies


Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

I hope you have all survived this horrendous weather. Although it seemed relentless down here in Wiltshire, those poor people in Cockermouth and further up north are having such a tough time. I was up at 4.30am on Sunday morning and I watched the news about the flooding and a lady rang in saying that she couldn't get into her ground floor home as the water was up to the window and her daughter's 2 cats were in the home and she didn't know if they were OK. It's so sad. I haven't stopped thinking about her and wish the BBC had followed that story up. I hope our government help all the people affected yet again  after failed new flood defenses. We as a country give to lots to charities, but I think sometimes we need to think of the people in our own country 1st. ( Sorry about that rant ).

We did have some sunshine today, hence the photo's of the New Forest animals after my card. As the weather is meant to turn to rain and wind again, I thought I would go to the wholesalers and a drive home through the forest. I remembered to take my camera & phone this time.

Take care everyone, hope to see you next week, but understand as we are all so busy this time of year. Enjoy putting your decorations up and all the Christmas shopping!

Here Goes!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations- Coconut  white & Periwinkle
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Creative Expressions- Sentiment Stamps- Thoughtful Sentiments
Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing Powder- Detail Silver Shine
Creative Expressions- Dazzlers
Heartfelt Creations- Enchanted Mum Stamp
Heartfelt Creations- Enchanted Mum Die
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Maidenhair Fern
Sue Wilson- Austrian Collection- Salzburg
Sue Wilson- Frame & Tags- Pierced Flags
Sue Wilson- Striplets- Ornate Octagons


Sadly didn't see the dinky donkey's

I wish I has taken a video of the horse on the ground, she was having a whale of a time. There's something quite lovely watching an animal as large as this acting like a little puppy. Then she got up and ran about like a lunatic for quite a while, just lovely!!

Who said girls can't have beards and still look beautiful.

This horse was in her field watching the horse in the above picture rolling about. I wonder what she was thinking?

Stay Safe everyone

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Especially For You

Good Tuesday morning everyone.

OMG ladies, It's December already. This time last year I had most of my presents bought, but this Christmas seems to have crept up very quickly this year. I think its because there has been so much going on, with Claire, Craig moving twice and also my sister moving over here. I feel exhausted just remembering all of it. I was going to say hopefully next year will be less manic, but Claire will be having our 1st grandchild, so I'm thinking Maybe NOT!! Bring it on I can't wait.

Claire went down to Bournemouth on Sunday to see Craig's new apartment, and she called in to see us on her way home. I only saw her last week, but when I saw her again on Sunday her bump had grown so much, so I took another photo for the mum & baby book I'm making. She is blooming beautifully.

Right, on to the card this week. I think Christmas cards have finished now, but you never know. It was nice to go back to my butterflies,I have missed them. I know there are a few ladies on my blog that love butterflies as much as I do, so hope you like them. Oh, and I have to say sorry that it is Chrysanthemum's again but I couldn't just put them aside so I added some sparkle and used them on this week's card.

Here Goes!

 Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations Card- Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Dazzlers
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Spellbinders- Delicate Asters
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Sue Wilson- Noble dies- Double Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Alexandra
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Delicate Fronds
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Rambling Rose


How to make:-

First I made my 1st mat & layer, but kept it really plain. The next smaller layer I used the Sue Wilson Rambling Rose embossing folder. and used sticky pads on the back for dimension. I then cut all the dies from the Alexandra die set but cut 2 of the larger fancy cuts and placed one horizontal and one vertical. I cut and glittered the 2nd smallest die and added pearls then the sentiment was made with the central die, I stamped it and and added some glue and rock candy for sparkle. I layered each die cut with sticky pads, but the centre was stuck down into all the other dimensions, I hope this makes sense. I cut out the petals from the Aster die to make some Chrysanthemum flowers ( last weeks tutorial ), added glitter to the tips and arranged on the card along with  some leaves and the fronds die. Finally I added some butterflies, double layered with white & silver card.

Hope you like it. Same time same place next week. Any ideas for a tutorial?

Big Hugs

Tina XX