Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gardenia Tutorial

Hi everyone

Better late than never! So glad you persevere with me. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands one day, and I get stuck into a job and then the day is gone and before you know it, it is time to do the CE card again. Where is our time going. Anyway here is the promised tutorial. Do you want to see the classic rose next time or Heartfelt Enchanted Mum flower. Hark at me, I only purchased this last week, so must have a play first. If the Enchanted Mum turns out badly can I over rule the decision and do a Classic Rose?

Have a good week everyone!

Anyway here goes the Gardenia

 These are the items needed to make this flower. As you can see I have already cut the flowers.

Next stage, colour your flowers how ever you want.

One of the whole flowers, just snip a bit further down the flower.

Use your bull tool to break the edge of the fibres and to make them curl inwards

I then use the end of a paint brush to round the flowers petals outwards.

Next I use the same tool to just curl the corners to a point

Next, you need to turn the 5 petal die into a 4 petal, like I have done , and you are left with the 2 layers of the full petals, the newly made 4 petal and the open 4 petal now to be made into a bud

Now roll the four petal into a bud

Then place the bud into the 4 petal part of the flower, and cut the bottom off until flush

Then glue onto main flower.

 Here are 2 different flowers. One is using all 5 petals of the die and one is leaving a full petal die off, so that it is not so compact. The choice is yours.

Hope you understood, and enjoyed the tutorial. If not you know where I am!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Another Mobile Card

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I had a really special weekend. We celebrated my Huh Hum! birthday on Thursday with a lovely massive Chinese take away, sharing it with Craig, Hannah ( Craig's girlfriend ), my sister Chicky and Paul. Unfortunately Claire & Toby couldn't make it as Claire had end of term parents night all week and it was too late for her to travel over to us, and she was soooo tired to boot. On Friday evening when Claire got home from work she rang and said to get my glad rags on for Saturday as She and Craig were going to take me out for lunch to a country pub of my choice. So I asked if we could go to The High Corner Inn. It's right in the heart of the new forest, and the Pub is nestled in a woodlands. There was an inglenook fire burning, and beams and uneven floors, it's just stunning. There were 6 of us. Claire Toby, Craig Hannah & Paul and myself. Lunch was booked for 1pm and we left 5.15pm, what a fantastic meal and it was just so lovely to spend some quality time together without having to tidy up afterwards. I've put some pictures up after this week's card hope you enjoy them.

Oh! just a little bit of gossip, we are going back to Christmas for next month, one last push. So will have to get my Christmas brain in gear again. How lovely to get 3 Christmas's in one year!

Can I please ask if you will forgive me for not putting a tutorial on today as I said I would, but it will definitely be on my blog on Thursday. It has been so manic, Sorry! too much celebrating. I will make the flower tutorial today (Tuesday) and post it on Thursday. Promise!

Here goes!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Black, Coconut white, green & Vintage Silver
Creative Expressions- White Ice
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Craft Consortium- Bloom Beautiful- 12x12 papers
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Spun Sugar & Dusty Concord
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection-Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Camellia- Complete Petals
Sue Wilson- Striplet- Eternal Rings
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches-
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Wild Roses

How To make:-

I Started with an 8x8 black card, and place the oblong die that came with the Eternal Rings Striplet die on the edge of the card, about 1/2 inch from the edge but that is entirely up to you. When that had been cut out I then used the Wild Roses embossing folder to emboss the front of the card. I then made a mat & layer of the Silver Vintage card and the papers from Bloom Beautiful collection. I covered the top of the paper wit a sticky sheet and then covered with Iced Snow..I made several roses from the Classic Rose & Camellia complete petals dies, hand coloured and arranged into a little display in the corner. The mobile was made by cutting 3x of the Eternal Rings Striplet die and folding each one in half. Then glue the back side of each fold to create a 3 sided mobile. Poke a piece of cotton with glue into the top of the centre of the mobile and set aside to dry. Make a rose leaves and twigs for each trellis and glue where you like, just make sure you cover the glue in each trellis with a leaf so that you can't see the 3D glue holding the rose in place. When totally dry glue the trellis into the middle of the open frame and hide the cotton with a butterfly or a flower or anything else you come up with. I hope this helps. enjoy. Any problems you know where I am. 

The photo's are in reverse order. We had a little shower as we were finishing our meal, but as we were driving home the clouds were breaking and we had a spectacular sunset. We stopped to take some pictures of  some of our beautiful animals that roam our forest, and the pictures that follow are of the pub where we had our meal. When you see the sign for the pub, on a very flat part of the forest, you wouldn't think that there is anything but heathers and animals. Then you drive down the unmade lane opposite the sign, and it opens up to this beautiful place to eat with the new forest pony's walking around. Every time I go shopping I make a point of driving home through the forest where there are normally pigs, sheep, pony's, cow's, bull's and donkeys just standing in the roads. It makes the drive home longer because you have to wait for them to decide which side of the road they prefer, but it is so worth it.

I hope you enjoyed the little roam around the forest on my birthday treat.

See you here Thursday for tutorial, if not, I'll see you next Tuesday. Take care and have a good week everyone.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone

I hope you all had a good week, and enjoy the new week ahead. I had a lovely surprise last week, I found out what flavour our Grandchild is going to be. Claire had her 20week scan on Wednesday and she asked us to go over to her home for dinner, where she gave me a little bag with pink and blue tissue in it. She said take the tissue out and it will reveal your grandchild. I took the tissue out put my hand inside the bad and pulled out a pair of little ---- shoes. We are so thrilled as I know deep down Claire and Toby were hoping for a ----.  ME! I would have been happy either way, but the look on their faces were amazing, and I just can't wait to meet --- now. The reveal is after the card!

After our baby reveal,I asked Jane B for permission to show her gift that she gave to me when we met earlier this month, and then finally we have the tutorial. It's a long blog this week.

Here Goes!!

Hope you like it!.

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations card- Coconut & Green
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sparkles
Bloom Beautiful- premium Collection Papers
Spellbinders- Rose Creations- Megabilities
Tim Holtz- Distress Inks- Spun Sugar & Weathered Wood
Sue Wilson- Finishing touches- Magical butterflies
Sue Wilson-        "              "      - Maidenhair Fern
Sue Wilson-        "              "      - Petite Vinery
Sue Wilson- Canadian Collection- Montreal
Sue Wilson-        "                 "        - Toronto
Sue Wilson- Austrian Collection- Salzberg
Sue Wilson- Mini Gemini dies- Lynx


What brilliant news to receive in the same month as my birthday, so I'll never forget this memory. Not wishing life away, but we can't wait for March XX

Next is a beautiful present Jane B gave to me when we met her & her husband a couple of weeks ago. Jane is a Fantastic Artist. I was overwhelmed receiving this gift and to know that Jane had hand painted this. Isn't this stunning.

Jane showed us  pictures of some portraits she had painted, and they looked like photo's. What a wonderful talent to have. Thank you again Jane XX. Talk soon.

Finally The Tutorial. Stick with me people nearly finished, Anyone ready for match sticks or a coffee, or maybe something stronger. Mine is a Brandy & Babycham, Cheers! I am writing this in the evening, honest guv!

Products needed to make these flowers.

Cut this amount to make the larger flower

Now start to colour your flowers, in a shade of your choice

 When the flowers are as you like them, start to shape them with the ball tool.

Using the two small petals make into a bud

Then keep layering remembering to off setting the petals. This die is different to the last tutorial as all the petals are different so before you glue them move them around until you are happy with the way they look. Then use your tweezers to fold the petals over.
This is the finished flower but I have put another picture of a flower I made back in May, It's a more open rose with the same die, and I used the larger petals too. So it is quite versatile.

Hope this tutorial helps. Next time I thought I would make the Cheery Lyn Design- Gardenia strip or Sue Wilson's Classic Rose. I hope you're up for that, if not, I'll try something else. Please say!

I hope you managed to stick with me today. It's been quite an epic blog this week.
Thank you all.X

Same time, same place next week

Big Hugs :-)

Tina XX

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone

Well, what another busy weekend we had. Yes!, moving again. Craig arrived with a very large van early Saturday morning which we filled to the gunnels. We dove to Bournemouth where he has bought his 1st step on the property ladder. It's a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment on a very nice tree lined road and about a 10 minute walk to the beach, how lucky is he. We finished unloading the van and packed nearly everything away, then Craig drove me in the van to curry's to purchase all his white goods, so he's sorted now. One down, one to go.

I would just like to say many congratulations to Steph ( Lancashire ) on the safe arrival of her 1st Grandchild, Lottie Beth. Thank you for sharing the news with me after she was born on Thursday and for the pictures of Lottie Bet, she is sooo beautiful, and she has such a lot of hair too.

Last Wednesday we spent a lovely afternoon with Jane B from my blog. We met her and her husband in a little cafe in Hindhead, drank our respective drinks and then we went to her son's beautiful new home and chatted some more. It was like we had known each other for years. Jane gave me a beautiful gift that she had hand painted herself. I would love to show you but I would like her permission 1st. Jane I hope you & Henk had a safe flight back to Spain, and again thank you for last week.

I only had Sunday to make this card, take photo's and do the products list before sending the information to CE, so there aren't as many flowers as I would have liked. Hey Ho! you get the idea. I also didn't have time to do a tutorial, but I'll do one next week, and hope to see you both again.

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 15th TRES, I hope you have a lovely day with your sister. It was lovely to talk to you on Sunday. I also had a lovely chat when Rose rang me Sunday afternoon, Thank you Rose. 

Here Goes!

Hope you liked it!

Products used :-

Craft Consortium- Bloom Beautiful Papers
Creative Expressions- Foundations card- Sand & Black
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Striplet- Eternal Rings
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Pierced Tags
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- Perfect Peony Complete Petals
Ranger- Perfect Medium
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Mustard Seed
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Wild Honey
Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing Powder- Detail Bright Gold

How to make:-

Firstly I made my usual mat & layer on the 2 levels. Then I cut 2 of the striplet trellis dies and glued them together. Before attaching the trellis to the card I put pearls on the circle middles. Before I glued down the trellis I cut a pierced tag die and stamped the sentiment on it, I shaped it into a wave look and glued it under the trellis.I then made 3 roses of various sizes as per last weeks tutorial. I attached them to the trellis with 3D glue. I cut some laurel leaves and cut them in halves and arranged around the roses. I cut some twigs from the pine bough die set, which I have to say I like the look of them the more I use them, and will be using them more in my flower displays in the future as they add a different look along side the leaves. To get the effect of the butterflies and the twigs, I used the foundations sand card and randomly used the edge of the perfect medium block in various directions, then covered with the gold embossing powder, then heat set. I then placed the butterfly die and the twigs and die cut them to see what effect I would end up with. I liked it so went with it, I hope you like it too. It's quite random but it's good to step out of your comfort zone now and again instead of everything being perfect. That's it really, I hope you like it.

PS. Just adding a bit of info, that there is a pearl behind the double rose that the trellis leans on, so you can lift it so you can almost flatten it to post or put in a box. I hope this helps.

Have a lovely week everyone, and take care. Same Time Same place next week! X

Big Hugs :-)

Tina XX