Thursday, 26 November 2015

Another Aster Flower

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well. I hate talking about the weather all the time, but I hope you are all coping with all this awful rain.

Today's tutorial is a flower made from the Spellbinders delicate Asters.

It was a request by Denise to see if a Chrysanthemum could be made from the Aster die instead of the Enchanted Mum die from Heartfelt Creations.

Well here is my version, you decide. I didn't colour or emboss it, but I think it could look just as good with some embossing and some colour, what do you think?

Here goes!

These are all the items you will need

These are the cuts you need

One of the large petals I folded under, and the rest I curled upwards

Start layering them together

This is the flower when finished. I think would look nice as a water lily, or is that just me!

Then curl the petals in different directions, do as much or as little as you like.

This is my finished flower along side last weeks Chrysanthemum. Just imagine if you stamp & emboss and colour it, I think this flower is just as pretty, it's just as quick and effective . Dazzler optional, looks good with pearls too.

That's it. Any more idea's for a tutorial?

hope you liked this tutorial too. What do you reckon Denise! See you all soon. X

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Good Tuesday Morning everyone.

I hope you are all well and managed to survive all the gales and lashings of rain, I think you had it really bad further up country, poor you! wouldn't it be lovely to see the sun for more than a few hours a week.

After the boiler man left on Monday I zipped over to the wholesalers to get some goodies for the week and while driving home thought I would drive through the forest and take some photo's of the animals that roam there. I parked up and watched 2 little dinky donkey's playing it was soooo cute. When they had finished playing they came over to the car so I thought I would catch their beautiful little faces with my camera, and at that moment I remembered I had used the camera yesterday to take the pictures of my card and had forgotten to put it back in my bag, so I thought no problem I'll use the phone, then realised I'd left that at home too. I panicked then because I had taken a different route home and there weren't any houses around and thought if I had broken down. YIKES! I know I would have been able to walk to find a house eventually,  but what scared me more was a herd of Aberdeen Angus cows with very big horns coming towards the car, and I would not have liked to walk through them, even though they've got beautiful faces they were Massive. What did we do before mobile phones, and how vulnerable you feel without them, or is that just me!

Take care everyone, more wind and rain on the way, batten down them there hatches. See you same time same place next week!

Big Hugs :-)

Tina XX

Well here goes with the last Christmas card for 2015, I hope you like it!.

Hope you like it!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation Card- Periwinkle & Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice
Heartfelt Creations- Open Vintage Floret pre cut set
Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing Powder- Detail True White
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Weathered Wood
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Snowflake Corner, Border & Tag
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Noel Star
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Classic Poinsettia
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Snowflakes
Sue Wilson- Embossing folder- Snowflake Lattice

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Enchanted Mum

Hi Everyone

Sorry It's late in the day to post the tutorial. Better late than never though.

Today's tutorial was a pleasure to make and so quick as it's all cut in one go. I cut the flower out twice to make it, more full. You don't have to, it's up to you.

Here Goes!

These are the product I used

First I stamped the image with Perfect medium and used silver embossing powder, then heat embossed it.

I then placed the die over the stamped images.

As I said I cut two lots out

The 1st large flower I folded the petals under

I then folded the 2nd large flower upwards, and also curled the remaining petals upwards.

When all the petals are put together I used the end of my paint brush and curled some of the petals in different directions.

And this is the finished flower. I did add a dazzler, but again that's optional as the centre of the flower is pretty without it. I also layered the dragonflies. So that's it, done! Hope you like it.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone

Well so glad that weeks over. First of all I would like to thank everyone for your lovely and reassuring comments for Claire, you are all so lovely and caring and I passed them all onto Claire, and it really brought a smile to her face. Also thank you for the lovely comments on my tutorials

 last week my car went in the garage to have a door lock fixed, the mechanics of the drivers window replaced and a couple of bulbs in the dashboard replaced, and we came away £640 lighter. I got a call from Craig to say he had broken down with brake problems, so had to be towed to a garage, 2 days later, he went home with the car £460 lighter. I also got a phone call from Paul from the airport to say while he was in Jersey on work he had left his interior light on and his battery was flat. Luckily the airport has to deal with people like this everyday, so they jump started him and said just don't stall the car or you're on your own. At that moment I thought that's it I'm getting rid of the cars and I'm going to buy a pony and trap, at least it only needs some hay and somewhere to graze, and you even get something to put on the roses.

After Claire went back to the doctors she rang to say that it is quite likely that she will have this pain until the baby arrives. The pain is now in her coccyx and down her left leg . He has given her a less powerful pain killer and has reassured her it won't harm the baby, she had another session at the osteopath's and has another session this Friday. Fingers crossed it helps.

Craig came home for a few days as he wasn't feeling too special and needed some mum pampering time, luckily he was on holiday, but a painful one. When he arrived he came in the workroom with me. He pulled up a armchair next to me and asked if I had anything to alter the look of a photo frame he had just bought. I said how about gilding flakes, he chose his colour and asked to have a go. Well just over 3 hours later I finished the frame and Craig had enjoyed the same amount of time on his XBox. He went home Saturday afternoon with a cooked chicken, a large portion of Lasagne, Bacon, Cheese & Chocolate and lots of other goodies I hide in my workroom for when my two visit. I love to send them home happy with a box full of goodies.

Because of all the running around this week I haven't had much time to do as many poinsettias for the card, and I really needed to get started on my nieces wedding invitations too, so I hope you are not too disappointed this week.

Here Goes!

Hope you like it.

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions Card- Coconut White & Red
Creative Expressions Pearls
Couture Creations- Embossing Folder Swiss dots
Sticky Sheets
Ranger- Clear Rock Candy
Sue Wilson- Noble Dies- Double pierced rectangles
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Elegant Laced Edger
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Classic Poinsettia- Open Petals
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Classic Poinsettia
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Joy to the World

How to make:-

First, I mat and layered the red and coconut card onto an 8x8 white card, and embossed with the Swiss dots EF. I cut a pierced frame and put sticky pads on the back and set aside. I cut a piece of red card slightly smaller than the pierced frame and covered it with a sticky sheet. I then cut out the Joy to the world die and cut it to the same size as the red card. I then took the top layer of the sticky sheet and placed the JTTW focal point onto the sticky sheet. I put some waxed paper over the top and rubbed it all over to make sure it had stuck firmly, then I sprinkled the glitter over it and burnished so it all unwanted glitter to put back in the pot. Next I put the frame I had cut earlier and placed over the focal point. On the back of the focal point I put sticky pads and set aside again. I cut 12 little corner dies out and glittered them. I attached the first 4 in each corner of the 8x8 card, then attached 4 more to each corner of the focal point, the remaining 4 I cut the fluer de lis part off and hooked it to the middle of the frame on the front and glued it in place, the other part of the corner I glued to the back of the frame. I then attached the frame to the card. Finally I cut a poinsettia out and covered it with glitter, I cut the poinsettia open petal out in red bit didn't stick them to the petals so that it gave a more dimensional look I cut some leaves added a bow made from bakers twine and glued to the corner with the flower. OK the final final thing I did was add some pearls.

I am hoping to do a tutorial this week, of what I don't know yet because I would like to get the fancy piece of my niece's wedding invitations done. If I do get time it will be on Thursday or maybe Friday.

See you same time same place next week for my card though. Thank you all again!

Big Hugs :-)

Tina XX

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tree Decoration

Hi Everyone

I have to say I'm sorry it's not a flower this week, but it has been a bitch of a week, sorry!, and have not had  much spare time to do the tutorial I had wanted to do.  I think it would have been easier to do a flower, but I thought this one would be good to do with little munchkins, lots of glue and glitter and something to put on the tree, and everyone would look different and totally individual. I hope you aren't too disappointed.

Cut 2 off each shape.

 Dab each one with glue, and glitter.

Glue the 2 large ones together, and add some thread to hang it.

Curl each flake upwards and layer the first side together using a tiny sticky pad to each flake for dimension, I do use a bit of glue too as I don't think the sticky pad is enough.

The first side should look like this. When it is dry do the same and add to the other side.

You will then end up with a little tree decoration, just add a dazzler for extra bling.

Sorry it's so short. Next week when everything calms down. I will do a flower. Thank you for understanding. X

Big Hugs

Tina XX 


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

I hope you all had a good week & a restful weekend.

I had an uneventful week last week except for going to see Claire who was signed off sick for the week. She a knife like pain in Back and it travels down to her left cheek. He put on on some painkillers and told her to see an osteopath. She took the painkillers for 2 days and felt she was floating but she had no pain. Then she worried as the baby wasn't moving so much so she stopped taking them. Within 24hrs the pain was back. She went back to school today ( Monday ) as it's parents night tomorrow, and she said she had to get everything ready for that. At 11.45am I had a call from her she has been sent home as she was in tears with the pain. She teaches the really tiny munchkins with very low tables and tiny chairs and the bending over makes the pain worse but now it is going down her leg. I said I would go and collect her but she stubbornly said she would manage. So I'm biting my nails waiting to hear what the doctor has to say.

While typing this message, I have received my 5th nuisance call this month from the same number. All the other calls have been silent, but you can hear breathing, today's call was different he growled then cut the call. I have reported it to off com and they have raised a complaint of silent call, and they advised me to raise a civil complaint to the police as it has gone from silent to abusive ,and I think I might get BT's choose to refuse package.

This weeks card is totally for me.The focal back ground was a total accident but I liked it so thought I would go with it but would add a few more flakes, you'll understand more with the how to make card. I hope!

Here goes!

How To make:-  I started with mat & layering my card with Black Silver & coconut White card and using the embossing folder on the coconut white. Next I cut a Noble square out and backed it with acetate to make a floating back ground card. I put some sticky pads on the back and mounted it onto another piece of acetate that I had covered with a sticky sheet and covered it with Ebony Ice glitter and burnished it until it was a thin coating. I then held a piece of black card up to back the acetate, but picked up the wrong piece. It had a snowflake cut out of it, but under my daylight lamp I could see the snowflake through the glitter and acetate. So I decided to cut random snowflakes on the right piece of black card . I added some sticky pads to the back of the acetate with glitter before attaching the snowflake cut piece of card to allow the light to shine through, I cut the Noel Star die and glued to  the front and cut a second one and just cut the star out to decoupage the star. I then attached  the frame to the main card. I cut out some poinsettias, leaves and twigs and arranged around the frame. When taking the photo's I realised that the snowflakes didn't show as well unless you took the photo straight on, but being acetate you could see the camera and me in the reflection, hence sideward pictures.For another effect took the focal frame off the main card before it had 100% dried and put it on a clear plate stand so that you could see the snowflakes more. It looks lovely with a battery tea light behind it for a twinkling effect. I would do this frame again by using striplet die, a fancy heart die for valentine or a lovely lacey die and a sentiment of your choice on the front piece of acetate. Just for reference when I took the frame away from the main card I then took away a layer of sticky pads and stuck velcro discs to the card and the frame so thatit can be taken off easily, or you could put magnetic patches and stick the frame to your fridge . I hope I haven't confused you with this make. If I have you only have to ask.

Tutorial on Thursday, don't know what.  Any requests.

Hope you like this weeks card, Take care all and have a good week, Same time same place next week!

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation Card- Black & Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Snow Fibre Paper
Creative Expressions- Acetate
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer-Diamond Snow
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer- Ebony Ice
Couture Creations- Embossing Folder- Swiss Dots
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Noble Dies- Ornate Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Classic Poinsettia
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Snowflakes
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Noel Star

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tutorial of The Classic Rose

 Hi everyone

As promised here is a tutorial of Sue Wilson's Classic rose. Don't take this literally this just my interpretation. Hope you enjoy!

These are the items you need to make the rose

After cutting out 3 lots, fold or score across the petals, just so that you find the middle of the flower to cut out each portion equally.

The first flower you cut to the centre of the flower, the second flower you cut 1 petal out and from the 3rd you cut 2 petals.

I usually colour them before I cut them, but doing it this way will show you it Really doesn't matter, as you don't see the darker shading when the flower is put together..

Right here goes making the flower. The 6 petals with a cut to the middle,  put some glue on one petal and glue together to make a 5 petal flower,   If you need to keep referring just look at the previous picture. Make the 5 petal into 4 and the 4 petal into 3. so you are left with a 5,4,3 a 2 and a single petal.

I then use the end of my paint brush to roll the petals back, and inwards.

I then roll the single petal to start the middle of the rose

Then roll the double petal

You then place the folded single petal inside the double folded petal, and place aside for a moment.

cut the bottom off  of the 4 petal to allow it to sit in the 5 petal

Move the petals around until they look good to you.

cut the bottom out of the 3 petal

Remember the single and double petals, place them into the 3 petal and cut the bottom off that is hanging out of the 3 petal.

Glue them together and you have your rose. Stil move them around to off set the petals. when you are happy just leave to dry.

I'm sorry, this bit is just me. I like to tweak, Fold back the petals and do a scrunch on my rose. (Totally optional ).

Finally, I hear you say. I added some glue and glittered my rose.

I hope this helps, sorry it's so long.

Big hugs

Tina XX