Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Chuffed", so I made a card

Hi to everyone that has taken time out to visit my blog on this hot Sunday evening. I hope you have all had a good, and relaxing day. I am taking it easy today, as yesterday I was bitten by something. It started to turn into a blister, my ankle is now swollen and  the blister is now the size of a 10p piece, it's disgusting. I hope you are not about to sit down to eat dinner ( Sorry ). So I have kept my foot up and made a card ( not easy ) because as you must have read on Sue's blog that I was the Wednesday card winner.  Paul said my face was a picture and if he had had a camera ready he would have put it on my blog. Then he said, maybe not, not before the ready mix and a face painting artist arrived. He did'nt stay in my workroom too long after that. He looks really cool with a black eye. (not really )!!.

Anyway, I was so chuffed at winning a WOW, I made a card to celebrate, again I hope you like this card.

Products used :-

8X8 Black card
Lemon mirror card, pastel.
Background, Diesire Embossalicious embossing folder
Sue Wilson- French collection- Corner, Border & Tag die
Flowers - Spellbinders Delicate Asters- tried to make them look like daisies
Sue Wilson- Californian collection- decorative frames
Sue Wilson- finishing touches- Magical Butterflies

See you again soon X
Tina :-)  XX

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Good Sunday afternoon everyone, I hope you are having a good day watching Sue & Julia on Toolshed. I have been trying to get this card finished for a few days, you all know how it is other things take priority, and my crafting has to be put aside but not for long.

I look forward to reading your comments, I hope you like this one.

Products used:-

8X8 White card
Pale Green mirri card
Embossalicious Folder
Sue Wilson French collection- Corner, border & Tag
Californian collection- Hollywood
Finishing touches- Magical Butterflies
Cheery Lynn- Gardenia flowers
Iced snow, behind focal point
AB crystals on butterflies

See you again soon.

Tina XX

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Have missed card making

Hi Everyone that regularly visits my blog, and  to those that just view every so often and just passing by, you are most welcome.

Paul and I had a lovely day Monday celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, we should have gone for lunch but got distracted by caravans. No lunch, but did buy some dies as a form of compensation. I think I did pretty well, as you only get one meal but you get lots of fun from Sue's dies.

I hope you like this card, and Steph, yes I did purchase the butterflies. You know me too well.

Products used:-

8X8black card
C&C mirri board
Black card
Cheery Lynn design-Mexican tile pattern
Sue Wilson decorative frames
Sue Wilson- California decorative frames
Heartfelt Creations- Majestic Blooms
Spellbinders- delicate asters leaf die
Memory box- Butterfly die

Hope you like it

Tina XX

Sunday, 13 July 2014

WHAT no card

Sorry it's only me again, no card. We have been very busy cleaning out our son's new abode, and heaving furniture in and out, up and down in one room, out to another. I can't believe a time my crackers have been so creamed!!.

Craig said to me I will be over on Sunday to clean my old bedroom, well I have never know anyone have so many tea breaks, had a homemade cheese burger and then say,  can't wait for the Lasagne. I miss him already he only moved out a few days ago, but he is going to stay over night tonight and go to work from here then back to his new place. I'm thinking of locking the doors so he can't leave. Is that wrong?

I was going to have a day of crafting tomorrow and make a card for my blog, but Paul has taken a day off work and we are going to go and look at a new caravan, go for lunch and then come home and have a lovely bar-b-q just for us 2 lonely sad old g--ts with empty nest syndrome on our 35th Wedding Anniversary. Hey Ho.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and thank you for popping by it's very much appreciated. So I hope you have a pleasant Sunday evening, and  from a sunny but windy Wiltshire. Be back soon, with a card I hope!

Kind regards :-)

Tina XX 

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Good Sunday afternoon everyone

Hope you  had a good weekend.

The house has been very quiet,  calm and has stayed clean, while hubby Paul has gone walking in the Lake District. I have taken full advantage and played with all 4 cats, and crafted to my hearts content. My son is upstairs packing as he gets the key's to his own place tomorrow, I say this with tears in my eye's yet again,I am going to miss him soooo much.

Thank you for all the support you have given us, for a fair few months now, with all the sad things that have happened in our lives just lately, and you are still giving to  us, so I thought I would make this card for you all.

On a much lighter note, thank you for asking about Bubble & Squeak after their ops. They are just fine, I don't know if they transplanted a hunger bug into them, but if they carry on begging for more food, it will be a case of honey I blew up the KITS.

 I really know how to spoil them, tomorrow it is a trip to our own vet for a post op check and 2nd lot of feline jabs. I would like to say that it is going to be a noisy ride but when they open their mouths to meow nothing comes out, the only time i get a tiny little noise is when they get in dirt tray. I always say to them we''ll know soon enough you don't have to announce it. ( Sorry ).

Any way thank you for popping by again I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Regards :-)
Tina X

products used:-

8X8 black card
Mirri card, Lemon, Blue and Pink
Cheery Lynn Gardenia strip
Memory box butterfly dies
Sue Wilson finishing touches classic rose for the leaves
Focal piece California collection- Holly wood
Either side of Hollywood is Californian collection -Beverly Hills cut to fit.
Tim Holtz distress ink, Tattered Rose,Wild Honey and Weathered Wood
Sue Wilson A4 Sea Garden embossing folder
Creative Expressions Vintage lingerie stamp

Hope you like it. X

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Morning of the big op

Look at the two innocent faces, did'nt have clue I was about to take them back to the Blue Cross for their respective operations. Good job they did'nt realise. I felt so guilty.

Squeak even climbed up the duvet to be put in the basket. I can't wait till 4 o' clock when I can pick them up again. Bless em!!

Striplet die

Hi, a really big thank you to everyone that has come back to visit my blog.. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and that you are all ready to meet the onslaught of yet another week. How quickly this year is going, it's  July already. Good grief.

Product used :-

8X8 Card
Iced snow for the edging of the card, on double sided tape
White silky crush ribbon
Memory box butterflies die
Spellbinder, frame two dies
and the infamous Sue Wilson Striplet  lattice heart die, stunning.
Gold mirri card
Black card
Flower cameo, Heartfelt Creations

A bit different for me as I do love my flower cards. I hope you like this one.

Thank you for popping in.X