Wednesday, 24 September 2014

So Beautiful

Hazel, that was so beautiful, and I was so taken aback. After the tears had stopped they really did make me smile, and it was so lovely to talk to you in person. I can't believe!,   well I do now, what lovely people I am personally in contact with. I really enjoyed our talk today. I don't think my photography does justice to your flowers. Here are a few pictures, They are beautiful.

I took this in the lounge where the light is better, but decided to put them in the hall where everyone can see them, and when I come out of my workroom I can see them all day long.

Thank You Hazel XX

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Different for me

Hi everyone, to my regular lovely's, and to everyone that just pops in.

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, not even on Sue's blog. Yet again we have had sad news, but about my daughters best friend Anthea who was Claire's Maid of Honor in April. She has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. We are all in a state of shock, but we are all thinking positive thoughts. She WILL get through this.

I would like to say a big thank you to Steph, Margaret and Hazel for all the positive thoughts too on my email.

Thank goodness for crafting. I think of it as my comfort blanket, where I can escape difficult issues. What a luxury to have.

I have made this card with no bows or big handmade flowers and flouncy butterflies , I have gone down the stamping, embossing and Mica powders line, got really mucky but had a whale of a time.
I hope you like it.

Products used:-

8X8 white card Embossed with Tattered Lace EF
Background-: Tim Holtz distress inks.Wild Honey,Iced Spruce and Weathered Wood
Tattered Lace Butterfly EF
Ranger Perfect medium
Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder
Cosmic Shimmer mica powder Iced Blue sparkle & orange shimmer
Stamps away, Pilkington silhouette flowers
Hobby Art, Tuscany stamps
Spellbinders. leaves.
C&C mirror card Pastel Blue

A different kind of card for me. Hope you like what you see.
Thank you for stopping by.

Tina XX

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Thank you Card

Again, Good afternoon  everyone. I promise this will be the last card for today, this is a flatter card from me, you know how I love doing quite Dimensional cards, but I guess it's good to make a flatter card to cut cost's at the post office, as this will fit in an envelope. I hope you like it.

8X8 Card
White card
Cosmic Shimmer- Flake & Glitter glue
Stampendous- Rose stamp
Craftynotions- Gilding Flakes, Verigated Green
Sue Wilson- French Collection- Provence
White seam bindind ribbon
Random rose mould
Marther Stewart- Crafter's Clay
Odd piece of green material for the leaves

I started with an 8X8 White card, then with a slightly smaller piece of white card I stamped it with
flake & glitter glue using the rose stamp. As Sue say's you must clean off your stamp before using the flakes, as the glue could damage your stamp. Sprinkle the flakes onto the glue and using a rubbit scrubbit pad move the flakes over the glue until covered. Then still using the rubbit scrubbit pad lightly rub to take away excess flakes and return to pot. I then cut  and embossed the largest of Sue's dies from the Provence set with white card and then used Tim Holtz Distress ink, I used iced spruce, wild Honey and also mixed the two until I had a suitable shade of green mix. I used a piece of cut and dry foam on all 3 colours to make a marbled effect. I then cut the rest of the Provence dies out and embossed them and stamped  part of the sentiment, ( For my Friend ) from Creative Expressions fanciful phrases, then layered them using sticky pads for a little dimension. I then made some roses with  crafter clay, cut a few leaves, tied a messy bow with  seam binding ribbon and attached the roses.

I hope you like this different one for me.

Tina XX

White on White

Good afternoon again everyone, I hope you like  the next exhibit.

8X8 White card
White card for matt and layering
Creative Expressions- Open vintage Floret
Marianne dies- Flourishes
Sue Wilson French Collection- Corner, border & Tag set
Sue Wilson Californian Collection- San Francisco
Sue Wilson Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Creative Expressions Glacier ice
Clear gems from my sparkly stash
Ranger- Clear perfect medium
Cosmic Simmer- Clear embossing powder

I started with an 8X8 white card. Then with a smaller piece of white card I stamped it with clear perfect medium with the vintage floret stamp, and used clear embossing powder to give it a glossy look. I then did the same effect to two more smaller pieces of White card and  layered them with sticky pads on the back for dimension. For the focal point I cut 2 strips from the border die set and placed them back to back to make a wide strip, I then cut out the 2 smaller dies from the San Francisco set added sticky pads and layered them. To exsentuate the focal point I cut 2 of the corner dies from the french collection set and attached them top and bottom of the large center die. I then cut the tag die from the same French collection set and stamped the sentiment from the creative expression- Thoughtful sentiments and attached with more sticky pads for even more dimension. I cut a rose using the finishing touches- Classic rose dies then Glacier Ice for a bit of sparkle I then added the sprigs of leaves. Finally I cut a butterfly from Sue Wilson-Magical butterflies and added some gems to the body.

I hope you like it

Tina XX

Vellum Daisies

Good Saturday Morning to all the lovely people that visit my blog regularly, or just pass through. Thank you for leaving me such lovely feedback. It's really lovely to read.

Rose, Embossalicious embossing folder
Pastel blue mirror card
Daisey paper from Sarah's Stamp Shack
Vellum for the daisies
Spellbinders Delicate asters
Spellbinders Grande large labels 1
Crafty- Too leaves
Twisted metal tags & accents
Sue Wilson, Austrian collection- Vienna
Spellbinders Fancy tags two
Spellbinders Les Papillions Two
Sue wilson, Finishing touches- Magical Butterflies
Pale blue dazzlers
Pale blue ribbon from my stash
Sentiment, Creative Expressions

I started with  an 8X8  white card, I then embossed a piece of white card Embossalicious folder and matted it to pastel blue mirror card . I cut 3 sizes of Grande large label 1 and matt and layered them with white card and pastel blue mirror card and daisy paper and attached them with sticky pads for dimension. Focal point is made up from the Austrian die, Twisted metal tags and fancy tags 2 which I cut and embossed and stamped my sentiment then layered with sticky pads for even more dimension. I cut the many  daisies out with the aster die 4 for each flower, then added a dazzler in the center, and finally for the flowers added the leaves. I then tied a bow  and attached a daisy.

 I hope you like it.

Tina XX

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hi Friends

Sorry it's late but the latest update on Claire is, we are no further forward. The surgeon said, that they are not going to put a name to her Episode, as they called it. He said it is in his opinion not appendicitis.  It could have been a cyst on the ovary, or it could be, If you can imagine a sea anemone surrounding the ovary. It could be that one of the strands could have gone into a spasm and because it would have bled could have died off. Nothing to in and investigate. He feels that Claire will be back to good health in 3-4 weeks, even though she still has pain in her appendix area. As we left he said I want you to have another blood test to make sure your appendix are not inflamed, and " Oh by the wat Claire we have not ruled out early appendicitis. she was so poorly yesterday when I took her back to hospital with an ulcerated throat the day she was discharged. She had to go the doctors today, and has now been put on antibiotics. She is so poorly, and her school rang her today and said could she possibly go into work tomorrow For PPA meeting for Monday. I told her she should go back to the doctors to get another sick note, but as usual Claire just ignored my concerns. " What else can I do ". I just have to wait until she wears herself out completely. I just wish Toby would be a little bit more stronger with her. I just have to sit on the side lines and hope she will be OK.

Mum's don't we really get a bum deal with attitudes sometimes, hey ho. I guess my mum used to say that about me ? really. I don't think so I would have got a clip around the ear.

sorry to sound so down, so much going on at the moment.

I missed making cards so much. I did start to make a card for the Scrapology competition Sue mentioned on her blog., but if nyone has read my blog you will know I have had problems with my Ebosser machine and my hubby took it apart and it is now running more slowly and with less pressure. Guess where my die is now, RIGHT stuck in my BL--DY Ebosser. What a Bummer. I will have to wait till Paul gets home from work to release my dies to be able to finish my card.

I hope I have'nt bored you with my message today, but in this household at the moment it does'nt rain for what it pours. Thank God I have big umbrella's, Ooooer missus!

Thank you all again for being there for Claire, it means so much X

Love to all Tina XX

Monday, 8 September 2014

hello lovely people

Claire is home now, still in lots of pain, and unable to move without holding her lower tummy on the right side.  They sent her home on high medication and they want her back on Wednesday as an out  patient to make sure she is in full health. Claire saw a doctor today that told her that the pain she was having was due to a cyst that had maybe bled, thus causing the pain, But they are still not ruling out appendicitis, even though they could'nt see her appendix because Claire's are behind her intestines and did'nt show up on an ultra sound or a CT scan. They sent her home. Every time the phone rings we think it is Claire.

I spoke to Claire a little while ago and she is still in pain. I have tried ringing the hospital, but they won't say anything as Claire has already left, and say talk to the doctor on Wednesday.

I can't tell you how much I thank you all for your thoughts for Claire. You are all really special ladies. I have told Claire what you have all said and she is amazed, and wants to say thank you to all of you.

I am so tired with worry, but what mum has'nt been there. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here,  and being able to vent my feelings.

Love to all

Tina XX

Saturday, 6 September 2014

So Angry

Hi everyone

Latest update on Claire and appendicitis. The surgeon came to see Claire this afternoon just before we arrived. She was in Claire's words " very arrogant". She told Claire that they will not operate as she is not in enough pain, " I ask you ". Claire is doped with morphine of course she not rolling around in pain, but she can't move, cough or walk without bending over.The drugs trolley came around just before we left and Claire refused any pain relief, she said if they want to see the true pain of appendicitis then they will hear me shortly. We have have come home for a while so that she can have time with her new husband, but we are on standby to go back soon, and I don't give flying fig about visiting times. While I was there I spoke to a couple of doctors that had read her notes from A&E that it was definitely Appendicitis. When Claire had her scan they could'nt even find her appendix and said they were hidden at the back of her intestines, so therefore they could'nt say definitively if they were infected, so why the hell has she not been given  other tests before they send her home tomorrow. Which is what the surgeon said they would do. ( NOT ENOUGH PAIN YOU'RE OUT )   NHS  What a joke.  Sorry but I am soo angry.

Sorry. Kind regards

Tina XX

Hopefully a card soon

Hi to everyone that regularly visits my blog, and to those who just pop in.

I'm sorry I have'nt put a card on my blog lately, but my daughter Claire was rushed into hospital on Thursday with suspected appendicitis. She is still waiting to find out if she is going to be operated on. They did an internal scan yesterday and we were told that the surgeon would talk to her later that day, when we had to leave late last evening the surgeon had still not arrived. Claire is in so much pain and is on very high doses of morphine and very regularly. She has'nt eaten since Wednesday, and yesterday was allowed to sip a small amount of water. Hopefully something will be decided today. I just thank God it did'nt happen when she was on honeymoon  in America last month, although maybe she would been treated by now, it's so frustrating watching your child go through so much pain.

Hopefully Claire will be sorted soon and we can breath easy again and life can get back to normal. Although I don't have a clue what that is lately.

Thank you again for your visit.

Tina XX