Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

Well not much happened here last week. I was determined to have a break after a few fraught weeks other than making my DT cards, and I am still trying to sort out my Platinum machine.

Are you sitting comfortably,  then I'll begin. After discovering  on Christmas day that I  had a duff machine and if that wasn't sad enough I knew I couldn't do anything until the 4th January. I rang the company I purchased it from on the 4th. They said they would contact their supplier and call me back. He rang me back within 20mins and said that the suppliers would be calling me to deal with the problem directly. They duly rang me back and I explained the faults. So they said rather than them trying to explain the problems to Spellbinders here is their email address , you can deal with them direct. The next day I had an email back from Spellbinders wanting to know exactly what was wrong with the machine and that they would pass on the faults to the products manager to assess the problem. I explained at this time I didn't want the faulty one fixed as they would have to file the machine just to get the handle up, and was told again it would be up to the products dept. 4 day's later I emailed Spellbinders just to ask if anything was happening as I'd heard nothing from them, only to get an automated email saying they were at CHA and nothing would be done until their return. About a week later I got an email asking again to tell exactly what was wrong with the machine in detail. By this time I was livid. So I rang the shop that I purchased said machine from, and explained everything. He was shocked, and apologized and said he thought it was being dealt with.

Stick with me folks nearly finished. 

So he made arrangements to have the faulty machine collected on Tuesday last, and he said he would order me a new machine. Today ( Monday ) I spoke to the shop I purchased it from only for him to say " I think I should have ordered you machine shouldn't I ", very calmly I said yes!. So this is the best bit. He said right leave it to me I will order you one and you should have it by Friday this week or a least have news of the delivery, I said thank you, and he then said, if you haven't heard anything by Friday could you ring me just to make sure I remembered to order you one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! What the hell is going on, why should I do all the running.

So It's now a month, and still no Platinum, I only hope it's worth waiting for.


I'm a moaning old moo aren't I,  don't all shout yes so LOUD!

Anyway on a lovely note Claire & I are going to the theatre to see the ballet production of Swan Lake on Saturday. It's my Christmas pressies from her & Toby.  I hope they have a pause button when they are in mid flight lifts, as I know Claire will be needing the loo on numerous occasions. I have said that the lifts & pirouettes that she might  miss I will rein-act them later for her with a crane as my prince.

Anyway, here goes with the card.

Products used:-

Creative Expression- Coconut white & Grey card
Creative Expressions- Thoughtful Sentiment Stamp
Couture Creations- Strawberry Leaf
Spellbinders- Cinch and Go Dies
Spellbinders- Rose Creation Dies
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Cosmic Shimmer- Detail Silver Shine
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Weathered Wood
Ranger-Perfect Medium
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Pierced Tags
Sue Wilson-Canadian Collection-Montreal
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Delicate Fronds
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Wild Rose


Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

My Goodness, what a week! I worked so hard to get my niece's wedding invitations ready by mid January, as asked for. Paul delivered them to Georgie & Hartley, and they were delighted with them. Phew!! I got the most wonderful phone call, and she sent Paul home with a beautiful  pure white orchid and a bottle of my favourite tipple, ( Courvoisier ).

The next evening I got a phone call to say " auntie T, you were given the wrong post code on the RSVP's . So another early am printing and die cutting the revised RSVP's. All day Monday I was exhausted, but I had to make my card for CE for next week, which I only emailed it to them about an hour ago around 8pm ish

I'm not complaining in any way shape or form, as I'm really looking forward to it, but now I am arranging a baby shower here at home with Anthea, her friend that went through that awful chemo last year.

Anthea is so excited about doing this for Claire. She has given me a list of things that she wants to happen and goodie bags & games, and she is coming down with her son Jake ( our adopted grand son ) and her mum on the Friday and staying over till Sunday, so not to give the surprise away. So Anthea and I will set off for the wholesalers for the food in the afternoon and we will decorate the house that evening. I have already cut out little pink prams and the words baby girl as a bunting to go over the patio doors in the kitchen, and I've bought voile and got some white wire strung fairy lights to make a drape over the double doors into the lounge. Anthea is so enthusiastic you can't help but be swept along with her. Oh crumbs!, I should have ordered a cylinder of helium. Must right a post it note, or we will have the droopiest baby balloons ever. With all that Anthea has been through she is so protective of Claire and wants her to have a very memorable day. She said it's just another memory day that we all get to share together, and we love her for that.

Claire knows she is having a baby shower, but doesn't know when or where, so I hope we do her proud. At the moment it's for 22 people. I think it is going to be a really fun day, can't wait!

I have to thank you all for your dieting tips last week, and I dare say in a week or two I will have gained another 2 stone. Mary I like your style, anymore tips like that and you'll be a friend for life X

Here goes!

Hope you like it!

Hope you like it .

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation Card- Wisteria, black & coconut White
Creative Expressions- Stamp- Fanciful Phrases
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sprinkles
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Creative Expressions- Embossing Powder- Detail Gold Shine
Couture Creations- Strawberry Leaf
Spellbinders- Cinch & Go Flowers
Sue Wilson- Noble Dies- Double Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson- Canadian Collection- Border Corner & Tag
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Dainty Rectangular Frame
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Best Wishes

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

Well this is Weird. I now have to make my card a week before it's due to go live on the blog, and if I don't do the write up at the same time as sending it to CE, I can't remember what I did that week

I'm in the process of doing my niece's Wedding Invites , and thought I would make her this wedding card at the same time for this weeks project, but I'm not to sure now whether to give her this one, I might have to rethink. The actual wedding invites are taking longer than I thought. These rustic invites are more involved than the pretty sparkly ones. Once Georgie has given the OK on the invites I'll show you them if you like.

Well, It's raining yet again, and the wind is blowing a hoolie, the fire is lit, the lights are on low, puss cats are snoring in all their own little places, the last of the Christmas fayre is on the table in front of us, saying eat me, and I'm thinking should I have another Quality Street, or are the scales going to shout at me when I step on them, ONE AT A TIME PLEASE... So I cracked some more nuts, and had an orange cream and a hazelnut caramel from the Quality Street tin, and thought I'll start my diet on Monday, which Monday I still have to decide. Anyone else with me on this, or am I sadly on my own.

OH Well! on that note, I can hear Slimming world calling (Shouting ) at me," step away from the tin missus" you've had enough!.

Anyway, have a good week everyone, and I hope the sun shines, Boy! do we need it! just for our vitamin D top up.

I hope you like this weeks card.

Hope you liked it!

As I drove home from the wholesaler today, I Just thought you might like to see some of the forest animals dealing with all this wet & wind. I wish I could knit  them warm scarfs & buy some wellies for them.

Made me feel cold paddling in the water

This animal was about 2ft from my opened window of the car even though the sun was shining. Bbrrrrr it was so cold.( poor cow )!

 Look at this beautiful face , ( the one lying down ), although it does look like it's saying " who do you think you're looking at". It's BEAUTIFUL!

Just look at the sludge that they walk around in. These guy's had taken a more shallow path to the farm to feed. The little ones are so tiny, and look so sad when they look at you. If I had thigh high boots I would have gone and given that little one a cuddle.

Back to the the card
Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations card- Coconut White
Creative Expressions-Sentiment- Sweet Thoughts stamps
Cosmic Shimmer-Embossing Powder- Detail Silver Shine
Cosmic Shimmer- Sparkle Texture Paste- Polar White
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Graceful Lace Trim- cut 4x for the frame
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Perfect Peony Complete Petals
Spellbinders- Grand Squares


Monday, 4 January 2016


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

A Very Heart Warming Happy New Year To You All.

Well what a manic celebratory week that was. So much work, cooking, preparations, decorations entertaining, drinking- Hik! excuse me. How lovely!  I hope you all enjoyed seeing 2016 in whether it was full on or slightly more gentle. It really doesn't matter, as long as you had a good time. Mine was different to any other year. Paul said he would light a fire in the Summerhouse and we'll have drinks and nibbles out there. At the time I had been emerged in doing my nieces wedding Invites all day, but said I would be out soon. At 10pm I took a drinks out to see the New Year in with Paul. Only to find that he had celebrated the New Year prematurely. He then went to bed, so I went back in my workroom and carried on doing my nieces invites until I looked at the clock at around 3.30am, I did toast myself at midnight when I heard the fireworks that were set off in the village . Invites still not finished. Hey Ho!

What is it with rustic, shabby chic invitations, they're ok, but I want to do sparkle and pretty, or is that just me!

We had a lovely  Christmas day with Craig, quiet, as he didn't have Claire to banter with. I felt really sorry for him as they are so close, and I know he missed her. Luckily we all got together on boxing day and had a lovely meal and lots of festive food throughout the evening, and played games and lots of laughs.  I have to say our lives are about to change big time . listening to Claire and Toby when our Granddaughter comes along. Maybe next year  not having a Christmas at home, and having to share it with the lovely inlaws at Claire's home, I  really mean that, they're fab fun! I don't like change, but I must learn to accept it.

This weeks make is a bit different for me too, but I just loved this stamp and die. such a pretty card to decorate.

Here Goes!

Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundations card- Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Embossing powder- Detail Silver Shine
Heartfelt Creations- All Glammed Up Shoe Die
Heartfelt Creations- All Glammed Up Shoe Stamp
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Mustard Seed, Weathered Wood, Worn Lipstick
Sue Wilson- Finishing touches-Perfect Peony Complete Petals
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Delicate Fronds