Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I'm so sorry it's been so long.

Hello to everyone that still takes the time to pop in here. Lovely to see you again, and I'm so sorry it's been so long.

Claire has given me permission to tell my friends our fantastic news that Claire & Toby are expecting another baby. They were over for a family Bar B Q on Sunday and I asked if I could announce our happy news, and she said yes. Claire is just over 20 weeks and she looks beautiful.

Anxieties are our major hard to deal with times at the moment, and there have been quite a few and mad car rides have been done. luckily they have all turned out to be normal, but it's a just a manic journey that needs to be done.

Claire told us back on Easter Sunday after our afternoon tea at Rhinefield House. They had gone away on an all inclusive holiday to Morocco and a few weeks after their return Claire felt really poorly, after saying it couldn't be anything she had eaten she did the" P" test and low and behold we have another grandchild on the way. We are sooooo elated I just can't put it into words, but just a warning when booking a fully inclusive holiday this year, check the small print for all inclusive!! you may come back with an unexpected pressie. I tried booking an all inclusive last week, and was told to try old farts fantasy holidays. ( Sounds good to me )!!

I'm just Bias, but doesn't she look beautiful. OH! and by the way it's a little man.

We are so happy, and so worried and jump every time the phone rings. Our little man is due in November but they are going to induce her about 3 weeks earlier due to her anxieties, so maybe late October early November. Watch this space!!.

On a totally different note I still have not had my Hysterectomy. After the 8 wk deadline I rang only to find out that my surgeon had left and I had been put on another surgeons waiting list. I met her on the 4th July, she is lovely. I had my pre op assessment and the 17th July was mentioned but no paperwork has arrived so I guess it's not going ahead. I'm dreading the op but it would be nice after the op with all this wonderful sunshine to wear some white trousers instead of my winter blacks. Small price to pay as I have a wonderful bundle to look forward to later in the year.

Thank you so much if you are one of the very special people that return to my blog  All I can say is, I really do appreciate you looking in and for all your support. XX

Massive big happy hugs to you all


Tina XX  

If you return, I thank you so much.