Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend, and found some timeout, for yourselves,

We had a lovely lunch with Claire on Tuesday. I say we, because Paul announced he was taking Tuesday & Wednesday off. He did ask if we were doing anything for Claire's birthday, and I said "yes I'm taking her out to lunch". His bottom lip then stuck out and he took on the look of a  child, and said in a sulky voice "can I come". I wanted to carry it on, but I gave in and said Yes of course you can come. Someones got to pay the bill!. We went to a lovely country pub and had an amazing 3 course dinner then back to Claire's for coffee. It was about 6pm when we got home. It might just be me, but if I go out for lunch and get home late afternoon, early evening all I want to do is go to bed.

Today ( Sunday ) I have been batch cooking Lasagna's Chilli-con-Carne's, cottage pies & Korma curries to stock Claire's freezer to make life easier at meal times, and for Craig too, I can't leave my boy out. Paul went to London to a lunch at Ronnie Scott Jazz club, my idea of hell!, sorry if I have offended anyone. It was a Christmas pressie from my sister. So I was able to knuckle down to some full on cooking. The kitchen looked like a bomb site. I do clean as I go but still ended up with loads of washing up. All done now.

Now I am in my workroom making a flower and leaves to go on Tuesday card, lovely to sit down!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my tutorial, I really enjoy doing them.

Hope you all have  a lovely week everyone. Same time same place next week.

7 day's to go, still not counting though! At the end of the card is a little present I have bought for our little granddaughter, I melted when I saw it and had to get it.

OMG,  I took the meals over to Claire's today ( Monday ) that I  had made for them and the first thing I noticed is that our baby bundle has dropped Eeeekkk,. I Stayed with Claire for the afternoon, nothing much on telly but Claire's tummy was mesmerizing, our little half pint was moving, not as aggressive as in past days but more intense. You can actually see the shape of her little bottom and her foot pushing on the side of Claire's tummy. It's fascinating just watching Claire's tummy moving, and in just a few days we will meet that little bump. Claire showed me all the other little things they have bought for their little girl, and it made me think that we had bourne ours in the stone age. Now It's Cots that you can have the same height as the bed for easy feeding. Rocker chairs that play music & nature sounds that operate with battery power and not with a foot rocking it, changing stations on top of the cot. My goodness, how lucky this generation is.
How times have changed!

Here Goes!

Products used :-

8x8 Anna Marie card
C&C Satin card- there is not a colour chart, but I would say it is more on the yellow side
Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Taupe
Creative Expressions- Sentiments- Celebrations
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Tattered Lace- Embossing Folder- Angelique
Cheery Lyn Design- Gardenia Strip Flower Die
Spellbinders- Grande Squares
Memory Box- Leavenworth Butterfly Trio
Britannia Dies- Fern Strip
Marianne dies- Leaves CR1245
Celebration Ribbon- From The Range, sorry no colour on it, but it's a pretty lemon.

hope you liked it.

Now for our little pressie for our little half pint!

I Hope She likes it!

See you all soon

Big Nail biting Hugs

Tina XX

Friday, 19 February 2016

Embossing Tutorial

Good Friday Morning Everyone. I hope you are all well.

Here is my way to get my mat & layers to line up. I hope it makes sense.

Here Goes!

Look at all the items used. So many!.

Cut Your 1st layer of card to required size, and place in the embossing folder and make a line to one side with a pencil. Then pass through the machine.
  • Once embossed, decide how much smaller you would like your next layer to be

Then lay your next layer on top of the first layer and mark again. Remove the 1st embossed layer and pass through the machine.

If you then place both layers together you should have a perfect match

Even when you have put your mat & layers together they will still line up. I hope this makes sense. I think I should have used coloured card. If you want me to do this again just say.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 15 February 2016

Your Kindness

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was very quiet thank goodness. We are still finding confetti from last weekend, it got everywhere. I found a piece stuck to Mo Mo (cat) in the bedroom, but no one went over that side of the house on party day because of all the cats. We found the confetti very static and when you scattered it onto the table it jumped back and stuck to your hand. So maybe when the cats were allowed back into the other side of the house and ran through the lounge some probably stuck to them, and it's them scattering around. Hey Ho!

We are taking Claire out to lunch today as it's her birthday, so something lovely to look forward to. She doesn't want to go too far from her home as it's worrying her to go too far afield as she is having Braxton hicks contractions now. I've told her they're nothing to worry about, but it's her first time and she needs to feel she is in control, what ever makes her happy we're happy to go along with.

Did you do anything for Valentine's day?   We don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I was treated to Scrambled eggs, Salmon & Caviar for breakfast and Paul cooked a lovely roast for dinner too. So I had a lovely day and shut myself in my workroom and made today's card. Spoiled or what!

Anyway, have a lovely week everyone. See you same time same place next week. XX

Here Goes !

Products Used:-

Anna Marie- 8x8 White Card
Anna Marie- Dried Flowers
Sue Wilson- Canada Collection- Toronto
Spellbinders- Die Delights- Pinecones
Tattered Lace- Embossing Folder- Rose Garden
Creative Expressions- Stamps- Celebrations
Creative Expressions Card- Periwinkle
Creative Expressions- White Tuille
Britannia Dies- Fern Strip
Marianne Design die- Craftables- CR1245
Marianne Design Butterfly die- LR0356

Memory box- Leavenworth Butterfly Trio
Create & Craft- Silver Mirror card
Martha Stewart Crafts- Crafter's clay for tiny white roses
Sorry can't remember where I got the mold

First I made a mat and layer of mirror card and white card, then embossed the white layer with the Rose garden folder. The second layer was done in the same way. To get both  the layers to match I made a pencil mark on the folder when I embossed the 1st layer. For the 2nd layer I decided how much smaller the 2nd layer was going to be and just place it at that distance under the original mark. If this doesn't make sense and you want a tutorial just ask, as I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs, so to speak. I then gave each layer definition with sticky pads. I then cut and embossed the Toronto die in white card and also cut the outer die in each size in mirror card as backing on both layers, also using sticky pads for dimension. I made several roses and placed around the focal point. I also made some clay roses just to fill in the odd space, added leaves and dried flowers, which I love, they're so pretty.
I hope you liked it.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Good Thursday Morning Everyone

As promised here are some photo's of Georgina's Wedding invitations. She also went down the rustic line like Claire, so much so, she will be using quite a few of Claire's idea's even down to the same photographer. You can't get much more of a compliment than that.

Jeanie, If you call back here, I have to apologise about not being able to send you a thank you message on my last card with CE. I don't know what I have done, but there was no reply button, only a delete button. So can I say now, a big thank you for your lovely comment.

Here goes!

Here are a few pictures of Claire's goodies at her baby shower

hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures.

See you on Tuesday with my next card. I feel like my aprons strings have been cut, but I have so many items to use again I just hope I do them justice..

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 8 February 2016

Blossoming Friendships

Good Tuesday Morning All

Well this is it, my final card for Creative Expressions. 18 months, where has that time gone.

I know we all talk about the horrendous weather we have been having and felt that down south we had got away with it lightly, but today is absolutely awful. The wind is so strong that I am sat in the bedroom typing this as the patio doors in my workroom are creaking so much and Bubble & Squeak won't even go in there. I've had to go out in the garden to retrieve one of our bins and pick up cardboard strewn all over the lawn, and that wind does nothing for you hair do! it was standing on end. As I bent over to pick the rubbish up the wind blew my shirt up. If my neighbour or anyone walking in the lane saw that they would have run to the nearest sick bag.

Claire's baby shower was absolutely fantastic. She had no idea until she saw a couple of her teacher colleagues cars in the drive, even then she said to Toby, what are they doing at mum & dad's. Claire never stopped laughing from the time she arrived until the time she left. Anthea had arranged games and everyone joined in, it was like everyone had known each other for years. The funniest game was the nappy game, you melted different chocolate bars and then smeared it onto the nappy, the instructions then said the game players can sniff, pick, lick or taste. I've never heard such comments & laughter. Claire & Toby came back on Sunday for brunch and it was another good get together, it was so sad Craig couldn't make it as his car has coolant problems and didn't want to chance a break down on the major road works coming out of or going into Bournemouth.

Anthea, Jake & her mum arrived lunch time on Friday and went home about 5 o'clock on Sunday. Although we all had a good time Anthea & I were cream crackered. I'm still in clearing up mode and I am still finding baby confetti in all the rooms, so tidying up will be on going for a while.

My niece Georgina came over for the baby shower and brought back my invite that I had made for her all tied up with a raffia bow. So on Thursday I will put pictures of the invites, and the crackers & goodie bags for the baby shower on my blog.

Hope to see you all again same, time same place next Tuesday. I have all week now to look through all my other crafting products to make my next card, post CE . Oh! but most of all I want to say a big thank you to you all for your support and fantastic comments about my cards, and for joining in with my life on my little blog, long may it continue. THANK YOU!!

Thank you Creative Expressions for a wonderful 18 months, and a chance to be given 1st class products to use for my projects.

I dedicate this card and the sentiment to all of you fantastic ladies/gents who view, and in particular leave me a wonderful comment each week.

Here Goes!

Hope you liked it.

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions:- Foundation card- Coconut White & Primrose
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Creative Expressions- Seam Binding- Egg Shell
Creative Expressions- Fantastic Mini Smoothies
Tim Holtz- Distress Inks- Mustard seed & dried Marigold
Sue Wilson- finishing Touches- Orange Blossom- Complete Petals
Sue Wilson- finishing Touches- Dandelion clocks
Sue Wilson- Canadian Collection- Montreal
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Tessa

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sad News

I would just like to send my heartfelt condolences to our dear Sue Wilson today, at the sad news that her dear mom passed away.

God Bless you Sue x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

Well what a week I've had since we spoke last. On Tuesday last I had a dispute with my slippers, the left one decided to grip the floor but my knee decided to move anyway. I had the most excruciating pain in my knee and ended up on the floor, so for the 1st part of the week I was resting it in bed with supports and lots of pain killers which made me sleep a lot.Hence why I didn't reply to you all, and by the time I was up and hobbling I thought you wouldn't return to read them. So Please accept my apologies and I'll try not to be so slack in the future. PROMISE!

On Saturday I went to see Swan Lake with Claire. Paul drove us to the theatre & picked us up afterwards as I couldn't have driven. If you had filmed me climbing up into the car you would have got £250 from you've been framed, what a farce. After taking a couple of strong painkillers, Claire & I had an absolutely fab evening. It was just very special spending time together doing something that we really enjoy. As we were waiting to get out of the isle she said Merry Christmas mum and gave me a big kiss and a hug. Perfect ending to a lovely day. After dropping a very tired Claire home, Paul thought he would top the day by taking me out for a meal. We ended up at a burger van, and had a mushroom cheese burger & chips at mid-night. How romantic, when we looked at each other we had tomato sauce around our chops. Romantic or what!!

Latest on the Platinum:- I rang the shop as asked , and was told the machine had arrived with him and said it would be sent out Friday afternoon and I would get it Saturday or Monday latest. Today ( Monday) at 3.55pm I rang to say it hadn't arrived only to be told "they" had sent the wrong machine and he was waiting for the platinum to be delivered this week sometime. ENOUGH NOW! I really wanted to blow by this time but very calmly asked for a refund, and he said he was doing the refund while I was on the phone. I only hope he was telling the truth, I'm sure he was.. I'll check with the bank tomorrow. So if anyone knows where I can get a good deal on a Platinum machine, I'm all ears.

It's Claire Baby shower this weekend. She knows she's having one but doesn't know when or where. I have been making crackers with hats & treats inside, goody bags to take home, and filling miniature baby bottles  with sweets for gifts for the games Anthea has planned. I made a cute little pram bunting to hang over one of the doors, but when I went in my workroom this morning there were 2 really guilty looking kitties and 2 chewed little prams and the bunting was on the floor. So needless to say they are banned from my room until party day is over. Their sad little faces has almost made me give in but NO!, cute or not they are banned.

Before you all fall asleep after this long blog. This is my penultimate card for Creative Expressions. My contract ends with them on the 14th Feb. It's normally a year but I've had 18 months with them, and have very much enjoyed my time with them. Next week on the 9th Feb will be my last card with them. Good News though, or I hope you think so.  I will still do my Tuesday cards but I will be using all my other dies that have laid dormant over this time. I don't say the cards will be any better, just more variation on products. So, that's all my news this week. I hope you will still visit my blog after the 9th as blog life will keep on going here. See you same time same place next week.

Here goes!

Hope you liked it!

 Products used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Black, Coconut White & Custard
Creative Expressions- Tuille
Creative Expressions- Unmounted Stamps- Garden Sayings
Creative Expressions-  Absolutely Brilliant Mini Smoothies
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink-
Spellbinders- Heartfelt Creations dies- Vintage Floret
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Bed of Roses
Sue Wilson- Noble Dies- Ornate Pierced Squares