Friday, 29 August 2014

No Card

Good afternoon all my lovely blog friends and to all that just take a peek.

There won't be a card for another few day's, as we are all preparing to lay Dad to rest at the farm along side Mum tomorrow. A happy sad day. Sad as it makes it too final but happy for him to now be laid to rest with Mum.

So I will be back soon. I hope you all have a good weekend, and take some time to relax.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments.

Tina XX

Friday, 22 August 2014

Another card without a bow

Good morning every one. Thank you for visiting my blog again. It's lovely to have you back again. i really appreciate your comments.

I had an idea in my mind how I wanted the card to look, and needless to say it did'nt turn out the way I wanted, so this is it. Hope you like it.

Products used:-

8X8 Black card
Gold mirror card from C&C
Buttermilk card
Couture Creations EF Swiss dots
Sue Wilson- French collection,Corner,border & tag
Sue Wilso- Californian collection- Hollywood
Cheery Lynn- Gardenia strip
Spellbinders delicate asters for the leaves
Sue Wilson- finishing touches- magical butterflies
Swirl leaves- Cheery Lynn ?
Spellbinders- Fancy tags two
Gems on butterflies- hobbycraft
Creative Expression sentiment- Sweet thoughts

Thank you for passing through, I hope you like what you see.

See you Soon
Tina XX

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What "NO BOW "

Good Afternoon everyone. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

As you are aware if you visit my blog regularly, you will know the problems I have had with my Ebosser. Thankfully I am married to a man that will have a go at anything, but I made him sign a contract that if he could'nt get it back together, " can I have another one ". He did sign it, but he said the arm lock was a bit harsh.

Luckily he did put it all back together and it is working. A bit slower, sounds different and won't switch itself off so can't leave it unattended. What a clever man!! I haven't been brave enough to put the heart lattice EF through the machine again yet, I'll have to be brave one day as it is so lovely.
So, it has taken a bit longer to make this card, due to the machine being a bit slower,  and not so deeply embossed in some areas. I hope you like this one.

Products used:-

8X8 pearl card
Mirrorboard card/ Peachy-pink
White card 300 gsm For the embossing layer
Embossalicious folder, Rose vine
Sue Wilson Austrian collection- Vienna
Spellbinders- Fancy Tags Two
Roses, Finishing touches
Card for roses butterfly card, also for matt and layering from Sarah's stamp shack, local craft shop
Paper for white roses, pearl paper was a free gift from Ann Marine Designs
Swirl leaves, TBA
Butterfly Couture creations
Tiny white pearls, I think 2mm?
Pearl sprigs

Again I hope you this card. See you all again soon, hopefully sooner.

Love  Tina XX

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ta Dah

Hi everyone,

 Look what's back, After hearing swear words after Paul dropped the roller bearing on the floor in the kitchen, words like I've heard and had to have explained and wished I had'nt asked. It is now back in one piece. We took it into my workroom to try. I set the plates up just to cut a die, it sounded just like a teenage boy when his voice is breaking, and it won't turn off at the end of the pass and has also lost a bit of pressure on the right side.Hubby said give it time to settle down after it's big op, and that he had put a bit more grease on some parts he thought were lacking. So fingers crossed.

Ebosser before big op

After op

Lets hope it settles back down, and keeps going, a bit like me!

Love Tina XX


Good Sunday Afternoon to you all that visit my blog, and thank you.

I had a bit, no a  major problem Friday with my Ebosser. I treated myself to the latticed heart EF from Joanna Sheen's shop. It arrived within 2 days of ordering on line. I thought I would use this for my next card. So i set aside some time Friday to make said card. I used usual sandwich for EF and then half way through it jammed, it tried to spit it back out but only moved an inch and the machine turned off. So I turned it on again it moved forward, stopped spat back an inch and turned off. I did this for a few more times not getting any further. So I decided to go back to the help desk where I purchased it from. The man I spoke to on the helpline, he said no problem madam, just get a block of wood and a mallet and hit it out,( modern technology is FAB is'nt it ) he guaranteed me this would work. So that's what I did, did'nt move a mm. I waited until 11 o'clock pm when Paul got back from a Sev 1 call, and we both tried again, not a mm of movement. Paul said the only thing now is to take it apart.After a couple of hours my lovely Ebooser was spread all over my workroom floor the roller bearings were everywhere. Paul then said, right it's too late to put it back together now, Ill do it in the morning. Guess what!, it's still on the floor. In fairness we had people over Yesterday for an all day and evening Bar-b-q-. As I speak he is taking all the bits out to the kitchen, he is covering the island with cardboard so as not to damage it, if only he thought of doing that on my workroom floor as I now have grease to boot on my carpet. Paul is a very very intelligent man, but logic fails him sometimes.It looks like emergency ward 10 of the toolshed world in the kitchen. He said I'm not holding out much hope for the Ebosser, but I'll try and resuscitate it.

I would use me Joy Trouvalle, but can't find 2 of the plates, I've got a little spellbinder artisan but Sue's dies are too big, so I think I will have to change my focal point. I will let you know the outcome of Ebosser gate later.. I would like to add that when we managed to get the EF out, the lattice heart is thicker plastic than any other of Sue's folders I have purchased. so just to make you aware they do vary when using electric machines.

Talk later

Love Tina XX

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wedding card take 2

Forgot to put the stones on the butterflies. Whoops!

That's it folks. Enjoy your weekend


Wedding Card

Good Saturday afternoon everyone and thank you for visiting my blog today. I have made this card for a Head Mistress I used to work with in a little infant school in Hampshire, before we to Salisbury in Wiltshire nearly 16 yrs ago We still keep in contact a several times a year. She wrote to me this week to tell me her youngest daughter Nevena is getting married on the 16th of this month. So I thought I would make this card for her big day.

I hope she will like it.

Products used :-

8X8 pearl card, which I embossed with an Embossalicious folder
Sue Wilson frame dies
Sue Wilson Californian collection- San francisco
Sue Wilson Californian collection- decorative Frames set B
Cheery Lynn- Gardenia strip
Memory Box Butterflies
Sue Wilson Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson Stamps to die for- Pacific Lace
Cosmic Shimmer- True White, does'nt look it to me
Diamond sparkles on the flowers
Glacier Ice behind focal point 

Hope you liked the card. Have a lovely weekend, but batten down the hatches for remnants of hurricane Bertha, saves watering the garden.

See you soon
 Tina XX

Friday, 8 August 2014

Look what I received today

Hi everyone I hope you are well. Thank you so much for visiting my blog again. I just had to share this with you. I know you have already seen this card on Sue's blog, but it's the first time on my blog. So I thought I would share it again with you.

I normally put, "I hope you like this card", but on this occasion I know you will like it . It's Sue's

See you soon, trying to make a wedding card for a Head Mistress I used to work with. I had better get this one right or she might make me stand in the corner.

Oh yes I just have to mention the tatty state of my work bench, I scribbled James Martins sticky ribs recipe on it. I will write later in my recipe book, and clean it off at the end of the day along with lots of other scribbles.

I hope one day soon you all win a Sue Wilson card, and I can assure you, you will be as shocked as I was.

Tina XX

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Best Wishes

Good Sunday afternoon everyone, and thank you for taking time out to visit my blog. A big thank you to the people that regularly visit, and leaves me a lovely comment.

I thought I would have more time to make cards now that Claire is on honeymoon and with Craig having moved out.. Yesterday Craig came over emptied the food cupboards and raided the fridge. He went home with 3 bag fulls. Guess who's got to go shopping tomorrow. NOT CRAIG bless him.

When my daughter left for the honeymoon, I said I would look after her cat here, I did'nt like the idea of her going into a cattery for a month. I now have 5 cats to tend to everyday, 1, 17yrs Summer   1, 5yrs Moet   1, 2yrs Figaro (Claire's Cat)   2 little kittens Bubble & Squeek. I think I am working harder now than when children were at home, they are also eating us out of house and home. They all have their own dirt tray as well, but enough said.

Hubby has been working up in Peterborough this weekend, so I managed to find some time to make this card. I hope you like it.

Please pop in again.

Tina XX

Products used :-

8X8 Black card
C&C Mirror card, pastel
Embossalicious folder-  Floral wonder
Sue Wilson Italian collection:- Umbria
Sue Wilson Californian collection:- Hollywood
Sue Wison Austrian collection:- Vienna
Spellbinders Heartfelt creations:- Vintage Floret
Joanna Sheen:- Butterfly
Spellbinders:- Foliage
White Tulle
Pink organza ribbon
Tim Holtz distress ink:- dusty concord,tattered rose
Stick pins, hand made