Tuesday, 29 September 2015

With Best Wishes

Good Tuesday morning everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend and the weather was good enough to do outdoor excursions.

Paul & I have a busy week ahead of us. My son is moving back home for a couple of weeks ( YES! ) I am so looking forward to spoiling him again. The solicitors couldn't get their act together in time for the exchange of contract for his new home and for his 1st step on the property ladder. Needless to say he is upset but I'm elated. Also my sister is moving into our caravan with her 3 cats while she looks for somewhere  to live nearer to us, so no more holidays in the caravan for us for a while, not that I've been away for 2 summers now because of my elderly cat Summer, but as you all know I'd rather have my Summer, than a holiday.

The move starts tomorrow they both have to be out by midday on Wednesday, they both want our help and a van and they both live an hours drive away from us but in totally different directions. So lots of driving, lots of humping ( lifting of boxes ) and lots of wine on Wednesday night, if not something stronger. YES again!

Steph I have to say here, I'm sorry I couldn't reply to you. I overshot your name and it wouldn't let me go back. I did this with T ( Wheelybad ) one time, and I got around the problem but I couldn't remember how. So sorry. So I'll say now, it was a fantastic comment and I'll be more careful next time. That is of course if you visit me again. How pretentious of me.

With this weeks card I did some grouting on Phil's paper instead of card. You have to work a bit faster so as not to drench the paper. At one time I tore the paper, but you won't find the tear I think Phil has made it a self healing paper pack, fantastic!!, and I know where the torn part is on the card but I can't see it. I had a few problems with my camera this week, so sorry if they are too dark or over exposed.

After the pictures of my next weeks card will be a tutorial with the peony dies, as Karenlotty asked if I have one. I don't but will have one for next Tuesday.

I wish you all a happy and healthy week.

Here goes!

Hope you like it!

Products Used:-

Phil Martins- Graceful Butterflies & dragonflies paper
Phil Martins- Sentimentally Yours- Butterfly Field Collection
Spellbinders- Grande Squares
Creative Expressions- Foundations card Coconut white & Vintage silver
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing powder -Detail Silver Shine
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer- Sparkle Texture Paste
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches - Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Charming Lace Trim
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- A bed of Roses
Tim Holtz- Distress ink- Weathered Wood & Spun Sugar for the flowers

First I did a mat & layer of black, vintage silver and blue paper from Phil Martins collection. I embossed that with the bed of roses folder, and then grouted it with the silver sparkle paste. I then made a smaller second layer in the same way. I cut 2 charming lace trims and glued to the edge before I attached sticky pads for dimension. I then cut a square using the grande Squares and also a little frame, before attaching the frame I stamped with the butterfly field stamp with clear medium and used silver embossing powder and heat set it. I attached the frame and cut out 4 charming lace trims and cut them just to keep the half circles to match the 2 on the edge of the smaller mat & layer. I cut a few tiny butterflies to add for a more 3D look. I made some roses hand coloured with distress inks.I placed them on the card with some leaves. Finally I cut 2 butterflies added pearls to compliment the roses and attached to the card, and that's it!

See you same time same place next week!! Thank you for looking in XX

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Good Tuesday morning everyone

I hope you are all well and had a good weekend, I had a fantastic weekend. I met some lovely people at Ally Pally. I met Rose from Chester, Rose you have a wicked sense of humor, and it was so lovely spending the day with you even though I did keep elbowing your boobies, every time I turned around there they were. I'm so sorry about that but we did laugh about it. The other lovely lady I met was Tres. Tres, you are such a lovely gentle person and like me you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone maybe next time we meet we'll spend more time together, your Steve is lovely too, he made Me & Claire laugh about why he took longer getting your lunch from the car. ( I hope I haven't dropped you in it Steve ). I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye properly to Steve but he was on his phone at the time.

I met Sue Wilson too. I think maybe Rose had told her that she was meeting me,because when I walked up to meet Sue she looked up and said you must be Tina Eldridge, I was totally shocked, it threw me and could hardly talk. She is just as lovely as everyone says she is and the people on the till had nothing but high praise for her too. I met Tracey Laughton and Lucinda from CE towers. I saw Phil and Julia, but actually got to talk to Lisa Horton & John Lockwood, who is quite a comedian and has a really funny sense of humor.

I came away with lots of goodies and Claire went home with goodies too as a way of saying thank you for holding my hand as she knew how nervous I was. I'll put a couple of pictures after my card.There doesn't seem to be as much as I thought I'd spent, maybe Claire has some of mine in her bag.

On a totally different subject. Claire went to see her midwife today and she heard her babies heart beat. When she rang me she was so happy and bubbly, I had a few tears after I had finished speaking to her. Goodness what a lovely cherry on top of a lovely weekend. Aren't I lucky!

Regarding my card this week, I e-mailed Rose last week to say I'm sat looking at some aqua card but my mind has gone blank. I was getting so worked up about Ally Pally and I didn't make my card until late on Sunday, so I'm sorry it's not so flowery as I would have liked, I will try harder next week.

Here goes!

Hope you like even though it's not so flowery!

Have a good week everyone. See you same place same time next week.

Big Hugs

Tina XX

All I have to do now is decorate the last few items, and make up the pram template. When I do, if they are any good I will put them on my blog.

 Products used -:

Foundation card- Silver, Coconut White & Aqua
Phil Martins- Graceful butterfly & dragonfly papers
Spellbinders- Grand Squares
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Ornamental Corners
sue Wilson-  Festive collection- Pine bough
Sue Wilson-  Finishing touches- Perfect peony complete petals
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Graceful lace trim
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sparkles
Sentiment- A free Gift from Sue's Stall at Ally Pally on Saturday

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Let Your Dreams Fly (take two)

Good Tuesday morning everyone

I hope you are all well and you all had a lovely weekend.

Paul & I have now built the Summerhouse, and while I was having a disaster with my card this week Paul was busy painting the Summerhouse. Paul is a bit slap dash with a paint brush and when I went into the garden to see how he was doing I took a sharp intake of breath as Paul had not covered the fish pond which is located in front of the Summerhouse and it had a film of stain floating on the top. When he turned around he too was covered in willow green stain, but I was more worried about my goldfish. I managed to skim the pond clean, and glad to report that no fish were harmed in his slap dash episode. Now my card, what a disaster! Craig & his girlfriend went to a wedding on Saturday,  I really loved having my Sonshine to stay overnight, and I dog sat Doug the dog, that's Hannah's dog.

I got up early to let Doug out to do his Dougie do's then fed him and let him in the garden for round 2. (Sorry if you are eating). Later in the morning Craig & Hannah rose from their slumber, and wanted a cooked breakfast. Hannah asked to see my card for my blog this week so I went and got it from my workroom and she very carefully laid it down on kitchen roll on the work surface. I then asked scrambled or fried eggs, Can you guess what happened yet? They said fried, so I fried the eggs and one decided to explode in the pan showering fat everywhere. The card was quite a way from the pan but it took a hit or 3.  I can only thank Sue W, so much for doing tiny butterfly dies, so hence more butterflies on my card than usual. I could have cried, so I hope you don't mind a fat splattered card this week. As Rose from Chester told me Sunday evening "NO CARDS IN THE KITCHEN". I certainly won't do that again. Right here we go, hope you like it.

Products used-:

Sue Wilson- Noble dies- double pierced Squares
Sue Wilson -Ornate Pieced squares
Phil Martin- Butterfly field collection
Phil Martin- Graceful butterfly& Dragonflies Paper collection
Creative Expressions- Foundation card- Vintage Silver, Black & Coconut White
Creative Expressions- Mini Dazzlers
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink - Dusty Concord
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sparkle
Creative Expressions- White Tuille
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Dandelion Clocks
Sue Wilson- Perfect Peony Complete Petal
Spellbinder- Delicate Asters
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical butterflies

First I made my usual double matt & layer.. On the top I stamped Phil's butterfly stamp covered it with a sticky sheet and glittered it with diamond sprinkles. I made some flower with the peony dies and scored them with a ball tool for the veins. I cut some leaves and dandelion clocks and arranged around the flowers. Then splatter the card with fat from frying pan and then covered with baby butterflies. I promise next week I will be more professional.Well maybe!

Looking forward to meeting Rose & Tres at Ally Pally. Nervous though.

See you next Week

Big Hugs

Tina XX

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Believe That Anything Is Possible

Good Tuesday Morning everyone

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend, or if not I hope you were doing something you enjoyed. We had a weekend in the garden preparing to build the summerhouse. It was delivered last week.  They only sent one guy to unload it. He struggled so much on his own, I felt I had to help. Thank goodness I had my Weetabix it was so heavy. I did actually hurt my shoulder as there was nothing to hold on to so it was literally carrying it from the bottom and the height was leaning on my shoulder and my head. The  young guy was exhausted when he left and had to find a lay by for the night as it was too late to travel back up north, so I packed him up a goody bag with drinks, biscuits, Sweets and snacks. He was about my son's age, so of course you have to mother them. Paul wrote a really strong message to the company as they said there would be 2 people unloading the item and under no circumstances were we meant to help. I'm sure you would have done the same had you seen how much he struggled. Then when Paul came home and said would you help me carry it into the back garden. I think I got a bum deal that day, but I've got muscles that would make Popeye jealous.

Anyway, I hope you like this weeks card, Phil's paper is really lovely to work with.

Products used:-

Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Ornamental Corners
Sue Wilson- Caribbean Island collection- St Kitts
Phil Martin- Butterfly Field Collection
Phil Martins- Graceful Butterflies & Dragonflies 8x8 papers
Creative Expressions- Foundations- Coconut White Card
Creative Expressions-  Foundations- Vintage Gold Card
Creative Expressions- Small Black Pearls
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Wild Honey

First I made my usual matt & layer of Black, Vintage gold & Phil Martins papers. For the larger layer I cut 4 corners, but cut them to make them look equal either side and glittered them. for the top layer I cut another 4 but cut them off to where you see a heart shape,  glittered them and attached to each corner. For the focal point I cut another 4 corners and intertwined them to make a diamond shape and added sticky pads and attached to the centre of the card. I stamped a sentiment and inked while still in the die, I used sticky pads for even more dimension. I made 5 various sizes of roses coloured them and and added glitter and arranged them around the focal point along with the leaves , also added some tuille. Finally I cut 2 butterflies and decorated with black pearls.

See you all soon, Same time same place.
Have a good week!

Big Hugs :-)

Tina XX 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let Your Dreams Fly

Good Tuesday morning everyone,  a gentle pinch & a punch,1st of the month to all.

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and the blessed weather was kind to you all. We managed to go to a neighbours Bar B Q on Sunday. We live down an unmade lane and you really don't see anyone unless you pass them when driving in and out of the lane. Apparently this family do a big family and friends Bar B every year, but decided to extend it to the neighbours. We have lived here for 16yrs and I have only spoken to him twice, We wave when we see each other but because of the distant between the houses it's to far to shout, and had never met his wife. Paul has spoken to both of them when we had our dog Berkeley and met them when walking down the lane, so Paul said we really should take them up on their offer to party. Our immediate neighbours who we absolutely adore and are more like family went with us and we all had a fantastic afternoon/evening and got on really well. What a fantastic couple and such lovely people. We came away knowing 5 other couples down the lane, one is a retired preacher, so I was on my best behavior. Well until he left. I don't think it was that dirty joke that made him leave, it was a hum dinger. ( not really )!! He was a lovely gentle spoken man and his wife was equally as lovely.  I hope what ever you got up to at the weekend you enjoyed yourselves.

Here goes with the 1st, post Christmas card.

Products used :-

Creative Expressions- Glacier Ice
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer
Phil Martins- Sentimentally Yours Papers
Phil Martins- Sentimentally Yours Butterfly Collection Stamps
Foundations- Heat Embossing Acetate
Foundations card- Coconut White
Foundations card- Vintage Silver
Sue Wilson's- Configurations- Elegant Laced Edger
Sue Wilson's- Finishing Touches- Perfect Peony Complete Petals
Sue Wilson- Nobles Dies- Ornate Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson's- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson's- Rambling Rose Embossing Folder
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Spun Sugar


Here goes for a 2nd time. I went on my blog to see if it had published at 00.01am, and instead I deleted it, Don't ask me how! It's magic.So I am sat here still at 02.00am doing a new blog. Good job I love what I do! So to all you other night owls, "HI", Good Morning.

I did my usual 1st mat & layer of white, silver and pink and the 2nd layer I used the same but the top layer of pink paper was the patterned side. I used perfect medium and stamped over some of the butterfly images and embossed with CE silver embossing powder. I used sticky pads to layer both mats for dimension. For the focal I used the noble die, I then stuck it yo a sticky sheet, cut off the excess and peeled off the backing to the sticky sheet and attached it to some acetate, again I cut off the excess and to the front I added glacier ice glitter. I kept the middle of the noble die and stamped the sentiment. I cut 2 corner died from the elegant lace and attached either side of the square to extend the sentiment. I attached sticky pads to each layer for added dimension. I made some flowers with the peony dies and leaves from the camellia die set. I arranged them around the focal point with a piece of tuille and a happy accident I had some very thin pieces of the pink paper that I was going to throw in the away, I folded it in half to fit the bin and thought that would male a nice effect behind the flowers. I cut 3 larger butterflies and several tiny ones, all were glittered. I glued the little ones to the silver embossed butterflies and one to the sentiment, and the 3 larger ones to the bottom right side of the card.

Big Hugs to all :-)

Tina XX