Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Another rushed card

Hi my friends

Got back from holiday only to remember I hadn't made Paul's Fathers Day card. After emptying the caravan, and to get it ready for our next jaunt to the Lake District, I don't know which is harder work loading the caravan or emptying it. We hadn't been away in the caravan Since Evelyn died 2016 and helping Claire through that unbearably hard times, also when she was pregnant with Phoenix and all our anxieties, then to top it all off my hysterectomy I was ready for a break. So we went to Yorkshire to see a friend. Since losing her partner also in 2016 she'd decided to get a Labrador puppy, she's nearly 2yrs now but what a beautiful dog her temperament is so gentle but has had no training at all, but my goodness IS she strong!. Ingrid, on one of her meals in the caravan asked if she could use the bathroom and said would you hold onto Poppy as she follows her to her bathroom at home. As soon as Pops saw the bathroom door closed she cried and shot off the seat dragging me with her. I fell onto my knees, still holding on she then dragged almost to the bathroom door. Ingrid shouted is everything ok, I said yes we're fine but I got carpet burns on my knees, and they really did sting!. Half Pint was sat on the other seat probably thinking rather you than me mum.

We have thought about going to Keswick in the Lake District for our next break. The Caravan Club site is so lovely, it's set in woodland and just a 5 minute walk to Derwent Water. Around this lake there are small little pebbled areas that look like little beaches where you can take a picnic along with a bottle of wine of course! and it's shallow enough even for Half Pint to have a paddle.

I was quite apprehensive about towing the caravan, as I said it has been 2yrs and this caravan is bigger than our last one but I soon got into the swing of things and I am looking forward to towing it to the Lakes. Paul just keeps me topped up with coffee and a toasted cheese sandwich and I can go for hours. We think it will take about 6 hours as long as there are no holdups. Fingers crossed for good weather too..

Hope you are all keeping well and see you back here soon.

Hope you like the card

Here Goes!

Sorry yet again didn't have time to put a nice background, so again I apologize for untidy desk. I have a birthday card for July show hopefully it will be displayed better than the last 2 cards and it's a lady card so all the things I like to make.

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Monday, 4 June 2018

Last minute card

Hi My Friends

I spent Sunday trying to think of a card for my brother in law after a reminder it is on Wednesday 6th. I was flicking through my dies and came across Sue's shirt die. It should have been a quick card but kept changing my mind on colours, but ended up with a black, silver, grey & white scheme. I hope he likes it. I wanted to do so much more with the card but he's not one for sentiments and will probably end up in the recycling bin anyway. Maybe the next man card using this die will be different.

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying this fantastic array of weather we are experiencing, from sweltering heat to electric storms to full on thunderstorms and torrential rain, wet & breezy days and back to very hot days. All I can say is it's not boring! The garden is filling out day by day, I think some serious pruning needed already. The fish in the pond that we built just before Claire's wedding 4 yrs ago seem to have doubled in size over this winter too, can't prune them though, so maybe we need to construct a bigger pond in the near future.

Anyway Here Goes with the card!!

Sorry I didn't put the studio up to take the photo's but got side lined to do dinner, and also to move a little bench we bought in memory of Evelyn to a sunnier spot in the garden so that the solar daffodil flower lights will charge, as you know daffodils always reminds us of Evelyn. I will put some pictures her of her little bench when the plaque arrives.

 I didn't take the photo's above until early hours this morning, so forgive me for not using the studio and showing an untidy sanctuary.

Look after yourselves. Until next time X

Love & Big Hugs

Tina XX

Saturday, 19 May 2018

At last a card, and more.

Hi Friends

I hope you are all keeping well. My little Phoenix has caught his 1st cold, and he's now teething which doesn't help, it's so sad to see him struggle but he is coping incredibly well bless him. Along with all his other baby noises he has now learnt to growl and along with his cold makes a really lovely noise which has me in stitches, long may it continue., not the cold I meant the growling.

Bank holiday Monday we went over to Claire's for a Bar-B-Q, wow what a hot day that was. Food was great the wine was flowing and we all had a lovely day. Then Claire said "MUM" we want to get Phoenix christened soon and we would love to do it in our little village church where they had their Blessing and they would like to have the party at our home. I was so flattered and it made me incredibly happy and such a privilege to do this for my little man . I don't know the date yet and how many people will be invited, by the sounds of things it's quite a few. I have ordered a new chest freezer which is being delivered on Monday. I ordered 300ft of bunting to zig zag up the driveway, they have arrived already so have so have the paper lanterns with lights. I spent all last weekend cutting letters x12 to Spell Phoenix Evan Ward to make bunting for the hall, and because we call Phoenix our little fox I cut out 24 little fox faces to go either end of his named buntings. Claire, Toby and Phoenix are going away on holiday soon so I thought I would get a head start on the proceedings. I'm just praying for good weather as Craig and I went out last week and bought some new garden games. I am in my element, it reminds me of my catering days and how much I miss my little business. It was very hard work. I worked on my own and catered for 5 schools and 3 shops daily. The shopping was most days and prep was 7 days a week while still taking and, picking up Claire & Craig from college before they could drive.

Last weekend was busy too. We had another Aching Arms charity Tea Party to raise more money for the Teddy Bears for bereaved mum's, dad's and siblings to leave hospital so that they don't leave  empty handed like Claire & Toby did. Our family & friends have donated many bears to different hospitals and now  A H Rogers the undertakers that looked after our little Evelyn until her goodnight service. The mum's & dad's that have been to this undertakers and have seen the teddy's in the room that Claire decorated,  always ask about them. If they didn't know about the charity they are asked if they would like a teddy for themselves or for their siblings to cuddle. They can take the bear home with them there & then or they can be left with their babies and then take them home after the goodnight service, or the teddy can stay with their babies.

As yet the final figure is not known as donations are still coming in, and yet again Myself & Paul got the privilege of the kitchen duties for the teas & coffees. Sadly there were a lot more mummy's that came in carrying their babies in Teddies like Evie Bear. It's so sad to see, and to wonder why our country has the worse figures for sleeping babies. We need more scans in the last 2 wks before the delivery, and also a simple test for Strep B that can lead on to sepsis a week before delivery, sadly you have to pay for this test. Again this should be an automatic test during pregnancy. If the mum's results show as positive, while delivering they are just given a strong antibiotic drip and the baby is protected. How simple is this. Many babies die on or after delivery because of sepsis. Why is this not common knowledge in this day & age. Claire only found out about this test 2 months before Phoenix was born by another new baby loss mum to sepsis. anyone can carry this Strep B virus but are not aware of it.

Here are couple of pictures Paul took before the event started and before all the cakes were put out, the table was so full of cakes. Everyone had worked so hard baking. It was amazing.

Here Goes!!

Not a very focused pictures taken by Paul, I think he had his eye on a cake or two on the other table.  Evie Bear is wearing the coloured dress with matching yellow headband. She had many photos taken with new baby loss mum's and their very special bears, Really very moving.

I eventually found some time to make a card. I used one of the foamiran roses I made on the last blog. I hope my friend doesn't come in for a look as it's a card for her for the 23rd of May. Close your eyes at this point Annie.

I hope you like it!!

I know I'm bias, but I had to show you this picture of my lovely son. He sent me this photo a couple of days ago. He was riding his bike along the prom on the beach in Bournemouth to get some exercise. He stopped for a short break when a man came up to him and asked if could he possibly take a photo of him with his low rider bike. The man explained that he had suffered a breakdown and is using photography to help with his recovery. He said he was on a program and has been asked to try and introduce himself to at least one new person a day to gain his confidence back. Craig checked everything was above board and agreed to let him take a photo of him and the bike and an artistic one of Craig with the beach and the photographer reflected in the lens of Craig's glasses. Well this was the outcome. I think it's an amazing photo of my boy!!

If you look in Craig, proud of you Son-shine!!😎💛


Sorry this blog this time reads like War & Peace, but such a lot has been going on since my last blog.

Well that's all folks!.  Did I hear a thank goodness for that?

Thank you all for looking in again, I really do look forward to seeing you all here. Hope you enjoyed what you saw.

I will be spending tomorrow in front of the TV watching Harry & Megan's wedding. Wishing them both a beautiful day full of wonderful memories.

Love & Hugs to you all

Tina XX

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Roses & forest trip

Hello My Friends

I hope you are all well and enjoying our very intermittent warm spring sunshine. you just get used to the warmth for a couple of days and then you wake up the following day to grey skies and a fall in temperature. Today we are due sharp rain showers which is just what I want to get drenched while loading up the car at the wholesalers.

I'm going to get lots of goodies, as my son Craig is coming home for a couple of days while his girlfriend has gone back to Norway to see her parents, so it will give me a chance to have him all to myself during the day. He wants to visit lots of aquariums as he is into tropical fish. He's looking for angel fish this time round.

Hopefully Claire & Phoenix are planning a visit this week to come over and have lunch with Craig. Claire lives about 1 1/2hrs away from Craig so not an easy trip to get to see each other that often at the moment with having to load the car up with so much baby stuff. We live an hour away from Craig and 30-40 mins from Claire, so I make the most of it when I can get them together.

I'm sorry it's not a card today I am in the process of making my friends birthday card and also making  silk foamiran roses. I've put a couple on my blog today, but I am trying different ways of making them to see if I prefer making them from foam or stick to my card roses. Please tell me what you think of my 1st attempt at foam roses.

Anyway onto another rose, but a fairy made from the petals. Claire has been making these since losing Evelyn. She made me this one for Mothers day. You can just see the little legs poking out from the petals in the 1st picture

My camera does not do justice to just how pretty these are.

Every strand of the hair is painstakingly put into place. She does different hair styles this was just one I liked.

The wings are skeleton leaves. I don't know if that is the right term, but you get the idea.

This rose looks better in real life. Paul thought it was real when I showed him, but I think he is easily pleased when it comes to my artwork. This rose was made by hand cutting the petals and heating them on a warm iron, I don't think I curled the petals enough but I wanted to try a more open rose. For the 1st attempt I'm fairly happy but must try harder

This rose I made just before posting this blog. The colour is lilac but looks a bit dull. This rose was made using Spellbinders Rose Creation dies, still not happy, and it was a rush job too.

When I left Craig's last Wednesday I came back through a part of the New Forest called Stoney Cross. I know a few of you have visited this part of the country and would probably agree it is beautiful. When I go to Craig's I take Half Pint with me. We had a walk on a bay in near Sand Banks in Bournemouth, then on the way home Half Pint and I had a walk on Stoney Cross on one of our lovely warm sunny days. After putting Half Pint back in the car, I drove a couple of minutes only to come across about 30 deer grazing. A stunning sight!

Still in the forest but nearer home I came across these beauties enjoying the late afternoon sun

I could spend hours driving through the forest but maybe not with a little dog that thinks she is just as big as they are.

I particularly liked this dark brown & white one with an Elvis quiff.

You can tell they weren't at all bothered about the noises from the car from munchkin.

Oh well that's it for this blog. I hope I haven't taken up too much time or worse bored you so much you're all asleep now. If I don't get any replies I'll know the latter kicked in.

Hope you enjoyed my little jaunt.

Lots of love & hugs to you all, take care and see you all again soon.

Tina XX

Monday, 2 April 2018

Hello Friends

Hi my friends

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, maybe spent time with the family or just found time to craft as the weather was not as good as previous Easter holidays.

Yesterday we had Craig, Pia, Claire Toby Phoenix & Evie Bear over for dinner. It was a lovely day and enjoyed lots of cuddles. Since my last blog saying I had the dreaded lurgie, the secondary infections were worse than the actual cold/flu. Claire and I had dreadful neuralgia affecting our ears head and neck. Poor little Phoenix also caught it and he'd just had his jabs and the meningitis one too but soldiered through it bless him. On Saturday Paul was going to cancel Easter Sunday but I said no! So I dosed up with pain meds and we managed to get through the day relatively pain free. Woke up today and touch wood only minimal pain now, long may it continue.

Because of the infection I really couldn't do anymore to the cards for Evelyn & Phoenix and they are missing the flowers I'd had in mind to do with foamiran, so I quickly made the 3d hare and rabbit to hold some money for a toy for Phoenix & something for Evelyn's garden at the crematorium or for her garden at home to go in the card. Claire loved the cards and the little animal too, so all turned out well.

I'm looking after Phoenix tomorrow while Claire & Toby are going out for lunch together. If I have as much fun with him as I had yesterday we are going to have a fab time.

Because Toby is on holiday before he starts his new job, I said I would only go over if they needed me so I am hoping to get in my sanctuary and use my foamiran and make some roses and attach them to cards.

Thank you for taking the time out to return to my blog as I know they have been few & far between. I must try harder!

OH excuse the kitchen roll and the untidy look of the room, and I didn't even get the little studio out. I'm not always this sloppy!!

Here goes!

Hope you like what you see.

Look forward to seeing you all again.

Sending love & hugs

Tina XX

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Evelyn's Day 03-03-2016

Hi my Friends

Today 03-03-2018 Evelyn was 2. I cannot believe that we have got up everyday and dealt with life, dealing with problems, health worries, anxieties  another pregnancy and a wonderful arrival. Even now I can't believe how we arrived here 2 years later remembering our beautiful Granddaughter Evelyn, but here we are, how on earth did we get here. Where has that time gone.

I don't know if any of you believe in signs that show that our loved ones are near, but I do, especially since Evelyn passed. I won't say what because non believers will always try and put they're slant on things, but it gives me comfort to deal with everyday and I'm not harming anyone am I.

We are going out with Claire Toby & Phoenix today to celebrate Evelyn. Hopefully Craig & Pia can make it too.

Since we last spoke here I thought my croaky voice and cough was due to my allergies, but that night I went down with the lurgie. It wiped me out for 3 days, I really could not get out of bed other than to shower because of the horrendous sweats and Paul changing the bedding. Voice still dodgy and the cough is just as annoying, but definitely on the mend. Most annoying though is that I couldn't go and see Claire & Phoenix or my Craig.

I really hope you have all managed to avoid this awful bug, if not I hope you are all on the mend or at least having lots of cuddles.

This 1st make for Evelyn was something I saw on a well known online shop that wanted over £30 with postage & packaging. It got my brain cell into action and thought I could do that ( not exactly the same at all ) but at less than 3rd the price and made it more personal. The 2nd make is Evelyn's card.

Here Goes!

Now for the Card

 Looks much better in real life.

Hope you like the makes for Evelyn.

I really must invest in a better camera. Lovely to see you here again and I thank you so much for your support over the last 2 years. Thank you is such a small word but to me it has such a big meaning XX

See you soon

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tutorial of Frames

Hi Friends

June, as promised a step by step tutorial about the frame on Paul's card. I have to admit I used the pierced frames this time to see if they worked as well, I'll let you all comment about that, but if you want a tutorial on the plain frame I will be more than happy to do that too, you only have to yes!

I did think of doing a video instead of a frame by frame tutorial but my allergy is playing up big time and didn't think it would sound so sleek with the croaky voice and the occasional cough, not want anyone wants to hear, Right!. I can definitely tell spring is on the way at last! not just with my allergies, bring it on!, but for the lighter evenings, more importantly the thought of some more heat from warmer days to come, I can't wait.

OMG again I digress ( waffle ) please tell me to shut up and get on with it. ( be kind though )

Here Goes!

I used both sets of frames, but unknown to me at the time I only needed to use one set.

I used frame number 4 & 6 taped them down and passed through cutting machine. Number 1 being the smaller one.

I then added die number 5, and taped it down between 4 & 6. Don't try to lift the already taped down dies to insert die 5 as you could move die 4 & 6 there's really no need. tape in place 5th frame then emboss, DO NOT CUT.

This is what it should look like.

 Right side up. I then held it up against the light and it looked a bit thin, so I thought I would cut another frame the same size to add strength, but!

I took 4,5 & 6 frame from the B frame set which is slightly smaller. Not realising this at the time I carried on and made the same frame as above, only to find that it didn't match the 1st frame but I have to say I liked it more.

 These were both frames cut out. you can see the one on the left is slightly smaller ( that's the B frame ) I added thin sticky pads to the smaller frame and stuck it to the larger (A ) frame.

Using these dies above I achieved this frame below.

I hope this has been an informative tutorial, but if not please say WHAT! and I will help.

Thank you all for returning.

Love & Hugs

Tina XX