Saturday, 18 March 2017

My little make for my little Evelyn

Hi my friends.

This heart was meant to be given to Claire at Evelyn's party, but after my op I couldn't sit in my workroom too long to finish it. So I thought I would give it to her & Toby when they got home from their holiday in Morocco.

I was just going to make daffodils on the heart, but thought I would try and make forget-me-nots too. I found an old punch of little flowers that had gone in the throw me out box after buying new storage draws for my workroom. It made me look at my punches again, but still throwing loads.

This make was very therapeutic and I really enjoyed every minute of making it. I'm hoping Claire might keep this in Evelyn's nursery but if she chooses to take it to Evelyn's garden at the crematorium I will need to glaze every inch of it and try and make it rabbit and dear proof as they eat everything. They have eaten all the Christmas roses that I placed there, but they're not that keen on hyacinth's and daffodils, paper ones not sure off though.

On the 1st April  Claire & another mummy loss angel are doing a mad hatters tea party in their local community centre, It's also so called Forget-me-not, and it's all for Cancer & for a charity called Aching Arms. Aching Arms is a charity that donates teddy bears to Mummies & Daddies that have to walk out of hospital with empty arms and only a memory box. Claire said that was the hardest thing she ever had to do was to walk out of the hospital past all the wards with new mum's & dad's and crying babies and she just had a box of photo's and hand & foot moulds. Claire got sent an Aching Arms teddy when she got home and I was sent one too. So we make a point of donating every month and teddies are donated to another family that has just lost their precious baby and it's sent from Evelyn Katie Ward. We have also donated more bears to go into the new bereavement room from Evelyn when they finally ok the colour scheme so hopefully we can get started decorating soon, fingers crossed!!. Goodness knows what room they are using now, but the room Claire & Toby were in was very run down.

The teddies are no replacement, but you leave with something special in your arms from another family that understands what you are going through, or even for a sibling that was expecting to walk out with a brother or sister. Apparently younger siblings understand more about what happened when you tell them about the bear, and why they were given this very special bear.

I thought I would share with you a photo of our special bear.

Here Goes with my little make for Evelyn x

hope you like it!

I thought I would let you know how I got on with the results. I rang the doctors and the hospital on Monday 13th the doctor had no info about my procedure at all, but was willing to give me some results of a bowel test that I had never had, so who on earth had their results in my records. It's really scarey. The hospital told me that they are running 3 weeks late in typing op results, but was told I'm sure if there was something wrong you would have heard by now.

To my surprise on Thursday I had a call from my surgeon. Even though I had rung the doctors & the hospital asking for advice about still having problems and basically getting fobbed off over the last 6 months and was told everything will settle down soon. She was really taken aback, and said that I need to make an appointment to discuss my options with her soon. Had my recent op not been cancelled I could have told her what was still going on and she would have probably told me there and then what needed to happen 3 weeks ago. The surgeon that did my op was not aware of what was still on going as she hadn't read my previous notes, only what needed doing that day.

On Thursday my surgeon said she had just received the results from the surgeon who did my op.  She said I needed to talk to Paul over the weekend about the 3 options she had given me, but other than a hysterectomy the other 2 will leave me a bit vulnerable. I have to ring on Monday and make an appointment to see her and she said she will go through all 3 options step by step.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, what ever you do have a good one.

Love & Hugs

Tina XX

Friday, 10 March 2017

Evelyn's Birthday

Hello friends

Firstly I have to say a really big Thank you to all of you for your love prayers and thoughts for our beautiful Granddaughters 1st birthday anniversary. Can you believe it's been a year since losing Evelyn. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd March were real thought provoking times for us all. There were tears of what should have been, and our expectations of  happy times to come with a much awaited grand child. She's here just not in the way we all longed & hoped for.

Claire & Toby did a little birthday birthday party on the 4th as they wanted to be on their own for her birthday on the 3rd. They did Evelyn proud, They decorated their house and had a beautiful cake made of the nut brown hare, with their words " I love you to the moon & back" which was a book Claire used to read to Evelyn when she was in her tummy & just after she was born in hospital, and they both read at Evelyn's goodbye ceremony. To this day I don't know how they found the strength to do that. I was, and still so proud and of awe of them.

 I'm worried about Claire for Mothers day as that was the very last day they had with Evelyn, until they saw her in the chapel of rest the day before we said goodbye to her on the 31st March. So still 2 more 1st Anniversaries to get through and "God Willing" we can start to piece together our lives without anymore the 1st anniversaries looming as this past year has been a nightmare.

I've put a couple of pictures to share with you as you have all been with me from the start of our journey. Bless You. XX. That's our Grandbear  as we call her in front of her beautiful birthday cake and she sat on the the little chair her uncle Craig bought her.

Another big Thank You is for your well wishes for my hospital op and checking back to see if I am OK. You are all so thoughtful.

I am thankful to say the op did go ahead on the Monday. It's nearly 2 weeks later and I still have not had any results yet. No news is is good news right.  I'm not a negative person but I am still having lady problems that according to the paperwork I came out with things would settle in a couple of days, but as yet has not. I really need to contact my surgeon again and have a word, I don't think I can go another 6 months like this I'm exhausted. Hey Ho!! I will bounce back, I will get this sorted, but I can't believe they can be so slack. I'm not that bloody old that they can just discard, I've got years to live God Willing!!

SUE SHARMAN. Hi!  Welcome to my blog and thank you for looking in. The Die you are looking for is -: Cheery Lyn Design. FRM149 Mexican Tile Pattern. I did go on line to see if it was still available. I paid £14.99 but seems to have gone up in price and is also out of stock. If you would like me to cut you some and send them to you I am more than happy to do that for you. My email address is    If anyone else wants some cut just use the email address and I will send you some.

I thought while I'm here I would put up some older cards. Hopefully next week I will get around to making a new card and share Evelyn's make with you. I hope you like them again!

Here Goes!

I love making these guy cards they are so quick. I've told my brother in law, this is your card every year. It will just be a different patterned shirt. He's ok with that!

 Another  stamping technique with a pronounce frame. Sorry there is probably a technique for this, but, hey ho, I don't know what it's called. If you would like a a tutorial I'm happy to do one.

Finally, Roses. I love making roses!

See you all again soon. Thank you for your endless support. I don't think you all realise how much I appreciate each & everyone of you. XXXX


Tina XX