Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hello Friends

Hi my blog friends

I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your messages on my last blog as it has been quite a tough time with anniversaries, Thank you for all your lovely comments and for sticking with me and my family throughout the awful past year.

I'm glad you all liked the idea of the bears. Claire & another baby loss mummy, Hayley organised a fund raising event for Aching Arms and it took place on the 1st April. We were all busy baking, I have never seen so much cake, ever! Claire & Hayley did a fantastic job of decorating the church hall. There was a table put out for all mum's & dad's who had also lost their beautiful babies and they brought photo's. There were 10 pictures on the table at one time of mum's & dad's that came to show their babies and also their support. It was a very emotional day but what a fantastic cause. The event started at 2.30pm and ended at 4.30pm. We just asked for people to make a donation and please help yourself to as much cake & tea as you want. The picture shows a very full table, but I topped the table up many times with donated cakes. Claire & Hayley should be so proud of themselves as they raised a fantastic £1195-00 in 2 hours and money is still coming in.

This was just a small amount of cake

These are just a few pictures of our angel babies.

The party was themed as a mad hatters tea party, and some people actually came wearing hats.

Just a few Aching Arms teddies that were wearing labels that had been donated to other families from another Angel Baby.

All I can say to Claire & Hayley is we are all so proud of you and all your hard word certainly paid off for a very worthy charity.

What a lovely day Paul & I had meeting Hazel ( Baskets of joy ) and her lovely husband Charlie. We did not stop talking, so much so the shop was emptying their tills ready to cash up for the day. So we felt rather than be asked to leave we would leave gracefully, we then went on the river bank next to the car park and fed the ducks and a couple of swans and chatted some more. Just not long enough.

Hazel gave me two beautiful presents when I arrived. 1st was a beautiful decorated box with fudge inside. It really is stunning Patricia and I will treasure it, Thank You very much. I have to say I didn't find the fudge until I got home as it was so beautifully packaged.X

2nd was another beautiful box. I untied the ribbon and as I opened the lid I could see Hazel smiling, I lifted the tissue paper and said "Oh it's my Summer", who passed 8th June last year. Hazel and her daughter had gone onto my blog to find a picture of Summer and Gillian Hazel's daughter made this beautiful little ornament of my much missed little pusscat. Gillian even got the little dairylea triangle ( as I called it ) colouring under her chin. I absolutely love it, Thank You so much Gillian. She is sat right in front of me in my workroom where I just stare at her constantly.X

Isn't this just beautiful! A real little character, just like my Summer.

Hazel has invited me to go to one of their get together later in the year. So that's something for me to look forward to, and Maureen you're right Hazel is a lovely lady and the time with her was just too short.

Finally, I saw my surgeon on Monday 3rd and she went through my 3 options but I was basically left with the 3rd option which is a full hysterectomy. The other two options didn't have guarantee's that things would not progress. She said although I had 2 negative biopsy's, meaning no cancer having a coil in affects the result and doesn't give to true reading. So basically it was coil out, no guarantee the pre C cells wouldn't grow back and possibly change. Or coil stays in and could possibly bleed for the 5 yrs it is in place, and every six months having to go back in for hysteroscopy's  but not under general anesthetics as being put under so many times in 5 years is not good. So I will be going in in the next 4 to 8 weeks. I know they have to tell you of all the things that could go wrong, I am now petrified. The only light hearted one was, as I was telling Hazel today is with having keyhole surgery the bed is tipped backwards so you are slightly head down and all I could think of is OMG I hope my gown doesn't roll up and show everything off and I hope they do me before they have their lunch.

I'm sorry that this blog has read a bit like war & peace, it's either all or nothing at the moment. I do have a card in mind to make and the back ground is wallpaper samples. My sister went to B&Q and Homebase and  took a fair size sample and said what can you do with this. So thinking cap on.

I hope you like what you see & read, and I'll try not to make it so long next time. Thank you so much for your endless patience.

Lots of Love & Hugs

Tina XX