Tuesday, 12 May 2015

On your Special Day

Good Tuesday Morning all

Hope you all had a good weekend and the weather was fine enough to enjoy some time outdoors. We managed to do some things in the garden and the veggies are growing madly.

While writing this message I am looking out of my patio doors to 1 squirrel sat in the nut tray and holding onto the hanging nut feeder for a nut then sitting down in the nut tray again eating her prize. I've added a hanging basket full of peanuts to the feeding station and the doves have come in pairs, one sat in the hanging basket and the other sat on the edge waiting for their turn. It is quite a busy bird cafe, it's so lovely to watch.

This weeks card was made by using Phil Martins Verses and gilding wax.

Products Used:-

8x8 Black card
Foundations Periwinkle Blue card
Sue Wilson's- Art Deco EF
Noble Dies- Ornate Pierced Rectangles
Phil Martin- Decadent Damask Birthday verses
Foundations- Vintage Gold Card
Foundations- Black Card
Tim Holtz- Distress ink - Weathered Wood
Tim Holtz- Distress ink- Wild Honey
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Petite Arched Adornment
CE Gilding Wax- Graceful Mustard
Spellbinders- Rose Creations Megabilities

I first made a matt of Black, periwinkle and gold card, and then made a slightly smaller layer  to put the main focal point on.
I cut the Nobles pierced ornate dies to make a frame, and then used the mustard gilding wax to make the frame look a bit aged. Then cut the ornate part of the Noble rectangle and also another frame in periwinkle as a backing to the ornate cut. Hope this makes sense. I stamped the sentiment onto the left over card to the frame and covered it with double sided sheets and put Ranger stickles, clear rock candy on it for the sparkle. I cut 2 of the petite arched adornment dies and attached top and bottom of the frame. I made a few sizes of roses coloured with Weathered wood & Wild honey, and made a couple of butterflies that were in my butterfly stash.

Hope you like this weeks make.

Big Hugs all round and Thank you so much if you leave a comment. or just take a little peak. You are so Welcome.

See You Soon
Tina XX


  1. Good morning Tina, wow,wow ,don't know what to say it is soooooo gorgeous this card!! I just have celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this card would have been the ultimate surprise to receive! Isn't it lovely to see the squirrels eat there food ,I love how they hold it between there little feet.so cute.talk to you soon Tina,have been very busy in the garden before the hot spell of 40 dec .on Thursday is hitting us!!Take care hugs Jane B.xx

    1. It's now my turn to say WOW. 50th Anniversary that's fantastic. There really are not many people of the younger generation that can have this achievement. Happy belated Anniversary Jane & Hubby?.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it really means a lot to me to receive such beautiful words.

      OMG! how do you survive in temperatures of 40 degrees, I would literally melt. I can't cope when it gets above 24 degrees. Do you have a shady part of your beautiful garden to sit in, in such extreme temperatures.?

      While talking to you the squirrel has learned he doesn't have to fight with the nut feeder he can just sit in the hanging basket and gorge herself. Her head bobs over the top while she is eating, it's so cute. I'll try and catch it on camera and send you a picture.

      Take care Jane, talk soon

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. Sorry Jane. The squirrel changed sex in this message, it was definitely a girl. There is certainly no mistake when the boy is nut hunting!!!.


      Tina XX

  2. Morning Tina, another beautiful card. I always look forward to seeing your marvellous creations.
    Clare xx

    1. Hi Clare

      Thank you for saying that you look forward to seeing my cards, it means a lot. I've got my friends 60th birthday card to make for the 23rd. EEKKK panicking. Brains gone blank.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  3. Hi Tina,
    WOW! I'm lost for words another stunningly elegant card, a lovely sentiment and such beautiful blooms...they are so lifelike too.
    It's lovely to watch the wild life at this time of the year and getting up to their antics.

    Love and hugs
    Sheila xx

    1. Thank you Sheila

      You say such lovely things about my cards and I really do appreciate them. How are you doing? I do think about you often.

      This my favorite time of year when the mums bring their babies down to feed and they really don't mind 3 of my four cats sat at the patio doors licking their lips watching. Lucky mine are indoor cats so no damage to thre bird population here.

      Take care,

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  4. Tina, this is a stunning card, someone receiving this would be over the moon. Yes aren't birds wondrful to watch with how they do things and take turns. Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel

      Thank you, there is someone I would like to send it to, but only if she feels safe enough to send her address. I have had to fill the hanging basket up with nuts 3 times today, greedy little beggars. Cute though.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  5. Hiya you : )
    What a complete stunner, read that anyway you wish lol I dont know how you do it Tina. Where do these amazing idea's come from ? All I see is card, it ends up resembling something, but never as beautiful as your cards or flower's, you have your signature roses and I adore them. Phill's stamps although they really pong (must be the polymer he uses) are fantastic, so crisp and clear, the verses are all so lovely too. At 13.00 for some, I have to be picky and make sure they pay for their board, but yes, Phills stamps are quality.
    I do miss the squirrel's. We have neither birds or squirrels in our garden, too much concrete but when we lived in Brum id spend ages watching the sweet little creatures burying peanuts and flattening the soil with their tiny hands (mainly in my flower planter's) little tinkers lol.
    Well I'll send my love to you Tina and go check my jacket spuds) : )
    Lancashire Steph xxx

    1. Hiya to you too Boss

      Thank you Steph, and thank you for calling me a stunner. Ohh! I think I read that one wrong, you meant the card. Thank you.

      I do worry about doing the samey sort of card, and realise you can only park your flowers in so many combinations and hope they never become boring.

      The first holiday I get to go away in our caravan in the Lakes I will make you some roses. Don't get me wrong, but I hope it's not for a long time. ( you know what I mean, my little Summer ), but when I do that's a promise.

      The Squirrels are real little characters and the boy one really doesn't mind being on show when eating his nuts. I really think all boy animals need to wear undercrackers.

      Sending you love too, enjoy those spuds.

      Love Tina XX

  6. Rose in Chester12 May 2015 at 23:45

    Hi Tina,
    nightowl is back! Returned today at 18.30 local time, opened all the windows to let the fresh air in, freshened myself up a bit and went out for an Indian nosh. My local Indian is never busy on a Tuesday evening so no problem there. Then came back and unpacked/ made my bed (Oh HOW I SHALL SLEEP TONIGHT!) and then checked your blog.
    That was the only drawback of our holiday let - lousy internet access. It badly needed another router in our house, the signals from the one in our host's house was not strong enough.
    Anyway, back to your blog - stunner of a card, I love the way you've used the Noble dies, EF, ROSES ARE LOVELY, colours great.
    You've done yourself proud again there.
    I'll write a bit more over the coming days, am a bit shattered now so shall get a well-deserved GOOD NIGHT'S sleep.
    Hope all's been well with you and yours this past week.
    Hugs, Rose

    1. Hi Nightowl

      Lovely to have you back, Thank you. Hope you enjoyed your meal.

      Sleep tight talk soon

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  7. Another of your STUNNING cards, love,love,love it.
    Everything is just "perfect"
    Watching birds is a wonderful pass time.
    We had a "red squirrel" that played in the trees up our lane. Have not seen him for a couple of weeks. We are worried that a "grey" one he's got at him!!! we certainly hope not.
    Have a good day
    Patricia xxx

  8. Hi Patricia

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope your little red squirrel is OK and you get to see it again. The red squirrels are so cute.

    Take Care, Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  9. Hi Tina,
    How on earth have I not seen this before? I look in on your blog every day and it's listed in my "favourites" so I don't even have to type it in. I think I've been acting a bit in a robotic state this last week so I'm sorry that I'm so late to be posting, but as that Irish comedian used to say "It's a cracker!) So beautiful, it really is stunnning.
    Keep on tending the wild life, it's lovely to see the birds helping themselves at the feeders. We don't have the squirrels here but at my granddaughters school they have a little red that runs along the playground fence!!! There's also a 3 legged cat who gets fed by the dinner ladies, and the birds are quite safe from him!
    Maureen xxxx

  10. Hi Maureen

    Sorry I haven't replied sooner, was having problems with the router, and eventually had to go and buy a new one today.

    It's just lovely for you to visit at any time, and thank you so much for your lovely comment, "To Be Sure"

    I've got a young dove that loves the new hanging basket full of nuts, he lands on the edge and that makes it swing and he just jumps inside happily eating until his crop is so full I wonder how he takes flight again, greedy little beggar. The little red squirrels are so pretty, I bet the kids love that and I bet the 3 legged cat give the birds a run for their money. That puss cats really know where his bread is buttered being fed by the dinner ladies. Is it a stray?

  11. Sorry TIna,
    I'm late commenting on you beautiful card. I have been busy doing my little grandson Harry's christening invitation cards,all done
    Now I'm catching up on blog land. TIna as always your card is stunning. Hug's Lynda xx