Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Good evening ladies

I'm really sad to write this tonight, but I feel I have to.

There is a lot of negativity and messages of bullying on my blog this week. I started my blog Just before joining Creative Expressions Design Team a year ago and have had nothing but positive comments about my work and some have literally reduced me to tears as they were so lovely.

I have always maintained that if you have taken time out to visit my blog and leave me a comment then you deserve a reply, even if it is just a heartfelt thank you.

People have told me sad things in their lives and I know lots of you ladies have shared in my sorrows and my joys just recently here in the past year or more even in the last 2 weeks, and this is how I want my blog to stay. and let the genuine people who enjoy crafting and have some banter or just say what they are going through, and be able to come here and read only nice thoughts and positivity.

I had to say all this as I love my blog, and need it to continue my crafting.

No more please

Big Hugs

Tina XX


  1. Hi Tina an all you lovely ladies, I seem to have missed everything about the bullying going on, I would just like to say it's stupid people with nothing better to do with there time, so please don't let people like that put anyone off leaving there comments you have more right to be there with your comments than the bully's. Don't let it upset you Tina, your blog is great an I an others look forward to see what you bring each week, I know I have only been leaving comments for a short while but I have popped in an looked at your lovely cards for quite some time now. Take care Melody xxx

  2. Hi Tina
    I am fairly new to leaving comments on these blogs, however I think your cards are really beautiful. I agree with Melody that these people have nothing better to do with their time and probably don't realise the harm their comments make. I will continue to look forward to seeing your work. Try not to let it upset you. Regards Kerryn

  3. Tina, I am sorry you have been having such a rough time of late. My Mom always taught us that if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all. I guess I have missed what has been going on but people should keep negative thoughts to themselves. I truly enjoy your blog and love the way you not only read the comments but leave a reply. Your cards are outstanding so please continue to share all your wonderful creations with us.

  4. Hi Tina

    I'm so sorry you have had the need for this message. People who go out of their way to upset or abuse someone are low.

    If there is anyone affected by cyber bullying or trolls please believe me when I say a) There's no such thing as being incognito on the internet. ISPs, hosting sites, email sign ins, search engines, and more can pinpoint a person anytime, even if they use fake accounts or hijack other peoples account. Every time you go on line you leave a lot more than a browsers internet history list! and b) even if the perpetrator is in another country to the victim who tells the police, they and Google et al will work together and the perpetrator will be caught.

    I hope any victims can take stregnth from that and feel able to take action.

    There's so many of us, a number growing weekly who love your work and your blog. You'll continue to have all our support, I'm sure of that.

    Hugs and some slobbery kisses from Billy,

    T x

  5. Hi Tina,
    I'm Truly Sorry To Hear About "The Cyber Bullying" Its Truly Horrendous That People Can Be Like This, It's Worse Than Children In A Playground, Grown Ups Should Definitely Know Better And As Cathie Mentioned I Was Always Brought Up That If You Don't Particularly Like Something Then Don't Comment.
    Your Cards Are Truly Magnificent I Just Love Checking Them Out, You Give Great Breakdown's Of How You've Made Your Tremendous Card's.
    Please Don't Let The Bullying Get You Down (I Know That's Easy For Me To Say, But So Many People Love Your Work And I'm One Of Them) Please, Please Continue With Your Blog Don't Let These People Win.
    Love And Huge Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  6. Tina as you know I am fairly new to your blog, I have not seen any of the bullying but can well understand how you must be feeling, such low minded and mean people about, please continue with your blog, I have it on my favourites bar and know that the creations and inspiration you give to me is invaluable, your 'let it snow' card went down a storm in our craft group a couple of weeks ago and they are asking for me............................... we love you and want to see you continue your good works. hugs June Smith xxx

  7. Fantastic news that CE have have kept you on their Design Team-your cards are always stunning. I visit every day but haven't always left a comment. I'll try to make the time to change that. Blogs are NOT the place for negative comments-perhaps people will stop + think now?!

    Well done!!!!!!!


  8. Hi Tina, As you know I am fairly new to your blog but I love the ideas and inspiration you give to us all. I like to look back to the older pages and I have never failed to be inspired by you. Please don't let these brainless people upset you, we all know "there is always one". If you give others half as much pleasure as your blog gives me then life is great.I love how you spend time to reply to all our comments and this is why yours is the only blog I comment on so PLEASE keep up the good work and don't waste your precious time even thinking about them.
    Big hugs from Mary - Durham

  9. Hi Tina I only follow two wonderful blogs regularly and yours is one of them and I really can't understand why such mean people want to spoil things for others...they are not true crafters in my mind. There is so much sadness in the world and yet the odd few seem to get a kick
    out of this cyber bullying...all I can say to them is 'Get a life!'
    I am going through a very sad time at the moment and have had so much support from you and the lovely ladies from the other blog and I for one would be very sad if one person spoils it for me and your other followers who love to visit your blog to see your stunning work and get so much inspiration from you. Keep up the good work lovely lady and to the bully (whoever you are)....'if you can't say something nice and be cheery then stay away...what goes around comes around!'

    Love and hugs dear Tina
    Sheila xxx

  10. Hello Tina,
    I'm so sorry that you've felt the need to write this, and I agree with Sheila that there is so much sadness in the World, why would anyone want to do this. Please continue to blog, you know we all love you and your fabulous creations.
    Maureen xxx

  11. Hi Tina, don't let these few very sad people get you down. You always cheer up all of your REAL followers with your comments and fantastic creations.
    Lots of luv and hugs Clare xx

  12. Hi Tina. I have never left a comment before but i alway's look on your blog to see your beautiful creation's but after reading your blog this morning i couldn't just read and go. I didn't know about the bullying. and i think it's a real shame that these so called people have nothing better to do with there time than upset someone who is trying to inspire and help like minded people to create some stunning work's of art. Don't get upset as you have a lovely group of follower's and at the end of the day they are only jealous of your great talent's. Please don't stop doing your blog because of these stupid and very sad people. You have the support of all your lovely follower's. Take care of yourself and don't let these awful people get you down.
    Best Wishes.
    Denise T x

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  14. Hi Tina! So sorry to hear about the bullying!!! PLEASE keep going with your blog and your beautiful creations!!! These LITTLE people demand attention from us, but DENIY them the attention and responses they need! IGNORE them and their comments, knowing that anything said is of less than no value!!! YOU and your creations are of value to many, and YOU are loved and wanted!! Let that be what motivates you to keep on pressing through!!!! Hugs

  15. Hello Dear Tina; I found your blog just a few days ago when searching for "Elegant, White on White (WOW), Christmas Cards to Make". What a lovely surprise to discover your beautiful cards and then to read wonderful comments from your faithful, and obviously high quality, friends / blog followers. Good for you to address the "bullying"... how awful for anyone to demean anyone else; so sorry that happened but haven't read all comments and don't need to as all I'm interested in is viewing your beautiful work and gaining inspiration from artists such as yourself. To others who have nothing better to do than try to demean others, thus taking focus off yourself for your inabilities if that is the case, you don't deserve to have access to this lovely lady's blog, or any others. Tina, remember that you are most special, a unique individual created by God; obviously a lovely and giving person.... like others have written, please continue to share your wonderful self through the creation of your cards. Don't let those who don't deserve recognition be victors by causing you to stop doing what you love. Most sincerely, Donna Dailey from Albuquerque, New Mexico, proudly in the U.S.A. I'm so thankful for you and all who share :)

  16. Im sorry you had to do this on your blog Tina. I remember when you first started this and didnt have a clue and how we laughed, we have also cried together too.
    Your cards really do have something special and this is why I was so delighted when you got your DT position, and this is why this blog is so important to you, it was a CE stipulation that you had an active blog to be able to apply.
    And as like everyone before me has said, you do give lots of pleasure via your cards, so long may it continue. So lovely to talk the afternoon away with you today, not laughed so much in ages lol.
    Sending hugs (and lists lol)
    Steph xx

  17. Tina
    Please stay faithful to yourself and your craft. Your cards are aawesome and I have used them a diving board to and inspiration to make my own. Please keep it up.
    You are a wonderful person who loves to share what happens in your life and your craft.
    Annamieke from the land down under

  18. Oh TIna im so sorry that your lovely blog has also got bullies. They are scum please don't let the drive you to shut your blog down
    I for one love seeing your creations.
    Take care my friend Hug's Lynda xx

  19. Hi Tina,
    Thankfully I seem to have missed the bullying comments, please just delete them and ignore the stupid people.
    I've only been following you for a short time but just love your cards and your blog, its so lovely after you've left a comment to check back and find a reply from you.
    Please keep up your fantastic work and delete the nasty people out of your life.
    Tuesday is the best day of the week for me :)
    Hugs n stuff Angela (UK) xx

  20. Hi Tina, I am so very sorry Tina to hear about the bullying!
    It's people with nothing better to do and I think they are jealous and envy you.
    Please Tina don't let it upset you,your blog is great and I truly believe in your artistic ability.
    You are a lovely person,the only one to spend time to reply to our comments.
    Tina you have all our support to continue as your inspiration is invaluable and you are loved and admired!!!
    I for one am always looking out for Tina 's Tuesday's card!!
    I really feel for you Tina, you don't deserve this at all!!
    Big Hugs Tina ,
    Love Jane B. Xxxx

  21. Hello Tina dear,
    I'm still sending you hugs in case you need them.
    Maureen xxxx

  22. Hello Tina,
    Hope you are feeling a bit more settled and that the nasty taste in your mouth is lessening.
    Maureen xxx

  23. Hi Tina. I am so sorry that I have not commented for a while. Life has been a bit of a struggle. I have visited your blog today and I am so shocked to hear about the bullying that has been going on here. I just can't believe it. Please, please, please under any circumstances dont let these low life people win at their pathetic games. All they want to do is make you feel angry, sad and worried. They are trying to knock your self confidence and make you doubt yourself in your crafting abililties. But they could never do that because everyone who loves and follows your blog, already knows what amazingly stunning cards you make, every single week !! What the bully is saying is clearly an absolute load of rubbish !! Your cards are absolutely OUTSTANDING as far as I am concerned Tina. Just think, you have been chosen to be part of the Creative Expressions Design team, not once but twice !!!!!! What an amazing achievement !! And all because of how talented you really are !! I really hope you will just forget about this very sad and obviously very jealous person or persons and put it all behind you. You are such a lovely person to. I know I don't always leave a comment when I should, but every time I visit your blog I get an enormous boost of inspiration !! You are amazing Tina. Your Christmas cards are FABULOUS !! Thank you so much !! Maybe one day we might just see you on TV ? That is how talented I think you are. I will keep my fingers crossed. Sending you loads of love and gentle hugs to help you feel better love from Tres x x x

  24. Hello Tina,
    Keep your pecker up.
    Maureen xxx

  25. I am very new to your blog and am appalled that you have been subject to bullying please pay no heed to any of it. I think your cards are beautiful and very inspiratorial to me and I look forward to seeing many more of your gorgeous cards thank you so much for sharing xx