Tuesday, 29 September 2015

With Best Wishes

Good Tuesday morning everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend and the weather was good enough to do outdoor excursions.

Paul & I have a busy week ahead of us. My son is moving back home for a couple of weeks ( YES! ) I am so looking forward to spoiling him again. The solicitors couldn't get their act together in time for the exchange of contract for his new home and for his 1st step on the property ladder. Needless to say he is upset but I'm elated. Also my sister is moving into our caravan with her 3 cats while she looks for somewhere  to live nearer to us, so no more holidays in the caravan for us for a while, not that I've been away for 2 summers now because of my elderly cat Summer, but as you all know I'd rather have my Summer, than a holiday.

The move starts tomorrow they both have to be out by midday on Wednesday, they both want our help and a van and they both live an hours drive away from us but in totally different directions. So lots of driving, lots of humping ( lifting of boxes ) and lots of wine on Wednesday night, if not something stronger. YES again!

Steph I have to say here, I'm sorry I couldn't reply to you. I overshot your name and it wouldn't let me go back. I did this with T ( Wheelybad ) one time, and I got around the problem but I couldn't remember how. So sorry. So I'll say now, it was a fantastic comment and I'll be more careful next time. That is of course if you visit me again. How pretentious of me.

With this weeks card I did some grouting on Phil's paper instead of card. You have to work a bit faster so as not to drench the paper. At one time I tore the paper, but you won't find the tear I think Phil has made it a self healing paper pack, fantastic!!, and I know where the torn part is on the card but I can't see it. I had a few problems with my camera this week, so sorry if they are too dark or over exposed.

After the pictures of my next weeks card will be a tutorial with the peony dies, as Karenlotty asked if I have one. I don't but will have one for next Tuesday.

I wish you all a happy and healthy week.

Here goes!

Hope you like it!

Products Used:-

Phil Martins- Graceful Butterflies & dragonflies paper
Phil Martins- Sentimentally Yours- Butterfly Field Collection
Spellbinders- Grande Squares
Creative Expressions- Foundations card Coconut white & Vintage silver
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer- Embossing powder -Detail Silver Shine
Creative Expressions- Cosmic Shimmer- Sparkle Texture Paste
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches - Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Configurations- Charming Lace Trim
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- A bed of Roses
Tim Holtz- Distress ink- Weathered Wood & Spun Sugar for the flowers

First I did a mat & layer of black, vintage silver and blue paper from Phil Martins collection. I embossed that with the bed of roses folder, and then grouted it with the silver sparkle paste. I then made a smaller second layer in the same way. I cut 2 charming lace trims and glued to the edge before I attached sticky pads for dimension. I then cut a square using the grande Squares and also a little frame, before attaching the frame I stamped with the butterfly field stamp with clear medium and used silver embossing powder and heat set it. I attached the frame and cut out 4 charming lace trims and cut them just to keep the half circles to match the 2 on the edge of the smaller mat & layer. I cut a few tiny butterflies to add for a more 3D look. I made some roses hand coloured with distress inks.I placed them on the card with some leaves. Finally I cut 2 butterflies added pearls to compliment the roses and attached to the card, and that's it!

See you same time same place next week!! Thank you for looking in XX


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your tutorial but please don't stress over it If you don't have time etc please don't worry I hate putting people under pressure

    1. Hi Karenlotty

      I'll look forward to doing it, please don't feel I'm under pressure. This week is a one off, I hope!. I have been asked in the past to do tutorials and I like to make flowers for my cards so to take a little more skiving in my workroom over the weekend will be bliss, so thank you. Thank you too for a 3 gorgeous comment.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  2. Tina, what a beautiful stunning card, I love everything about it. Oh you are going to be busy. You will be in seventh heaven to begin with, but remember you have been use to the house just having you and Paul in it for a while now, and you will feel it having extra folk about. ( Been there and done that). I hope your sister doesn't have to long in finding a new home, so you get your caravan back. Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel

      Just finishes for today, so tired. would love to talk more. Thank you for your lovely comment and I am just going to enjoy Craig for as long as he is here.Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  3. Morning Tina, another beauty, how I wished I had your talent, such an amazing card. I will have to give this a try.

    I see you are going to be very busy, just take care that you have some rest time in between all that hard work.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June

      really pleased you like the card and really pleased you are going to give it a go. Rest will happen after Thursday, we hope!!.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  4. Hey, Dumbo, what do you mean "if I come back" ? You Muppet lol. Try stopping me !!!!! If I remember rightly, wasn't it me that caused you all the stress by suggesting a blog when I pushed you into contacting CE lol.
    Thank goodness you listened to this mad stranger on the end of the phone cuz this is the most beautiful card from rip to end - sorry love, I meant from start to finish ! You're right, you can't see it : )
    I'm off to buy these papers today, I will admit I've looked at this paper pad numerous time's but it looks nothing in the cellophane wrapping but you do magical thing's with Phill's papers and stamps so I HAVE to have both ! More money ! Oh, hang on, Andy just suggested I add it to my 'list' lol
    I was so frustrated yesterday as all the goodies I was looking to order were out of stock, probably a good job really as I bought a couple of Sue's dies from my little shop on Friday then paid a visit to another shop that also now stocks the dies, and found 2 that my shop had sold out of so adopted those too (came straight back and shredded both receipts ) !!! I spent far too much and more than I planned bang goes my £5 reward! !!
    I don't envy all the moving etc that's coming your way Tina, it sounds wonderful having your family around you again especially Craig, and what with baby on board, when Claire pays a visit I just know you will be so frantically happy having both children surrounding you, so after all the stress of moving 2 family members plus 3 most, it will be SO worth it : )
    I've done it again - verbal diarrhoea !! Oh well.
    So I'll send my love and hugs and wish you a great day.
    Steph xxx

    Can we pester you for more flower tutorials please as no matter which die you use you always always turn it into something out of this world xx

  5. Stupid predictive text !! Most was typed in as moggies 2 family members and 3 moggies.

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  8. Hello Tina,
    Just before your Product List, you say "Hope you like it". Like it???? It's Stupendous - Fantastic - Wonderful. and any other word that you can think of. I am looking forward to the Tutorial!!!
    Enjoy having the family around you again, and just remember when you get stressed, "I was looking forward to this" ha ha.
    Maureen xx

  9. Hi Tina, this truly is a special card, I love everything about it. Your flowers are stunning, I'm with Steph, could we have a tutorial PLEASE.
    Hope there is some Gin in that Strathmore water bottle by your card, you'll need it with all the driving.
    Enjoy being close to your family. Hugs Theresa xx

  10. Hi Tina

    Another stunning card, wow! I love that background, those papers really lend themselves to tnis technique, don't they? You've put those lovely configurations dies to good use, they are such lovely dies and super affordable too, the butterfly and that stamp were just made for each other. I love the idea of the flower tutorials, I have some flower dies (not Sue's sadly, I can't justify more flowers!)? You're going to be so busy but won't It be wonderful to have your family surrounding you? Just make sure you get a bit of help x

    Billy is fine, thank you and sends his love, he's been a good, helpful boy just lately. I have copied down your email address- thu it will be nice to have someone new to 'talk' / 'type' to! I must go as I keep tr ying to doze off!

    Will be in touch soon,


    T x

  11. Hi Tina,
    Hope it all goes well this week - don't forget, don't lift too much!!!
    I'm struggling to see the paper you used - is it patterned? I tell you my eyesight is getting worse!
    It's a lovely card, whatever you did, I thought I'd detected an embossing folder (bed of roses) too ??
    Waiting for the plumber, to repair a tap which over the past few days refused to give me more than a trickle of water but this morning (on the morning of the repair!!) the flow is much improved. Bloody fittings!!
    Have a good day - sunshine here today - yay..
    Hugs, Rose

  12. Hi Tina, A wonderful and stunning card ,love the background and the butterflies not to mention the gorgeous flowers!!
    Superb design again too.

    Sorry to hear about Graig having the same problems as our son Paul when buying a property!! But at least he can stay with you,and you can spoil him ,as mothers like to do!!
    You are going to be very busy Tina ,don't get stressed out please as I want to see you next week!!
    Hope BT gets Paul's phone sorted out as well.

    Take care Tina, big hugs Jane xx

  13. Hi Tina, what a beautiful card, love the colours and anything that has butterflies on just does it for me.
    Enjoy spoiling your son, it is hard when they move out, but they do come back and visit, though its not quite the same

  14. Gorgeous card-love all the layers & textures on it.


  15. Hello Tina, just so beautiful I will have to get so more of Phills papers as they are lovely.
    Hugs Clare xx

  16. Hi Tina so glad that you are happy, it shows in your blog, this is a stunning card my favourite colour is blue.xx

  17. Lovely card Tina the background is great an I always love your flowers. Enjoy your family while you have them there. Take care Melody xXx

  18. Hi Tina,
    Oh my giddy aunt! Another beautiful....nay STUNNING card!! I'm not a stamper but do have this stamp....just because it was a field of butterflies but today you have given me the impetus to have a go at it. Those flowers are just so wonderful and look like silk and I love the added stamens for even more reality. Oh and I need that embossing folder too. Tina I can't thank you enough for all the inspiration you give us and your wonderful art that you share with us.
    Enjoy having your son living back with you and hope your sister finds somewhere close by very soon. After such a busy week take time to chill out with a lovely glass of wine (or 2 or 3 or more)
    Take care lovely lady

    Big hugs Sheila xxxx

  19. Hi Tina, Love your card. Just wondering if you will get any time to make your cards or if there will be any room to play - maybe you can convert your sister to crafting ! Lots of talking though, lol. Mary - Durham

  20. a stunning card Tina.
    Enjoy having your son back for a little while.
    Enjoy your wine.. how do you find the time to make such wonderful cards xxx

  21. Hi Tina, love the card this week, can't wait for your tutorial. The grouting looks scrummy and sparkly.
    I hope the moving goes well, must say we've helped our Son with moving a few times, it never gets any easier. Enjoy your wine, I'm sure you'll have a few stories to tell us next week- lol.
    Angela(UK) xx

  22. Hi TIna,Oh if it was me I wish you had said hi at AP but I'm at a disadvantage as I don't know what you look like.
    But can understand why you didn't but I wouldn't call you a plonker TIna.hehe. Have fun with your son & spoil him.
    I would spoil mine too.Well still do when he visits.
    Your card as ever is stunning I have just got that Butterfly fields stamp it arrived this morning.i love your flowers & Butterflys so pretty.
    I love all the elements & your layout is perfect.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  23. Hi Tina, a gorgeous card I really love your style of cards always lots going on to check out. Have fun with your son after the hard work of helping him move in then out again hope he will closer this time.
    Nancyd xx