Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gardenia Tutorial

Hi everyone

Better late than never! So glad you persevere with me. I seem to have a lot of time on my hands one day, and I get stuck into a job and then the day is gone and before you know it, it is time to do the CE card again. Where is our time going. Anyway here is the promised tutorial. Do you want to see the classic rose next time or Heartfelt Enchanted Mum flower. Hark at me, I only purchased this last week, so must have a play first. If the Enchanted Mum turns out badly can I over rule the decision and do a Classic Rose?

Have a good week everyone!

Anyway here goes the Gardenia

 These are the items needed to make this flower. As you can see I have already cut the flowers.

Next stage, colour your flowers how ever you want.

One of the whole flowers, just snip a bit further down the flower.

Use your bull tool to break the edge of the fibres and to make them curl inwards

I then use the end of a paint brush to round the flowers petals outwards.

Next I use the same tool to just curl the corners to a point

Next, you need to turn the 5 petal die into a 4 petal, like I have done , and you are left with the 2 layers of the full petals, the newly made 4 petal and the open 4 petal now to be made into a bud

Now roll the four petal into a bud

Then place the bud into the 4 petal part of the flower, and cut the bottom off until flush

Then glue onto main flower.

 Here are 2 different flowers. One is using all 5 petals of the die and one is leaving a full petal die off, so that it is not so compact. The choice is yours.

Hope you understood, and enjoyed the tutorial. If not you know where I am!!


  1. Hi Tina, your flowers are always so lovely, your tutorial is great I really must have a go when the time is better. Take Care Melody xxx

  2. Hi Tina. WOW Two beautiful flowers. Thanks for another great tutorial. I love the way you do a step by step picture and explanation on your tutorials as i find it so easy to follow. I was having trouble making my flowers and i couldnt get them to sit properly. So i followed your tutorial a couple of weeks ago and hey presto with a few tries i think they are lovely now and my problem was so easy to put right i just had to cut its bottom off lol. Thanks again Tina.
    Best Wishes.
    Denise T

  3. Hi Tina
    Thank you so much for the Tutorial ,i understood it perfectly and will be having a try later today, it is amazing how different both your flowers look .
    I don't mind if we have a Heartfelt Mum or a classic Rose Tina , just looking forward to the next Flower Tutorial as i am hopeless with flowers.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi Tina, a great tutorial and two beautiful flowers ,wish I could make them now,another 4 months to go !
    Well for me you could do your gorgeous roses as the next tutorial?!? Please.?
    Have a niice weekend and looking forward to Tuesday's card again.This Internet cafe is closing now for the winter so have to find another one in the area.
    Big hug Tina xx Jane B.

  5. Hello Tina,
    These are fabulous, and the explanations are great, thank you. Now whatever you have time to do for the next tutorial is fine by me, as I'll enjoy what ever it is.
    Maureen xx

  6. Thank you Tina, another great tutorial. Really don't mind which one you do next, just so long as you keep them coming - lol.
    Thanks again Angela xx

  7. Hi TIna Thank you so much a really great tutorial they have defenteny got the WOW WOW factor GORGEOUS.
    HUG'S Lynda xxx

  8. Gorgeous flowers Tina you are an inspiration xx
    I would love you to do the rose one next as I do struggle with them xxx

  9. Hi Tina,
    Only just remembered that you were doing this tutorial....oh no wonder your flowers always so beautiful, this is a great tutorial and just perfect so I must get this die....I love the shape of the petals with the little point on the end. My lovely friend you will have me bankrupt before too long!! Haha! Will look out for it at the NEC. Thank you so much for doing these tutorials, I'm looking forward to the next one whatever it will be.

    Love and hugs Sheila xxx

  10. Hello Tina. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for putting the Gardinia flower die tutorial on your blog. I bought both of these dies large and small when I saw one of your beautiful cards made with the flowers on it. I think it was quite a long time ago. I had a little play with the dies when i first got them but I don't think I have even used them since as I just could not figure out how to make them look as beautiful as
    yours !!! This is a lovely tutorial and just the help I needed !!!! Thanks again Tina love from Tres x x x. PS I would be well interested in a tutorial of Sue Wilson's Classic Roses Dies. I do not have the other flower dies you have mentioned. Lots of love Tres x x x

  11. Hi Tina, thanks for the tutorial and like Tres I bought these dies when you used them before but they are not even out of package. I will give them ago now. Hugs Clare xx