Thursday, 29 September 2016

Hi Friends

Hello Friends

I hope you are still with me, I know it's been a long time since my last blog. I have had some really bad days since we last spoke.

 I think everything that has happened has finally caught up with me it's been really hard to deal with, and with my hospital visits still going on, even though they found no cancer they are now talking about a hysterectomy as I am still having side effects from the hysteroscopy it all seems too much. I have to go to hospital on Monday for a check up and talk about the results and the outcome, very nervous Hey ho, I will just have to deal with the results.

 Months ago I promised to reveal my design team card that had to have everything to to do with Summer. I made a card of a Summer's afternoon sat outside under a tree with one of my cats ( like you do, well that's my idea of summer ). How naive! I didn't realise  they wanted techniques, of which I didn't know any.I had only just started making cards and really had no idea of " techniques "

After very many helpful phone calls to Lancashire Steph and advice on different techniques she thought Creative Expressions might like, I eventually came up with the card that got me on the design team. I still wonder why Steph has not been snatched up to be on their design team. You were so patient with me Steph, X  I am also embarressed 

Anyway this was my interpretation of everything Summer.

After help from Lancashire Steph, I made this card. how different!

I thought I would share with you too. I have made some angels for Claire to sell at a SANDS fair to raise money for Sudden and Neonatal Death Syndrome. I made one angel, then Claire said could you make me at least 10 to sell. I did try to make them when we were away in our new caravan last week, but chilled out too much, sorry!. I started a card too but didn't take everything I needed to finish it, so that is to follow soon. Anyway in between time I hope you like my angel.

Sheila, Myra, & T I did receive your emails. I did reply but didn't hear anything back. Like I said in my reply outlook has changed and I don't know if I had replied and sent a message as it is all so different. I'm sorry if you didn't get a reply. I haven't forgotten you all.

There are so many messages I need to reply to, and as much as you think about me, I also think about you all and what you are all going through. Forgive me for not being able to reply to you, but I really do think about you all.

On Saturday I am doing an afternoon tea for Macmillan in memory of Anthea. We couldn't do the Friday coffee morning as Paul couldn't get the time off work, so we thought we would do an afternoon tea on the 1st of October so the hubbies could come too. I have been baking with vengeance, so I hope all goes well. I will take some photo's to share with you. Fingers crossed we raise some money for Macmillan as Anthea's mum can't praise them enough. She is hoping to come up with Jake on Saturday, but if not she is going to bring Jake up to see us in half term.

Well, that's all I have to share for now, but promise I will be in contact soon and hope I will finish the flowers for the card I started on holiday and will post soon. I realised how much I have missed making my flowers this past week.

Missed you all

Tina XX


  1. Morning Tina, oh it is so nice to hear from you again, sorry about the health problems you are still having, if it was me I would definitely go for the hysterectomy, there were a couple of ladies in the ward when I had my ovaries removed in April and believe me it is nothing like it used to be (in bed for 10 days etc. etc.), I won't deny that it is sore but the pain killers do help believe me and you will not have any horrible feelings like you do now. Hope all goes well on Monday.

    Your two cards are absolutely fantastic, Steph is a true friend to guide you in things, would love to see some of her work. I am not going to choose between the cards because they both deserve a 'star spot' and it shows why you were chosen to be on the CE design team.

    The angel is gorgeous, are you selling them, I would be interested in one for my granddaughter Amelia who also never saw the light of day.

    I know you will raise lots of money for Macmillan on Saturday, it will be a sad but also happy day and Anthea would have been so proud of you all.

    We are all here for you and send lots of hugs and support.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June

      So lovely to see you here again. I am a bit worried about my hospital appointment and what she is going to say, but talking to lots of ladies they say if you don't use it anymore lose it, but worried non the less. I hope you are back to full health now after your op in April.

      I'm glad you liked the cards, I can't believe how different they are but as Steph said I got there in the end.

      I would love to make an angel for your little angel Amelia. I will make it on Tuesday as this weekend is full on and then app on Monday. I love making them they are so relaxing. Here is my email address for you to send me your address and I will send it to asap.

      I hope we raise lots of money for Macmillan too, they so deserve every penny.

      Thank you for your hugs they have been most welcome.

      Talk soon June.

      Tina XX

    2. Whoops! email:-

    3. Hi June

      I visited Sue's blog today and saw that you are having a knee operation today. I hope all went well and your pain is under control. Thinking of you June

      Love Tina XX

  2. Hi Tina,
    So sorry to hear that you're still having a rotten time and hope that you're feeling a lot better really soon.
    Your design team card was lovely, such a good reminder of summer.
    I love your Angel, its so pretty - having no face sets it off a treat.
    Good luck with your coffee morning, such a thoughtful event to set up, I hope that all your efforts pay off with some big donations.
    I'm not sure if its because we're all getting older or the world is getting nastier but I've several friends who are/have going/gone through dreadful illness recently. But I'm glad to tell you that one of my friends has come out the other end and has been given the ALL CLEAR - such touching words to hear. My brother is on number 4 of 10 chemo sessions and is coping well - life generally is on the up an up at last.
    Tina I'm sure things will get better for you soon, you hang on in there and good luck for Monday, will be thinking of you.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs :)
    Angela x

    p.s. I'll email you over the weekend with a picture of my Harvey, sorry been meaning to send it for ages.

    1. Hi Angela

      I'm sure I'll be fine, I know I have a procedure tomorrow but will just have to deal with their decision.

      It's so sad to read that so many people you know are going through this bloody awful illness ( Language, sorry! ) I'm Really pleased your brother he is coping well with his chemo and hope he does as well on his next 6 sessions. I'll be thinking of you, and so glad life is on the up for you, that's good news, and that your friend has the all clear. We all need to here more news with this result.

      I can't wait to see pictures of Harvey, I look forward to them. Thank you for all your hugs X

      Tina XX

  3. Hi Tina. I always look to see if any posts from you. Lovely to have todays blog. Good luck on Monday
    I had a hysterectomy when I was 38 as I had problems (best thing I did) I have a friend who had one recently
    and she was only in a couple of days (dont keep you long now) Hope Claire is feeling better now ,
    Love Mavis L x

    1. Hi Mavis

      Thank you for looking out for me it means so much, glad you liked the info today.

      I will take your luck with me on Monday Thank you. My goodness 38 is a very young age to have a hysterectomy, lots of people have said it was the beast thing they have done. I'm just a bit of a coward for hospitals. This time I'm having to go on my own so hopefully I take all the info in. I have a tendency to glaze if I hear anything negative. So I'm going in thinking positive!

      Claire is amazing. In all her bad days, if someone contacts her through SANDS she will talk to them and they share their experiences and somehow through all their sadness it helps both of them. She's a most amazing daughter.

      Thank you Mavis X

      Tina XX

  4. Morning Tina, what a lovely surprise to see an email from you. I have wondered how you were getting on but did not want to bother you. Tina you have had such a terrible time this year and to be facing a Hysterectomy seems to be so cruel, I had one when I was 42 and it was the best thing , try and see a positive side to it - no monthly visitor - great.
    Tina your cards are beautiful, The first one is stunning, and I really love your Angel, and what it stands for. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly as I have really missed your inspirational blogs.
    Love and hugs to you and your family and hope that you are all starting to re-build your loves

    1. Hi Wendy

      You would never bother me, It's just lovely to see you back here again after a long break.

      I'm hoping I don't have to have a hysterectomy but if I do I will just have to face it head on. You are yet another one who had to have one at a young age. I can see the positives though.

      Really glad you liked my cards and my little angel. I will be back soon with my card I started on my hols.

      I will gladly pass on all your hugs to my family, I love cuddling them. X

      X Tina XX

    2. So Glad to hear that and that your raised a lot of money for such a worth while cause
      Hugs Wendyx

  5. Hi Tina
    So lovely to hear from you and such a gorgeous card and the Angel is so Beautiful i hope you do well and raise lots of money.
    I will also look on line to find Sands as they do such good work.

    I have really missed your blog so nice to hear from you and wishing you and your family well.
    love from jeanie

    1. Hi Jeanie

      I still find it amazing that people still visit my blog after such big gaps in communications, but I am just so happy you still visit me.

      So pleased you liked my cards and the little angel.

      We did raise a lot of money for the amount of people that turned up. Quite a few couldn't make it as I understand weekends is family time, but we all had a fab time together and ate lots of cake and I really don't want to see another scone & clotted cream for a long time.

      Thank you for your well wishes. X

      Tina XX

  6. Hello my sweetheart. I'm just me no matter what people have been told in the past, I'm just me but thank you for your kind words. Finding you had been one of the wonderful highlights in my life. Oh how I remember this card lol you got there eventually lol and how happy was I for you when you phoned. I'm sorry it's all hit at one time but I did say I was worried that through all your strength one day it would catch you up and you'd fall. You know I'm here for you.
    Good luck with the S.A.N.D.S day and if your cakes are as wonderful as your art work etc then WOW - feed me ☺
    You have been on my mind more than you'll ever know, especially when I received 2 missed calls in the early hours I didn't know what to do and as I also know just how useless you are with mobile phones lol and knowing you are still in your craft room at 3am !!! I thought it was either the wine, or half pint, or you'd 'head bobbed' fallen asleep and as your head crashed to the table it hit the dial button lol..... personally I think it's the useless with mobiles..... or the wine lol anyway techno phobe I have to dash out now but good luck for Monday, I'll be with you at your side you just won't see me xxxxx

    1. Hello Boss Friend

      I know you are just you but to me you are a friend with a big heart and I have needed your shoulder so many times and you answered all my calls that's why you are special.

      Steph, I will ring you about the phone calls. No alcohol involved promise ( HIC! ) No really non. No head bobbing and knocking the dial button. I blame it on Half Pint the dog.

      Final amount not in yet for the Macmillan cake afternoon, I will let you know. I was going to say I'll ring you, but if I do it will be a land line not bl--dy mobile, I know I'm a techno thicko, sorry!

      If you are with me Monday In spirit, stay at the head end. Loves Ya!

      Me XX

  7. I'm still here and have missed you, too. Love your cards and the sweet beautiful angel. My prayers go with you and your family.

    1. Hi SuzzieQ

      Thank you so much for being here for me. I can't tell you how much your thoughts & prayers have meant to me.

      So pleased you liked the cards & angel.X

      Tina XX

  8. Hello My Friend!
    I got your email in reply to mine !! Don't worry about things like that - I know from my perspective I just want to help if I can but be there in the background if I can't!! As I said in my email we have been away in Spain! Only got back this evening after a long day. All topped off with a traffic jam on the M6. I really hope you enjoyed your holiday and I think your angel is lovely. No wonder Claire wanted you to make more!
    The card too is lovely! How did you get on with the new butterfly dies? Did you resist temptation! I didn't! Weak - that's me!! Lol!
    Now Tina! What about Christmas cards? Are you yelling NO No No!!! I've made one - ha ha!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create this year - even if it is only one or two!
    Miss you! However will keep in touch .
    You have had so much to deal with in the last 12 months . Just take one day at a time! That's all we are promised!
    So pleased you have been making flowers again! Flowers R U.
    Maureen wanted me to bring a palm tree back from Spain but despite my best efforts it just wouldn't fit in the car - never mind airport security!! She says she may not speak to me again! My heart is heavy! Lol!
    Take care my dear,
    Love Myra xxx

    1. Hi My friend

      Thank you Myra, I'm not very good with computers or phones or anything techie. I hope you had a lovely time in Spain and it wasn't too hot, but what a lovely way to end a holiday with a traffic jam on the M6. I sympathise with you, many a time we've been in an endless jam on the M6 going to the Lake District. NIGHTMARE!

      We had a very restful break, well I did. Paul took his bike and I left mine at home to rust. I was determined to do crafting which I did a little. I made the foundations of a card but need to make some more flowers to finish it. I read a book watched dvd's, drank wine and had lots of cuddles with Half Pint and had walks along the beach which was about a 100Mtrs from the camp site. Half Pint met loads of new friends and ran around with them like a maniac, I really hope I don't come back as a dog as I like to hug the friends I meet!

      I have the butterfly die but haven't used it yet.

      I have thought of Christmas but as yet have not done anything about it. Well done you for making 1 Christmas card, it's a start.

      Gosh!. if I knew you were taking orders to bring back pressies from Spain, I would have asked for one of the donkey's that give little rides in the little villages with those little straw hats on, just imagine how you would have got that through customs. Don't worry Myra, I'm sure Maureen won't hold a grudge for too long about the palm tree, she only said may not talk. What lovely ladies I have on my blog.

      Thank you about the flower compliment too.X

      Talk soon Myra, Take care. X

      Tina XX

    2. Hello - me again!
      I did laugh about the donkey complete with hat!! Maureen and you are a pair - you just wanted me to make an ass of myself at check-in! Hee Haw!! Sorry! Xxx

    3. You made me really laugh, Thank you Myra XX

  9. Hi Tina

    I think I did get a reply (memory not great). I'm sorry your health problems are ongoing but if you're offered something to stop it then seriously consider it, letting stuff drag on is not good. There's only so many knocks a person can take isn't there? That's kinds why you've not heard from me. I've thought of you all every day and still look at the stars. How's lil' half pint? She's so cute. Bet she's been fantastic for all of you. Changes here to my routine have made blog visits anywhere harder and I'm not always feeling super happy, so being an old hermit I tend to keep myself to myself although I'd probably feel better for doing it. Mr left the college early August and is waiting to hear about a new job and I got my fingers crossed. As much as I love him I find it hard to craft or anything with him here. Different migraine meds as I was having them daily, back to cycles again now. I got ladies visiting Monday to Friday morning to help me wash and dress, it's took a lot of getting used to as I get so worn out. Coped better this week (week six) so there's a much needed silver cloud. Keeping myself just on that raggedy edge of not being swallowed up by having a choccy binge every 3-4 weeks. Chocolate... The best antidepressant there is!

    Found out today Billy has damaged his cruciate ligament and needs an op. Thank God he's insured. I'm gutted and it hurts to see him hurting. I don't want to leave him but I'll have to for the x-ray and op plus my hospital end of October where we'll be gone 24 hours so I'm trying to withdraw myself a little each day, into a different room. Was hating the thought of leaving him before but now it's worse. Alex will be here and he's about the best person in this situation. How I'm going to ensure a lurcher rests his leg after the op I don't know!

    Nearly forgot about the cards, I love both, it's nice to see your stamping and the yellow is so cheerful. I got the stuff for Daniels wedding to do, lucky I got 15 months notice! Little sweethearts gave me lots of notice as they know things take me time. This is why I need to get my butt in gear and clear my head so I can do this.

    Anyway, sure I'll get it together soon. Will need to put Billy first (instead of nearly first!) now and can't worry about myself. Lots of big hugs and wishing good things for you all, take care,

    T x

    1. Hi T

      My goodness you are having a tough time, I have nothing to complain about. My friend said to me today at least you are in the system and are being watched, so any changes they'll deal with it. so like Myra say's one day at a time.

      Thank you for thinking of us all and still looking at the stars, bless you T.

      I'll keep my fingers crossed that Mr T gets a job soon so you can enjoy your crafts again.

      Half Pint has been an absolute Godsend. She is definitely my dog. She is like a boil on my backside. When I sit at my chair in the workroom she is on my lap, if I lean forward to write on the computer she sneaks behind me and I end up sitting on the edge of my chair, and if I move she groans. Spoilt dog.

      I'm really pleased that you have now got some new pain killers that are giving you a little more respite from those bloody awful migraines, and that you are getting more help too.

      Now, poor Billy Boy. My goodness how are you going to keep your bouncing boy quiet after his op. Having seen the photo's of him laid out fighting you for space on your settee I don't think it will be too hard, bless him ( I hope ). Oh T I feel so much for you & Billy as I know how much you love that boy.X He'll be fine. XX

      You take care of yourself, you still need to think of yourself. Just make a little more space on your settee and Billy will be more than happy to be back with you.

      Lots & lots of hugs to you & Billy. Will you please let me know how Billy gets on after his op. Half Pint Sends little hugs, but lots of them, me too! Thinking of you.

      Talk soon T

      love Tina XX

  10. Dear Tina
    Nice to see you back again - but sorry you have these ongoing health problems, let's hope tomorrow goes well and you have some positive news.
    Hope the Macmillan tea went well - also really like your fluffy angel. Perfect for Claire's fundraising, guess she's so looking forward to seeing Jake and they can lift each other's spirits.
    Absolutely love your first card - my idea of Summer, too!! Cats are essential - all year through.
    Hope you don't mind - saw Wheely has just left a comment - Wheely, missed you on Sue's blog (and said so) wishing you better days and for Billy, too.

    'P' in Wales

    1. Hi P in Wales

      It's lovely to see you here again too.

      For the amount of people that turned up we did very well indeed, monies still coming in. People who couldn't make it or on holiday so final total not arrived at yet.

      glad you liked the first card and I agree whole wholeheartedly about the cats. Thank you.

      I really don't mind at all that you speak to Wheely here. I think that's lovely.

      Hope to see you again soon

      Tina XX

  11. Hi Tina
    Its good to see your post again.
    i'm so sorry to hear of your health worries my thoughts are with you.
    I hope the Macmillan cake sale went well.
    I was baking cakes with my daughter the week before for it, and they were all sold :)
    i love both the cards you have posted.
    hugs and best wishes to you xxx

    1. Hi Maria

      Glad to be back, although not as regular I would like.

      Macmillan was a lovely afternoon tea affair and we made lots of money and money is still arriving. I bought lots of cakes as well so everyone went home with a goodie bag too. I'm pleased you had a successful Macmillan day too.

      Glad you liked the cards, and thank you for the wishes & hugs.

      Talk soon

      Tina XX

  12. Hello Tina,
    What a wonderful surprise to hear from you. I've looked in your blog most days but blow it, missed you when you did post. It's called Sod's Law.
    My mother had a hysterectomy when she was 71 and that was in 1978!! She said it was the best thing ever and wished they'd done it years earlier. Then it was a major op, now my niece had it done when she was 41 and it was all over and done with and she was back home in 2 days!!! Times change.
    Forgot to say that your two cards are scrumptious and beautiful. You deserved to be on the DT. Also I hope that your Fund Raising Day was a huge success and the Angels are so beautiful.
    What sort of friend is Myra when he couldn't even be bothered to bring a Palm Tree back from Spain for me, making such a flimsy excuse as lack of space!!!
    Take care my dear, thoughts and prayers are still with you all.
    Maureen xxx

    1. Hi Maureen.

      Isn't that always the way, but lovely to see you again when ever you get here.

      My goodness, what an age for your mum to have a hysterectomy, and a young age for your niece to have one too.

      Glad you liked the cards, and what a lovely thing to say about the DT position, thank you Maureen.

      Well what can I say about Myra other than, if I knew orders could been taken I'd love to have seen her squeeze a real donkey through security for me. I wonder if the donkey doo's would have been good for the palm tree. Hey Ho! we'll never know. Sorry Myra.

      Thank you Maureen for your thoughts & prayers, they really do help.

      Talk soon. X

      Tina XX

  13. Hi Tina, Lovely to see you back in the fold again.Hope everything from now on is on the winning side.
    Beautiful cards. Keep your "pecker" up. Love from Mary - Durham

    1. Hi Mary

      Lovely to be back, although slowly. We all have good & bad day's. I'm always amazed at Claire's strength.

      I will definitely try and keep my "pecker" up. Thank you Mary

      Talk soon

      Tina XX

  14. Hi tina
    Smashing to see u back again. Now and again I
    Pop in to see if ur here and here u are.
    Sorry to hear ur still going through a tough time.
    I often think about u I really must call u again.
    I did call u and left a voice mail to thank u for the most beautiful card it looks amazing in real life. I show it to all my friends who visit I'll need to get my friend mark to frame it as it's a masterpiece in my book.

    I'm so glad u are back on the design team! Ur cards are just a delight. I hope Claire and her hubby are doing a little better now too.
    I should be going back to work soon that's me been off a year already it's been the worst 12 months but now it's time for me to move forward into the next 12 lol.
    Medication is now beginning to help thankfully xx
    Take care chicky xxx

    1. Hi Tracy

      Lovely to see you here again too. I hope you get to read this. Could I ask you to give me a quick call, then I will call you straight back as I've miss placed your number.Or text me your number, PLEASE.

      Sorry Tracy, I'm not on the design again. I threatened a while ago to put my interpretation of a summer card when I tried to join the CE DT.

      I can't believe you have been off work nearly a year. Are you looking forward to it? Glad your meds are working for you too.

      Hopefully I will talk on the phone soon if you send me your number.

      Take care

      Tina XX

      So glad you liked the card Tracy

  15. Hi Tina, I was so glad when I saw your blog I have missed it so much. Both of your cards are beautiful and I love your angel. I'm not getting too much sleep lately as my husband of 45 years has dementia but I'm hoping the new pills the doctor has just given him will help his nights.
    Anyway so glad you are back.
    Crafty hugs Clare xx

    1. Oh Clare, Thank you so much. What a lovely thing to say. I can't tell you how many times I sat at my computer to write a message. I've missed you all too.

      I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, how cruel is dementia. I really hope the new tablets work for yous husband, but more so for you. It's so hard to function without a good nights sleep.Sending you big hugs Clare.X

      I'm working my way back slowly. I'm just amazed how many ladies are still here for me.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  16. Oh very much Tina cards they are stunning. Love your Angels they will be treasured.
    Hope everything is ok with yourself remember positive thoughts. Xxx