Friday, 10 February 2017

Paul's Birthday card

Hi my Friends

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my boy's card and the bed sit room. It is bigger than it looks on line. Paul has said if we fall out he'd be more than happy to move in there. (Don't tempt me), only joking, we've got more work to do this side of the house now!

Here is Paul's B'day card as promised. I really didn't know what to do, so looked out some old stamps and some fairly new embossing folders and just played. I even put glitter on the card and when I'd finished I thought what are you thinking about It's a man card. I hope I toned it down enough, only time will tell. Lets hope he will be in touch with his feminine side, but I think he knows me very well that I like a bit of sparkle and I think we all need that in our lives.

I have my six month check with the hospital on Monday. I'm a bit worried as things are still not right. I thought the coil was meant to sort things out, but mine has been worse every day, no let up. I will be glad when Monday is done and dusted and a decision is made.

We have the cutest little kitten that has decided to come around at stupid time of the day and night. He is so handsome. I take it he's a boy as for the first few day it came around with a sparkly pink collar, then a week later it came around with a sparkly black collar. We know he belongs to some one but it was out in the most coldest nights we have had. My sister is just as soft with animals as I am and because the kitten slept under the caravan. She opened the caravan door to turn the outside light off only to knock the kitty off the door step. She took it in and fed him, she didn't have the heart to put him out as it was so cold our fish pond had frozen over. He domes back everyday 4 times a day for food either from me or Chick. I know this kitty has a collar so he belongs to some one, and I don't encourage it to come around but it's very hard to turn him away when he is crying at your door. I know I wouldn't like it if some one did that to my kitty, but U wouldn't let my kitty out in such horrendous weather. Hey Ho, I'm sure it will all turn out right.

I have been working on Claire's card today for next Thursday, so no pressure. Then finally my sister's card 2 day's later. I have to say I have really enjoyed card making again and I really hope it carries on after the February's B'days.

Right Here Goes!!

OMG, what button have I pressed for the text to turn out like this, Hey Ho! I hope you like Paul's card.

Hope to see you all her for Claire's card. Thank you all again for still being here for us/me it really does mean so much.

Love & big hugs

Tina XX

Photo and info for you Mavis, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


  1. Gosh, there's a coincidence!

    Hi Tina,

    I've not had a notification yet for this post, I just remembered I'd not commented on the last post you did. The last 3 weeks have whizzed by. Nephew's 18th, my F***tieth (a lovely extended celebration of visitors and a visit out where I got totally spoilt) lots of hospital and lots of preparing for and recovering from the lot of it. Lots to get my head round but I'm desperate to improve things for myself so here goes! No date yet for first infusion but here's hoping it's soon ;) no job for Mr yet but he's getting odd days with a friend. Still hasn't signed on, is going to job agency next week instead to find temp stuff until he's successful getting a job he'd be happy doing until he retires (in an ideal world).

    The card is lovely. Sure Claire's will be too. You make such beautiful cards. I showed my new friend J who is a crafter (she's been on a crafty break but we're going to push each other to start regular again and I brought some bits to get us started making cards for our local hospice) and she loved your cards too. Lots of wows and wishing we could do the same. I will turn her into a die cutter/ stamper in due course!

    Billy sends fluffy cuddles. He's allowed to run in the garden now. No hard running til April, he's got to build up muscle, fitness and stamina. The damp, cold weather makes him sore if he runs to much in it so he's my number one cuddle til it warms up.

    Soon as I got over this weeks medical appointments I'll email, got a lot to tell you. Sending love and big hugs to all the family and please can I say hi and send big hugs to my Wilsonette friends who read this blog. Hoping a visit will be possible soon but by the time I get quiet time or just time where I'm not doing essential life stuff I'm knackered. I miss everyone lots.

    That's my spoons gone, a little rest now before Billy's bedtime business. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend,

    T x

    1. Hi T

      Firstly Happy F--tieth Birthday. I'm glad you were spoilt too, but not so good are all the hospital visits, and no job for Mr yet.

      Your new friend J sounds exactly what you need to get back into crafting, making all these cards is what I needed and I didn't realise how much I had missed it, one draw back though! having to share my chair with Half Pint.She will wait until I sit down then she'll jump on my lap then walk round until she in the hammock between me and the chair. When I then have to swivel the chair or get up to use the Gemini she drops down on to the seat so when I come back I have the smallest piece of chair to sit on. Paul keeps saying to get her off or put her on her chair that she has in my workroom, but it so difficult looking a that cute little face, besides she just loves being with me and on these cold days she has become a lovely hot water bottle for my back.

      I will email you tomorrow or Monday when I get back from the hospital to see how you are.

      Half Pint sends you and Billy little cuddles but lots of them, and I send you & Bily lots of big hugs.


      Tina XX

    2. Hi Tina. Glad you are all ok and hopefully things will be a little better soon. Beautiful card . can you tell me what the embossing folder was it is really striking,
      Mavis L x

    3. Hi Mavis

      Thank you Mavis, I'm sure given time things will get sorted and will be on the road to recovery.

      Glad you like the card too. I have just sat and put all my embossing folder sets together, all I can tell you is it's a Tattered Lace strip embossing folder. I think I bought them from C&C a while ago. I've added a photo if that helps you locate one.


      Tina XX

  2. A lovely card. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hi Littlelamb

    Thank you, and you are more than welcome.

    Tina XX

  4. Hi Tina, what a lovely card for Paul's birthday, and I am sure that he likes it , as nobody makes card that beautiful as you can Tina! Hope to see Claire's card too on here as I am sure it's going to be a beauty as well!
    Enjoy this day and have a great weekend.
    Hugs for Paul on his special day , and for you Tina I keep my fingers crossed for Monday.
    Take care hugs Jane B.xx

    1. Hi Jane

      He did like it thank you, and Paul is stood by me and has asked me to say a big THANK YOU too.

      Claire & Craig are coming over for a Chinese later, Toby won't be coming as he has gone to London to meet a friend and won't be home until tomorrow so I am trying to get Claire to stay over night, but she'll only worry about her cat (Figaro), she's welcome too, the more animals the merrier!.

      I want to keep everything crossed, but that will make it very difficult for my scans!

      I'll call you soon, hard luck!

      Lots of love & hugs for you & Henks

      Tina XX

  5. What a handsome card for Paul. I am sure he will not mind a bit of glitter. The glitter will remind him of your joyous spirit. Looking forward to Claire's birthday card. Prayers go with you as you prepare for your next doctor visit on Monday. Continued prayers also for better health for you. I am so glad you are enjoying making cards again and hope your card making continues. I think you for sharing your ideas. Your ideas inspire me. Take care my friend and know others care.

    1. hi did like the card and really didn't mind the glitter. He always say's that if anyone sits down for too long in my presence will go home with a bit of glitter somewhere.

      Thank you for your prayers for Monday, I am worried what the outcome will be. I just want it sorted, this has been going on for 18 months now.

      Also thank you for the lovely comment about my cards it's all very encouraging.

      You Take care too SuzzieQ

      Tina XX

  6. Hi Tina
    So lovely to see your cards again and love the room you have been doing .

    A very Happy Birthday to your Hubby we have so many February birthdays too mine last week and grown up Granddaughter this and some more next week.

    Give my love to claire and family xxx jeanie

    1. Hi Jeanie

      So glad you like the cards so far and that you like the room for my sister, Thank you.

      I've passed on your birthday wishes, and he say's thank you very much. Do you make your families cards, if so good luck as it sounds like you are going to be very busy too.

      I will pass you love on to Claire & the family as they are coming over today to celebrate their dad's b'day.

      Sending love & hugs

      Tina XX

  7. Hi tina.

    Oh I do love that card it's georgeous!! Paul will love it I'm sure as u said we all need a little sparkle in life.
    Hope things are well as they can be. Good luck at the hospital hope they can sort u out.
    I was offered the coil last week I'm like eh no thanks. So she gave me two types of acid pills to stop the bleeding it worked wonders.
    So much for my monthlies not returning like I was told last year. They came back with a vengeance lol 3 weeks I suffered then I'd had enough lol. Wasn't chuffed one bit!! Lol.
    Anyways have more to tell u but I'll give u a call next week as I'm on hols and I'll fill u in then.

    1. Hi Tracy

      Just snuck into my workroom with my little hot water bottle in tow, she was in my chair before I could turn round to sit down so I am balancing on the size of a thong for a seat and with my big butt it's really uncomfortable.

      Really sorry you have had lady problems too. I hope I didn't put you off of the coil, it just isn't working for me, I don't know if they might take it out on Monday or if I need a hysterectomy take it out then. Really pleased the tablets they gave you worked though, when you said acid I thought that's a bit barbaric.

      Glad you liked Paul's card, he did like it even the sparkle. When I tell Paul I'm his bit of sparkle in his life, the look on his face doesn't coincide with the comment just made. Silly old fool!!

      I look forward to hearing from you and hearing all your news. Take care my friend.

      Love Tina XX

  8. Hello Tina, lovely to see you!! I can't believe you popped in when I wasn't looking and posted two cards. First of all Craig's card is great. Secondly, I'll move into the "Sister Pad" when Chicky moves out. Paul's made a wonderful job of the alterations and you holding the tape measure must have been a great help to him!!
    I'm not surprised that Paul was happy with his card, and a little bit of sparkle never comes amiss!
    Good luck at the Hospital on Monday, I hope you get good results and they are able to "fix" your problem.
    First anniversaries are always difficult and I hope that you are all now in a slightly better place. I send my love to you all and hope that Claire and Toby will get through this next stage without too much pain.
    love Maureen xxx

  9. Hi Maureen

    Lovely to see you too. I know I snuck a few crafty's in when you weren't looking, sorry!.

    Really glad you liked my man cards, I find them a real struggle, but now on to the girlie cards, YAY!!

    I'll give my sister one month's notice as soon as she moves in, can you wait that long. I think holding the tape measure for Paul was the hardest job of all and felt I did it with great strength and patience, even though I wanted to wobble the ladder sometimes, but hey, someone had to do it!

    Thank you for your thoughts for Monday, I will be pleased when it's all done & dusted.
    Claire & Toby want to spend Evelyn's birthday on their own and would like all grandparents and uncle Craig over for the afternoon on the 4th.It's just so lovely that you are all here for us,that speaks volumes. Thank you Maureen.

    Love & Hugs

    Tina XX

  10. Hello Tina,
    I love your card for Paul and I'm glad he loved it too! I really like how you used the ribbon. As I said I made my son's card using a Shadow Box Die but after that I went a bit off piste!! I discovered my Xcut letters Dies just fit in the little square holes! There are three so just right for SON! He had some sports equipment but as he is a keen gardener I added a pair of MDF wellies which I coloured green and then used Glossy accents! He can add his own mud!! He is good at that!
    Don't tell anyone I said this but I'd be very careful about offering Maureen accommodation! She is such a chatterbox you will get nothing done!! Lol! I love her really!
    I hope all goes well on Monday and I'm sorry you are having this added concern! You certainly didn't need it . You have had more than enough!
    Had a craft room clear out over the last couple of days! Who put all that stuff in there! I even found a pack of pens for peel off stickers!!! How old must they be! ?
    Don't we have interesting lives sometimes! Ha ha!
    It's always good to hear from you and I know Claire's card will be gorgeous! Thinking of you on Monday!
    Take care my friend,
    PS! Lovely to hear from Wheely!
    Love Myra xxx

    1. Hi Myra

      He loved the card thank you but he enjoyed the Chinese more, so did Claire & Craig and doggy bags were packed up to take with them. Craig also found some other goodies so he went home a very happy chappy. We don't know how we are going to live for the rest of the month, but as long as he's happy.

      Your son's card sounds amazing and a lot of work too. What is it with boy's and mod though!.

      Thank you for the low down on Maureen, your secret is safe with me I won't tell a soul, although I will share with you if she does move in I have a very big stock of ear plugs and if that doesn't work I have gags. What do you think? (sorry Maureen, please come back), I was only joking, anyway Myra stated it!....... Oh my goodness I hope you both share my sense of humor or I'm in deep do doo.

      I'm sure I'll be fine on Monday it's just the hanging around for them to make a decision. Just time.

      My goodness Myra, pens for peel off stickers I think the antique road show would be interested in those. You could be sitting on a gold mine. I am scared to touch some of my stuff in my work room because if I move it the dust and cobwebs create another problem that I would have to deal with CLEANING!!.

      It really was lovely hearing from Wheely today.

      Well it's now 1.35am, not tired, so will sit back if Half Pint will allow and watch a recording of the Walton's, love that program. I probably lip sync I've watched them so much. Anyway I won't bore you anymore and bid you a good night, sweet dreams, and remember my lips are sealed!

      Love & Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. Myra, why don't I proof read my babble. It should have been mud not mod, Myra started it not stated it (sorry Myra) and finally I probably could lip sync. please put it down to the sherry's drunk for Paul's birthday. There you go, it's all Paul's fault.

      Night night. X

    3. I was thinking of duck tape, myself!!!
      It's ok we are both a bit mad! Xxx

    4. Thanks for the tip Myra I'll get some in. Love it, mad people welcomed with open arms!! XX

  11. Hi Tina, It's lovely to see you are back again. My son has been using my computer all this week so it was a lovely surprise to hear from you again(I got in first this morning).I love your card for Paul - I always stick with men's cards. I never know what to do so I'm afraid I go out and buy one!! I feel so ashamed admitting it. After seeing the ribbon on your card I will remember using the right ribbon in the right colour can make a great men's card and like you I have old stamps I don't use.Thank you very much Tina for the great idea-it has opened new doors for me. I love to hear your stories about your family it makes me feel I have a crafting friend who lives next door to me.I was looking for my coloured pencils yesterday and I found lots of things I didn't know I had lost. Do we all do this ? Love from Mary - Durham

    1. Hi Mary

      I apologize. I don't know how I missed your message, I don't have an excuse of my son using my computer, please forgive my oversight.

      I agree with you on man cards. I can tell you I got near to going to the village shop and buying one. I did actually buy man cards for other relatives this year. I have to say I didn't feel guilty. Glad you liked Paul's card, and since doing Paul's card I have found some more stamps I had forgotten about, so you're right when we all go ferking around in all the dark corners we haven't touched for a while it's a bit like Christmas. Sorry to use the C word so early in the year !!

      Mary that is a lovely thing to say about my family and having a crafty friend next door, we are all only a message away.

      Talk to you soon Mary, Take Care


      Tina XX

  12. Oh Tina what a fantastic card I am Sue Paul will love it and I am doing pleased that you are enjoying making your cards again. you are a good and kind person and animals can sense that so that probably why kitty visits you so frequently.
    Really looking forward to seeing some more of your beautiful cards.
    Hugs Wendyx

    1. Hi Wendy

      Thank you Wendy, glad you like Paul's card and he did too.

      I would take in any waif & stray animal it's Paul that has to reign me in. Claire's MIL does volunteer work at the Blue Cross and has told me in a very strong way that I mustn't volunteer as it would be empty in just a few days. When I went to Half Pint at the blue cross, everyday for 2 wks I kept my eye on two little Jack Russel's they had been abandoned also four cats. I tried my hardest to persuade him to let me have a least 2 more cats as Well as Half Pint, but he said a big fat NO!!

      Claire's card will go live on Thursday afternoon just in case she looks in in the morning.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX