Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Thank you

Hi to all the lovely people that have left messages, and to all people that have just popped in to have a look at my work.

The family now have dad's ashes back, and we now need to get together as a family to lay dad to rest next to mum at the farm. There is a beautiful garden and a beautiful tree that was planted when mum passed, and dad will be put right next to mum. I know it will be another emotional day, but having been 20 yrs separated they will now be back together again where they belong.

Thankyou you so much for your support, and although we don't know each other on a personal basis, I have really appreciated your comfort, thoughts, prayers and hugs.X

After dad's funeral, we decided to go up to Yorkshire to spend a week with friends. That was on Friday 6th June. On Saturday 7th June, we had a phone call from our son saying one of our cats were poorly. Because of having a few sherries that night with our friends, we could'nt leave that night. We left early Sunday morning. Summer the poorly cat of 17yrs is OK thank goodness. We all think it was her way of saying it's all about me and you get a holiday when I say. ( and I am totally OK with that ), I'm just so glad she is still with us , she had burst a vessel in her bottom after having an upset tummy and there were a few pools of blood which freaked our son, and knowing how I feel about my furry family, he would'nt take the chance of not letting me know. Any way I am back home and I am looking forward to getting back to crafting, I have really missed getting totally lost in my craftroom.

I can only say thank you all again, and I look forward making cards on a regular basis. See you all soon.

Kind regards to you all :-)

Tina XX  


  1. Tina, you just take your time we will be here for you. You need to just take a step at a time, seeing to putting your dad ashes beside your mum is another huge step. Glad your cat is better, I love cats we have had two in the past but feel we are both over 60 and cats can live over 20 so we didn't want to have another one as it is not fair on the cat. Daughters both have cats so I cat sit often. Have to say I get my heart string pulled when away in Turkey on holiday with all the poor strays. Hazel xx

  2. Oh Tina, you have been having a hard time, emotionally. Non pet owners don't realise how important our animals are to our well being.( Plus they know how to push the right buttons with us)
    Deal with everything a day at a time, you will go through a roller coaster of feelings, just when you think you are fine, it hits you again, so don't worry, this is how it goes. Real grief is not a short spell, but it does get easier to handle. Crafting does help, focus on something pretty and creative.
    Look forward to seeing your lovely cards again.
    Take care
    Janice W

  3. Tina, I am glad things are progressing.
    Take your time, we will be here for you.
    Glad your cat is fine, animals are such a big part of any family.

    Patricia xx

  4. Hi lovely ladies

    I just had to share with you that we went to the Blue Cross today, and we have rescued 2 adorable little kittens. They are 8 wks old. we can't bring them home until they have had their 1st jab at 9 wks. We only went for 1, but they were sooo cute and we think the little boy has problems with his his eyes. When we were playing with him he would chase a ball because he could hear the sound of the ball on the floor, but could'nt really focus on the trailing toys, so needless to say I could not separate him from his sister. We will now be the proud owner of 2 more fluffy members to the family. I know I am a big softy when it comes to my pets, but I wants Summer to see them and give her approval. She has seen every single cat/kitten we have had just before her and after and she has such a beautiful nature she just accepts every cat/kitten, Stray we have taken on board and dog, she loved Berkeley. I know she will love them as she mother's everything we bring home.

    Just wanted to share a bit of happiness with you all. We are going to call them Bubble and Squeak, we did think of Slap & Tickle, but Paul thought that would sound a bit dodgy when calling them in. Dad would have said, not more cats, what are you like, Hey Ho he knows what I am like.

    I will try and put a couple of picture on the blog later tonight.

    Lots of love Tina XX

  5. Tina Bubble and Squeek are so cute and gorgeous, we had a Squeek too who was a stray that was dumped at the beach near where we use to live, we had him for nearly 10 years before he was hit by a car, I still miss him,daughter elderly cat is a Squeek too. I understand why you are getting Summers opinion. Look forward to seeing more pic of them. Hazel xx

  6. Hello Tina, so pleased to hear that you are getting things, it's an emotional rollacoaster just now for you, and you will have another emotional day when you put your dad's ashes with your mum. One day at a time is good advice, and remember there is no blueprint on grief, I hope you are feeling comforted though.

    I love the little kittens, they are so sweet, you will have loads of fun wit them when you get them home. I miss my cat still and it will be 3 years since he left us. Pleased to hear your cat is OK, take care of yourself, hugs Kate x

  7. Hi Tina
    Sorry I'm a bit behind, been doing extra hours this week. Glad you're OK but just take things at your own pace.
    I haven't been able to bring myself to get another puddy tat since my beautiful Sam died nearly 8 years ago.Mr D did suggest getting two and calling them Benson and Hedges!
    Two kittens in the house will certainly take your mind off sad events.
    Take care.
    Ang x