Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Little cuties

I'm sorry I did'nt post the pictures yesterday as I said I would, I could'nt seem to get them to load on the computer.

In the first picture Squeak (Black) is suckling on Bubbles paw.

Yet another day no housework being done. Hey Ho.


  1. Who would do housework with these cuties around. Did you see the programme last night with the tiger cubs in the zoo keepres home? At least you won't have that level of destruction as they play, but they are gorgeous.
    Cheers, and enjoy
    Janice W

  2. Tina these two babies are so cute. I can see why no housework is being done they are a distraction, but a lovely distraction. Hazel xx

  3. Oh these little darlings are so lovely Tina you enjoy every minute with them and as for housework well there is always another day why worry! After all you have been through recently you really do deserve some fun, so you go right ahead and do just that, happy days ahead with these two lucky little kitties they have fallen on their feet coming to make their home with you.
    Have fun
    With love
    Margaret xx

  4. Good evening Tina, a couple of little cuties there.
    The housework will wait till you decide tackle it ....... tomorrow is another day
    Have fun

    Patricia x

  5. Good morning Tina, thank you for your lovely comment about Gillian's pendants, if you e-mail me on with your address details and which colour would be preferred plus if it was to be made with beads or the funky flowers. Hazel xxx
    P.S they are not expensive and with P&P are £16

  6. Hi Tina. Hope these cuties give you the lift and happiness you now need in your life. Hope they dont distract you from your wonderful creations though. I wonder how long it will be before we see pictures of the kittens guilded or glittered LOL.
    Have fun.
    Steph xx

  7. Luv cats and this pair are soooo cute - not surprised the housework has been left - kittens are so entertaining anyway and you have double the entertainment xx GailT xx

  8. Hi again
    Couldn't you just hug em to bits. Soooooooo darn cute! I'm sure the little darlings will create more than enough extra housework for another day. Enjoy them whilst they're iddy biddy.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  9. Hi Ang

    You're not joking about more house work. They started off in the little hall to the bedrooms, where we had made them a gym of kitty heaven, then Paul said, let them run around in our bedroom. When I make my bed I like it to look a bit like a chic hotel, when I came home from my daughter's bar-b-q today it looked like a students residents. All the pillows that were on the bed were crushed clawed or on the floor. I'm sure they got the next doors cat in, because I'm sure they could'nt have done so much damage on their own. Yeh right.
    Still love em though.

  10. Hi Tina, stuff the housework, these little darlings are more important, you'll have great fun with them and they'll give your spirit a boost, hugs Kate x

  11. Thank you everyone for your much needed approval not to do housework and just concentrate on my 2 little fluff balls. I now live in a dusty fun packed heaven, and to boot they don't like the hoover, so I love them even more.

    I have been trying to make a card the last three days, but when you see 2 little heads just about peeking over the pane of glass of the lounge door, it would be cruel not to play. hoping to tear myself away tomorrow. My little ray of sunshine Summer is still with us, but I am having to feed her now twice a day with syringe. She is really enjoying the evenings with us in the garden wrapped in a little blanket and being rocked like a baby. Thank you all again for returning so many times to my blog.

    Love Tina XX