Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

My Goodness, what a week! I worked so hard to get my niece's wedding invitations ready by mid January, as asked for. Paul delivered them to Georgie & Hartley, and they were delighted with them. Phew!! I got the most wonderful phone call, and she sent Paul home with a beautiful  pure white orchid and a bottle of my favourite tipple, ( Courvoisier ).

The next evening I got a phone call to say " auntie T, you were given the wrong post code on the RSVP's . So another early am printing and die cutting the revised RSVP's. All day Monday I was exhausted, but I had to make my card for CE for next week, which I only emailed it to them about an hour ago around 8pm ish

I'm not complaining in any way shape or form, as I'm really looking forward to it, but now I am arranging a baby shower here at home with Anthea, her friend that went through that awful chemo last year.

Anthea is so excited about doing this for Claire. She has given me a list of things that she wants to happen and goodie bags & games, and she is coming down with her son Jake ( our adopted grand son ) and her mum on the Friday and staying over till Sunday, so not to give the surprise away. So Anthea and I will set off for the wholesalers for the food in the afternoon and we will decorate the house that evening. I have already cut out little pink prams and the words baby girl as a bunting to go over the patio doors in the kitchen, and I've bought voile and got some white wire strung fairy lights to make a drape over the double doors into the lounge. Anthea is so enthusiastic you can't help but be swept along with her. Oh crumbs!, I should have ordered a cylinder of helium. Must right a post it note, or we will have the droopiest baby balloons ever. With all that Anthea has been through she is so protective of Claire and wants her to have a very memorable day. She said it's just another memory day that we all get to share together, and we love her for that.

Claire knows she is having a baby shower, but doesn't know when or where, so I hope we do her proud. At the moment it's for 22 people. I think it is going to be a really fun day, can't wait!

I have to thank you all for your dieting tips last week, and I dare say in a week or two I will have gained another 2 stone. Mary I like your style, anymore tips like that and you'll be a friend for life X

Here goes!

Hope you like it!

Hope you like it .

Products Used:-

Creative Expressions- Foundation Card- Wisteria, black & coconut White
Creative Expressions- Stamp- Fanciful Phrases
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sprinkles
Creative Expressions- Pearls
Creative Expressions- Embossing Powder- Detail Gold Shine
Couture Creations- Strawberry Leaf
Spellbinders- Cinch & Go Flowers
Sue Wilson- Noble Dies- Double Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson- Canadian Collection- Border Corner & Tag
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Dainty Rectangular Frame
Sue Wilson- Festive Collection- Pine Bough
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Magical Butterflies
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Classic Rose



  1. Hi Tina,
    I'm back at last, so sorry I've been AWOL but I know you understand. What an absolutely stunning card to come back to....it's just so elegant and exquisite!! I always love your flowers and those adorable butterflies.
    Oh what a hectic week it's been for you having to do the RSVPs all over again. I hope all goes well with the baby shower for Claire, how exciting it must be for you all and it makes the forthcoming arrival of your granddaughter feel even closer. How lovely it is to hear about Anthea after all she went through last year....here's to a very happy year ahead for you all.
    Well as you can see by the time this was posted ...it's rather late so I must get myself off to bed as I'm going out later on today with my dear friend who always lifts my spirits.
    Take care Tina and I can't wait to hear all about the baby shower next week...have a lovely time and I hope you manage to get a bit of rest before the shower so you can enjoy it too.

    Love and hugs Sheila xxx

    1. Hi Sheila

      Welcome back Sheila, I have missed you, and thank you for your email the other day. I have made a note of your Pinterest address in my important book now so I won't have to ask you again. I had a quick look and your work, and it is absolutely stunning. Now I have finished the invites I'm hoping to have a lot more time to visit other blogs and especially your Pinterest site, and I have to say that I am so flattered that you have made me a separate board, Thank you Sheila X.

      I spoke to Georgie this evening and she was writing the names in her invites as we spoke, with new RSVP's in place.

      The baby shower will happen in a couple of weeks 6th Feb , and I will put some photo's on my blog. Anthea has been a real trooper over Claire's baby shower. She phoned me yesterday to say that some decorations are going to arrive at my home soon. Today a massive box arrived with beautiful baby decorations and a helium canister to blow the balloons up, totally overwhelming!. At least I have a few weeks break before the big party.

      I know you have two really difficult date to deal with, but please. You have my email if you need to chat Sheila. I hope you had a good nights sleep after such a late message here. X

      Big Gentle Hugs Sheila

      Tina XX

  2. Beautiful card as always! You are such busy lady, I don't know how you keep up. I hope you post a photo of the invitations. I am dying to see what they look like! I bet they are gorgeous. Love your work!

    1. Hi Connie

      Thank you. I haven't forgotten you, and now that the invites are out of the way I will be able to spend more time on the info you sent, or though I don't know why you need me your cards are wonderful.

      I will post some pictures of the invites soon, but I thought Georgie needed to give the OK that she was pleased with them first. So when I get my invite written by her I will then post it here.

      I'll be in touch tomorrow ( Wednesday ) talk then.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  3. Hi Tina. Where to start you have had such a busy week i wonder where you find the time to sleep lol. Sorry to hear you had to do the RSVPs again but it would be lovely to see a photo of the invitations as i bet they are beautiful. Then you are busy trying to sort things out for Clares baby showers, i think everyone is getting a little excited for the up coming arrival of your granddaughter. Its going to be a lovely couple of months for you Clare and the rest of your family. Your card this week is beautiful. Your flowers and butterflies are always stunning. Just wish i had half of your creativity, talent and imagination. Take care Tina and have a lovely week.
    Best Wishes.
    Denise T x

    1. Hi Denise

      Didn't get too much sleep last week, but will catch up soon. I will post some photo's of the invites soon. They won't be to everyone's taste, as a lot of people don't do rustic, but I know she loved Claire's rustic invites and wanted to go down the same line. She is has even booked the same photographer as Claire, so she must really have enjoyed Claire's day. That's really flattering.

      I think we/I am really excited about our new long awaited delivery in 7wks. I don't know if it's going to be delivered by UPS or Royal Femail, we just can't wait!

      Thank you for your lovely message Denise, you have a good week too!

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  4. Eeeeks Tina ,you have so much energy ,think i would meet meself coming back ?
    But hey such exciting times to look forward to .
    Beautiful card Tina i love it all the flowers and butterflies are just perfect in every way .
    Take care .
    Elaine H X

    1. Hi Elaine

      I think I did bump into myself a couple of times, but Hey Ho! all one and bride to be is over the moon, what more can you ask for!.

      Thank you Elaine, what a lovely thing to say about my card.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  5. Morning Tina, Oh wow what a week you have had, you must have steam coming out of your ears the way you have been running around not only the invitations but getting the baby shower arrangements going, I know it is going to be brilliant and a wonderful memory to store away, lots of pictures to show baby when she grows up.

    Now to the card, well what can I say but simply gorgeous, I so enjoy Tuesdays looking forward to your creations, I love the background die but your flowers are the main thing that stand out for me, absolutely perfect.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June

      I've taken so many photo's of Claire's bump over the weeks and will take lots of photo's of the Baby shower to make a memory book for Claire to remember her pregnancy & not just the pain she was in, bless her!

      Really pleased you liked the card this week too June. That's a lovely message to leave about Tuesday's Thank you X

      Take Care June

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  6. Hi Tina

    Oooooooh! Pretty! I had to have a really good look at it, sometimes you see a card and spot the dies used easy as... this time I spent a good few minutes trying to work out how the background was achieved... its absolutely gorgeous! Once I sussed it I was very,very impressed as I'd have never guessed on first glance, you clever stick, you!

    How unlucky to be thwarted by an incorrect post code! Still, it's job done now and I bet they're stunning.

    The baby shower sounds so exciting for all concerned, especially for Anthea. A lot of work but something you'll all remember for a long time. Have a lovely party and send Claire my best wishes, glad she has a bump support, I used to wear the back version years ago when I used crutches and they do work.

    Billy gratefully accepted the cuddles. I'm not going to be popular with him as I'm out for a couple of hours today, its my stepmums fathers funeral today. I didn't know him really well but he was such a nice man, always really nice to me. I also have to see the nurse Thursday so I've not left Billy twice in one week for a long time, he makes the mother of fusses when I go but soon as the chair is in the car he gives up and settles down (I videod him once). He glues himself to me after though, bless him. I'm still sleepy, been chugging coffee so I can stay awake this afternoon. I must go and get ready now, make myself look human! Had to visit you before as I'll be wiped out after.

    Have a lovely week, Billy sends more kisses and a big cuddle and I send hugs to everyone,

    T x

    1. HI T

      Oh T, I promise I will get back to writing how I made the card soon. I've just been chasing my backside for weeks now, but well done you for picking our the lattice work, and what a comment to leave . Thank you.

      Anthea is so excited to do this for Claire, although, Anthea has a lot of pain in her shoulder at the moment. She has been back to her oncologist, and has scans, and thankfully her cancer has not come back. They think the pain is due to the chest infection she has at the moment and she's compensating by holding her body in a way that it doesn't hurt when she cough's.

      So Glad Billy boy enjoys my snuggles's. I just wish Paul would allow me to have another dog soon. I know I have my cats and I absolutely adore everyone of them, but my Summer is acting more like a dog than a cat at the moment, and at 19 she is wanting more cuddles and tries to follow me around every time she sees me and I just want her to rest her arthritic back legs, but no she get's herself up and purr's for yet another cuddle. When I pick her up to cuddle her and tickle he tummy she wraps her 2 front paws around my arm so tight, there is no way I can put her back down on her blanket. She's soooo special!

      Aren't we lucky to have such special friends in our pets, and I would love to give at least 1 other dog a home instead of a cage.

      I'm really sorry that you have had to go to a funeral today, but really pleased you had a good relationship with him, and I'm sure he would love the fact that you were there for him today. Hugs XX

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. Forgot to send usual snuggles to Billy and warm gentle hugs to you T XX

  7. Hi Tina what a beautiful card, you really are very talented. I don't know how you manage to achieve all that you do in such a short time. I am sure that the baby shower will be a great success and I think that Claire is very lucky to have such a caring mum and great friend to do this for her.
    I hope that after this you will manage to have some time for yourself before the arrival of you grandchild (which is one of the best things in life - the joy they bring is truly amazing)

    1. Hi Wendy

      Thank you, what a lovely thing to say, and I'm really pleased you liked the card this week.

      Anthea is such an inspiration to us all, and it's hard to say no to her enthusiasm, and long may it continue!.

      I plan to take some time out in between to see my friend and go for lunch, hopefully and buy some more pressies for Claire and baby girl. If I'm as happy as happy as you and all the other grand parents on my blog, I can't wait to join your club.

      Big Hugs Wendy

      Tina XX

  8. Hi Tina,
    what's there not to like... it's beautiful as always. You've gone to town with your butterflies haven't you.
    I'm sure you'll have a great baby shower, Claire is so lucky and that's how it should be.
    I'm afraid the wrong post code would have just been blanked out and the right one put on by hand, if that had been me :-) SAVE A TREE is my motto (I don't mind for cards assuming the cardstock comes from sustainable forests). But I know that this would be unacceptable for people in England, it's the German coming out in me.
    I'll speak soon, when you've got a bit more calm in your life.
    Hugs, Rose

    1. Hi Rose

      I'm sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, but tiredness caught up with me and I fell asleep in my chair in my workroom and woke up about 3am. Paul looked in and thought I looked peaceful so left me.

      I couldn't have blanked the postcode out, I would have looked so unprofessional. The replacement card that I used was remainders of Claire's wedding, so I didn't feel too guilty. I know what you mean about sustainable forests as it annoys me with all the rubbish you get in the postbox, and in newspapers & mags.

      Don't wait till I have calm in my life, because the foreseeable future looks just as busy, and besides I love hearing from you, so talk anytime Rose.

      Big Hugs Rose

      Tina XX

    2. Hi Tina,
      I know you couldn't have blanked the Postcode out that's why I said "I could have". Obviously, if it had been for a customer paying for it I would have recut/reprinted and charged appropriately for it. But hey, friends and family is different..............
      I couldn't agree with you more about all the advertising we get - perhaps that is where the bloody government should be looking at when it spouts forth about recycling and how we generate so much waste. WELL, WE BLOODY WELL DON'T DO, IT'S ALL THE UNSOLICITED "COLD CALLING" ADVERTISERS WHO DO!!
      Okay, I'm off my soap box now. Will go to bed now because I haven't had my ten-minute power nap yesterday and lots of stuff to do today, tomorrow and the day after etc etc..
      Hugs to you and yours and HAVE A GREAT BABY SHOWER

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hello Tina,
    Gorgeous, gorgeous card as usual. They are always such winning combinations and colours, thank you.
    How on earth did they get the post code wrong, you deserve at least another bottle or a holiday in the sun somewhere!!!!
    I went to my first baby shower at the weekend. My niece is having her first baby and we had such a good afternoon. Lovely food, great company and lots of laughs. We all had to supply baby photo's of ourselves (I was about 2 on mine, but as my son in law says "Cameras weren't invented when I was born". He is in A&E as we speak ha ha.
    Rachel (my daughter) was 5 weeks old on hers. They were all photocopied and people given a copy each and they had to write who they thought they were underneath. Most people wrote my name on Rachel's!!!
    I've told her not to worry, plastic surgery can work wonders nowadays!
    Rachel was 47 yesterday - how did that happen, I'm only 29.
    Well my diet is going well. I can no longer fasten the top button on my trousers - I am following Mary's diet tip but I must be doing something wrong, like swallowing lol.
    I hope all the family are well.
    Maureen xx

    1. Hi Maureen

      Thank you for the lovely comment about my card this week Maureen.

      As far as I can understand when Georgie told her mum the postcode, she miss heard it and when my sister in law phoned it over to me that was a mistake just waiting to happen. I still had lots of the card left from Claire's wedding as Georgie wanted a colour scheme very similar to Claire's. Hey Ho!, all done and sent back the correct ones the next day. When she has written in mine and has sent it back to me I'll will put it on my blog.

      Maureen, you have the same sense of humour as me, I laughed when I heard Mary's diet so did Paul, and when I read your message to him he laughed out loud especially at the swallowing. At the time he was having a swig of Whiskey & lemonade, his choices were to dribble back into the glass or choke He choked!!

      I really hope your son in law makes a speedy recovery, cheeky beggar. I know what you mean about the age thing , as Claire & Craig get older I get younger. You & I must be walking around with bigger noses than Pinocchio.

      We are all well thank you Maureen, and I hope you and your family are too.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  11. Fabulous card again Tina. Your roses are beautiful and those butterflies are so pretty. My daughter's friends had a baby shower or her and we had a lovely fun evening. I think there were about a dozen of us and we just laughed the whole time! Pat x

    1. Hi Pat

      Thank you so much, what a lovely comment.

      I'm really looking forward to it. My goodness you ought to see all the banners & party games, balloons etc Anthea has ordered and had it all delivered here, it's going to cost us a fortune, but it will be worth every penny or should I say pound to see the look on Claire's face when she walks in.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  12. Hi Tina.

    Wow what a beauty of a card. I just admire how u do ur flowers they are spectacular.
    I don't know how ur managing to do all ur stuff.
    Invites reprints, baby shower organisation plus ur project for CE towers. U must be one amazing woman!! I wish I had ur energy lol.

    Glad to know anthea is doing well and getting on with life.

    Hope to see a pic of the invites done I bet they are well lush.

    Love and hugs xxx

  13. Hi Tracy

    Thank you Tracy I'm pleased you like the flowers this week. I do like the classic rose as it's really quick.

    I think every late night early morning caught up with me this week. I'm finding it hard to motivate my self this week, just a bit knackered that's all. I just need a good kick up the backside which Paul said he' willing to accommodate.

    Anthea is an inspiration to us, even in here darkest day's when you phoned her she would always make us laugh, and she adores Claire. She's one of those special friends, and we love Jake ( her son ).

    As soon as I get my invite back from Georgie & Hartley I'll put it on my blog, promise!

    How's your treatment going Tracy?

    Sending you love & Big Hugs

    Tina XX

    1. Had chemo on tues. this is the next drug called docetaxel. It's hit me for 6. Feel as tho my body has flu and been hit by a bus!
      But it's better than feeling sick like the last load of drugs did.
      I just need to rest more I guess xx

    2. OH Tracy, You are having a tough time. If there is a consolation to how you're feeling It's not to have that awful sicky feeling, you really do need to rest. Anthea had to give into the fatigue. Her little boy made her cups of tea when she felt like it and made her a sandwich when she could eat, I'm sure you are being looked after and pampered. Sometimes you just have to give in and let others help you. I wish I could give you a hug, instead you are going to get the biggest Blog hug((X)). I hope you felt that!

      Biggest Hugs Tracy :-)

      Tina XX