Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Good Tuesday Morning everyone

Well not much happened here last week. I was determined to have a break after a few fraught weeks other than making my DT cards, and I am still trying to sort out my Platinum machine.

Are you sitting comfortably,  then I'll begin. After discovering  on Christmas day that I  had a duff machine and if that wasn't sad enough I knew I couldn't do anything until the 4th January. I rang the company I purchased it from on the 4th. They said they would contact their supplier and call me back. He rang me back within 20mins and said that the suppliers would be calling me to deal with the problem directly. They duly rang me back and I explained the faults. So they said rather than them trying to explain the problems to Spellbinders here is their email address , you can deal with them direct. The next day I had an email back from Spellbinders wanting to know exactly what was wrong with the machine and that they would pass on the faults to the products manager to assess the problem. I explained at this time I didn't want the faulty one fixed as they would have to file the machine just to get the handle up, and was told again it would be up to the products dept. 4 day's later I emailed Spellbinders just to ask if anything was happening as I'd heard nothing from them, only to get an automated email saying they were at CHA and nothing would be done until their return. About a week later I got an email asking again to tell exactly what was wrong with the machine in detail. By this time I was livid. So I rang the shop that I purchased said machine from, and explained everything. He was shocked, and apologized and said he thought it was being dealt with.

Stick with me folks nearly finished. 

So he made arrangements to have the faulty machine collected on Tuesday last, and he said he would order me a new machine. Today ( Monday ) I spoke to the shop I purchased it from only for him to say " I think I should have ordered you machine shouldn't I ", very calmly I said yes!. So this is the best bit. He said right leave it to me I will order you one and you should have it by Friday this week or a least have news of the delivery, I said thank you, and he then said, if you haven't heard anything by Friday could you ring me just to make sure I remembered to order you one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! What the hell is going on, why should I do all the running.

So It's now a month, and still no Platinum, I only hope it's worth waiting for.


I'm a moaning old moo aren't I,  don't all shout yes so LOUD!

Anyway on a lovely note Claire & I are going to the theatre to see the ballet production of Swan Lake on Saturday. It's my Christmas pressies from her & Toby.  I hope they have a pause button when they are in mid flight lifts, as I know Claire will be needing the loo on numerous occasions. I have said that the lifts & pirouettes that she might  miss I will rein-act them later for her with a crane as my prince.

Anyway, here goes with the card.

Products used:-

Creative Expression- Coconut white & Grey card
Creative Expressions- Thoughtful Sentiment Stamp
Couture Creations- Strawberry Leaf
Spellbinders- Cinch and Go Dies
Spellbinders- Rose Creation Dies
Spellbinders- Les Papillions Two
Cosmic Shimmer- Detail Silver Shine
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Weathered Wood
Ranger-Perfect Medium
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Pierced Tags
Sue Wilson-Canadian Collection-Montreal
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Delicate Fronds
Sue Wilson- Embossing Folder- Wild Rose



  1. Hi Tina,
    I'm still in awe of your stunningly elegant designs....you never cease to amaze me each week. Today's card is another fabulous design!!! The flowers are so beautiful and I love the colours you have used to make them and such cute butterflies too. I always look forward to Tuesdays to see what you come up with next. Well done lovely lady.
    Oh these manufacturers of these die cutting machines really annoy me....nearly every one they bring out no matter what make they are seem to have problems with them at some point. I think it's disgusting you're having to wait so long for something to be done. Why on earth didn't they send you a new one out in the first place. I do hope the new one arrives very soon for you Tina.
    Oh you made me laugh about the comment about you re-enacting the lifts and the pirouettes from the ballet when Claire has to pop to the loo! I'm so jealous that you are going to the ballet it was something I always wanted to go to but I know Clive wouldn't have enjoyed it. Have a lovely time and I hope Claire doesn't have to have too many visits too the loo as it will save on you doing the lifts etc. Haha!
    The weeks seem to be flying passed for me so I hope they are going as fast for yourself and especially Claire.
    Take care my friend.

    Love and hugs Sheila xxx

    1. Hi Sheila

      I love hearing from you Sheila. I think of you often, and will be thinking of you especially on the 1st March. You're doing very well and everyday you'll get a little stronger. Sod the gentle hugs, I'm sending you a big bear sized hug. X excuse the language!

      I'm really pleased you like the card this week, I did think it was a bit dark, but in day light it looks platinum. Now there's a word I'm not liking at the moment. I'm sure my problems with my machine will get sorted soon. Like you a month is too long to get a simple problem sorted, but I'm willing to wait until Friday and then I might start lighting the fireworks. I hate this feeling!

      5 weeks Sheila! OMG how that time has flown. I will be so worried when we go to the theatre Saturday, cause it will be 4 weeks by then, any little moan she makes I'll be saying it's OK take deep breaths, someone boil a kettle & we need some towels. Claire finishes work on Friday, and for the next few weeks we are going to be batch cooking so Claire can just take their meals out of the freezer, and rest.

      Well Mother Clucking over, I will leave you now so you can get some sleep.

      Nite Nite Sheila, God Bless.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. Every card you make is amazing. All of the machines on the market have many faults I am sure they do it to make us buy a new one whilst we wait for them to repair or replace our machine as they know crafting us an addictive hobby.

  2. Morning Tina, oh such a lovely card today, the flowers and butterflies really do set this card off, and yes I can see that in the light the colour would appear very different from the photo, it always happens that way doesn't it.

    How on earth did you keep so calm, not only with Spellbinders themselves but with your original supplier, he sounds like a right div....................I would have been tearing my hair out by now..................what is that on your floor..................

    Now the ballet is something that I could never get into but I know for lots of people it is a real treat and you so deserve it, have you got your midwife bag with you..........hopefully you will not need it. I remember myself with all 3 of mine that I was constantly going to the loo....very embarrassing at times too but you just wait the end result is so going to be worth it. When you see that little bundle of joy.........I remember my doctor saying to me when I was delivering my first that having a baby was a few hours of pain for a lifetime of pleasure and he was dead right.

    Anyway must get on, catch you next week when hopefully you have the platinum to play with.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  3. Hi Tina
    What a very patient Lady you are ? i think how Spellbinders and your supplier have handled this matter is a disgrace, i just hope your New Machine when you get it , is in full working order ? if not , demand your money back Tina as you have wasted enough of your time with Phone calls etc. It really is not good enough.
    Now the lovely part .... Loving your card Tina, great embossing on the fab background ,beautiful butterflies, flowers and lovely colors used .
    Enjoy your night at the Theatre .x
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi Tina.
    Beautiful card as always. The detail is amazing.

    I dunno how u remained calm either and yeah why are u doin all the running around?
    It's a faulty machine so where ever u bought it from should have dealt with it from the start!!
    Either money back or replace the machine.
    That's the way it works in our store so I thought the same would apply elsewhere.
    I'd've been well raging by now if that was me and the way spellbinders treated u is well disgusting.
    Yes I know u don't get anywhere when ur angry cause I don't like it when customers are angry with me an I won't do anything for them for that reason but come on a month??? Plus it's definitely faulty they are at it Tina lol get that man told!!!! LOL xx

  5. Hi Tina,
    Lovely card, your flowers are stunning(but then I expect nothing less from you).
    Wow, you are having real trouble with your Platinum machine - I bet you just want to forget the whole thing and order another make altogether. But hopefully the guy has remembered (how the bloody hell could he forget in the first place!! - MEN!) to order you a new machine and this time you'll be really chuffed to bits with it. I know I like mine a lot.
    Enjoy the ballet with Claire.
    Hugs, Rose

  6. Hi Tina what a lovely card and made in the middle of all the stress you are going through - you are amazing. I am so sorry that you are having such a trial with your machine and hopefully it will be sorted out very quickly you have been so patient, perhaps you should start stamping your feet and throwing things. (will not really help but might relieve the tension)
    Enjoy the ballet with Claire,
    Keep safe

  7. Hello Tina,
    Your card is divine - as they always are. I love everything about it.
    Enjoy the ballet, I hope Claire manages to see some of it. I look forward to seeing a video of your version ha ha. I envy you, it's a while since Rachel and I have been. Something like children and life seem to have got in the way!!!
    Now as to the idiot in the shop. The Consumer Act says that in the case of faulty merchandise, your shopkeeper man should have immediately given you the choice of your money back, or a new machine. I am amazed that he palmed you off to his supplier, who then palmed you off onto Spellbinders. Go back - if he "forgets" again, and tell him that you want a refund - and go somewhere else. I feel livid for you!!!
    Right, that's your Granny's advice. Stick to your guns and show him (nicely) that you are no pushover. Gird your loins ready for action!!!
    Maureen xx

  8. Hi Tina, another lovely card. I agree with Maureen the shop should have replaced it or given you your money back so you could go elsewhere. You will be pleased when you finally get a working machine as it is fab. Good luck.
    Hugs Clare xx

  9. Hi Tina, A gorgeous card and you are such a great designer. I have been looking at the other cards from the last few weeks and they are also divine.
    You sure have shown a lot of patients I would have been livid and would have demanded a new machine straight away! Tina enjoy the ballet and look after Claire not long to go anymore!
    We are getting impatient now and can't wait to see our own belongings again!
    Henk has been operated on his face , he had a melanoom, but thank goodness not malignant, yet a big scare for both of us.take care Tina, big hug love Jane B.

  10. Lovely card Tina, a gorgeous background and fabulous flowers. How frustrating for you to be having so much bother with sorting out your machine. As I understand it, it is the retailers responsibility to sort things out and replace it for you. That was what happened when I bought an ebosser that didn't work - I received an instant credit with no problem at all. I do hope you soon get it all sorted out to your satisfaction. Pat x

  11. Hi Tina,
    Sorry to hear that you're still trying to sort out a replacement for your Platinum machine. I must say that when my pink Grand Caliber went wrong, Karen Haas wasn't the most polite lady to deal with. I hope you get it replaced soon, very disappointing to have to wait so long.
    Love your card today, the flowers as usual are lovely.
    I commented on your gorgeous card last week but my comment didn't appear, so goodness knows where it went.
    I hope you and Claire have a good time at the ballet, it sounds lovely.
    And only a few weeks to go now, such an exciting time for you all.
    Hugs to you both, Angela xx

  12. Hi Tina,Another beautiful "Tina card".How do you manage to turn such lovely cards out all the time? I really do think this is bad service you are having from your supplier. It is up to them to sort it out - you are THEIR customer. Mary-Durham

  13. Hi Tina. Going to keep this short and sweet as i have tried to post this comment six times and it just keeps disapearing so i dont know whats going on. Love the colour of your card and your flowers are stunning but then what else did i expect. Your little buttetflies are lovely. Hope youe have a great night out with Clare. Take care Tina until next week.
    Best Wishes.
    Denise T x

  14. Oh my word TIna
    WOW WOW WOW an absurlutly Gorgeous card. I love everything about it.
    a beautiful TIna card.
    Hug's Lynda xxx

  15. Hi Tina

    I love love love the grey background, very different but utterly striking and just sings with the light blue roses. Just stunning. I have a wedding card to make by March and I'm so grateful to you and your blog that you're here to help me! I am the polar opposite to weddings and sophistication and need all the help I can get,

    Wow, you've not had much luck witb your Platinum, a shame as those who have a (working) machine love them, but I have noticed the odd comment of people who've had issues, maybe the fact they have included in the design that it will be able to be used with a power pack has caused some hiccups with the handle, I don't think Spellbinders are going to be too chuffed witb their QC department with so many having problems though as this should be the sort of thing that gets spotted before they send them out. Once you're sorted though it'll be a relief for you. Fingers crossed!

    It's been tiring keeping up with Sue's die release, I was tired out Tuesday and kept the email to comment to you after a nap but only remembered when I saw it again just now, I hope you didn't think I forgot you!

    Have a lovely time at the ballet, I'd love to see Swan Lake, I'm not a ballet "fan" but it is one of those things you should see, especially in a theatre. Are you seeing the traditional version (girl swans) or the modern version (boy swans)? I'll see it one day, ay? I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, hope Claire is ok and her back isn't hurting too much. Not long to go now, is there grandma Tina?!

    I must off... its been a long day and I need an early night. Birthday tomorrow and though there won't be much wild revelling I do need to be up to see something on TV I really like and of course to do the eating, hopefully some type of crafting and definate online shopping! Family visits are spaced over 2 weekends due to peoples work etc which does help me out by not having too much in one weekend to cope with. Good thing too as my chair needs new tyres badly. The repairer from the nhs came a week ago tomorrow and I've heard nothing so far, dare not go too far in case the tyre splits completely, ironic considering about the only time I do have plans to go out and more plans to make to see my girlfriends I can only use the darn thing round the house! The law of Sod strikes again LMAO. Anyway, Mr W cooking me Steak for tea and my PA brought me a cake round today to have tomorrow (spoilt!) So even if the day does move at a slower pace than planned I shall be enjoying myself ;-)

    Billy sends cuddles, he says you'll wear Paul down eventually. I send hugs to you and Claire, have a lovely time Saturday, I look forward to 'hearing' about it next week.

    Love T x

  16. Hi Tina, How is your knee getting along-has the pain gone away yet? You have still made a beautiful card in the middle of all your troubles. By the way-does this salesman want you to do his job for him? - the lazy twerp !!! M