Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone

WELL! I spent the day with Claire Bear ( Monday ) and took her to the see her midwives. My goodness have they changed since I had Claire & Craig. They made us laugh so much. They even said to Claire to do the time warp dance to jiggy things on, and they demonstrated it together. I asked If I could book them for the birth, and asked if they were available for parties. Such Lovely ladies. The surgery was so quiet except for this one room. When we came out there were people that said it sounded like you were having a good time and had a big smile when they saw Claire, and there were people that had faces like like a Robbers Dog.

It's now Tuesday. The big day!!!. I was going to cook her some more meals to put in her freezer, but I think I will just go over and spend some more time with her and the bump. Claire's craving's have been for Brie, Pate & French Stick, and she has not been allowed to have any of these, and has also longed for a glass of Rioja. So I went to the wholesalers before I went over Claire's, and bought her some mini Brie's & little party parcels of Pate and a bottle of Rioja, french stick to follow fresh to order. Something for her to look forward to. She's not going to get them until 1/2 pint is here.

I have my clothes laid out ready and waiting.. When we get the call you won't see our backside's for dust. Watch this space, not for our backsides cause that would be wrong!, but for some long awaited good news. Hopefully, this week!. I will be able to give you all the details of our little girl's, and how they are both doing.

Oh, I nearly forgot, this my card this week, hope you like it!

Hope you liked it!

Products Used:-

8X8 Anna Marie Card
Create & Craft- Mirri Card- Gold
Embossalicious Embossing Folder- Vintage Floral Collection
Sue Wilson-Frames &Tags- Dainty Rectangular Frame
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Tessa
Sue Wilson- Caribbean Island Collection- St Lucia
Sue Wilson- Finishing Touches- Laurel Leaves
Phil Martins- Sparkle Texture Paste- Graceful Pink
Creative Expressions- Diamond Sprinkles
Creative Expressions- Dazzlers
Tim Holtz- Distress Ink- Worn Lipstick, Tattered Rose
Memory Box- Leavenworth Butterfly Trio- the Smallest one
Lyndsay Mason Designs- Personal Impressions- Code:- PICSA6441
The gross grain ribbon is from a beautiful bouquet of flowers Anthea bought me when they stayed here with her mum & son at the baby shower.

Same time, same place next week!.


  1. Good morning Tina,
    Well we both are exited on this day,for different reasons!
    Hope all goes well with Claire!
    We are off now to get the key to the house.
    Your card as always is gorgeous,Tina .
    We are going to be without internet for a couple of weeks again!
    Shall see what to do about it,must go now ,love JaneB.

    1. Hi Jane

      I don't know if you will get this message, but if you do I hope everything runs smoothly with your move. Sending you both big hugs and lots of love in your new home.

      I got your email and new address, so I will be in contact soon.

      Big Hugs Jane

      Tina XX

  2. Another stunning card from you Tina, your flowers are so beautiful they look as though they've just been picked from the garden. You must all be so excited about the forthcoming arrival, I do hope it all happens for you this week. Pat x

    1. Hi Pat

      Thank you Pat, that's so lovely I'm really pleased you like the flowers.

      I can't tell you how excited we are, and on baby alert every time the phone rings.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  3. Such a beautiful card Tina, won't be much longer now, am keeping my fingers x for Claire.
    If you have time and you have probably told us before, but what card do you use to make your fantastic flowers.
    Hugs Clare xx

    1. Hi Clare

      Glad you liked the card this week too. I tend to use Creative Expressions Foundation card. I like to use the Coconut White and colour it myself, or I'll use their coloured card and add a toning ink. Hope this helps. Thank you again Clare, I'll let you know when something happens this end.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. WOW another gorgeous card Tina. I hope all goes well for your daughter and her husband and it won't be much longer until the happy event. Did you get a platinum machine in the end? Best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

    3. Hi Loraine

      Thank you glad you liked the card.

      Oh I hope it won't be too much longer for Claire too. They told us yesterday she is pre pre- aclampsia,

    4. Sorry Loraine, pressed the wrong button. We are keeping a real close eye on Claire, such a worry.

      I forgot to put the pictures up on my blog about the Platinum. It arrived last week. I bought it from Oyster Stamps and had a fantastic service as always, and it cuts like a dream. I'm really chuffed with it. Long may it continue. Not bad seeing I ordered it on 19th Dec and got it sorted end Of Feb. Anyway, all good Thank you.

      big Hugs

      Tina XX

  4. Hello Tina,
    Another beautiful, stunning card today, and the verse is wonderful!!
    You'll be like a cat on hot bricks until after the big event and your new granddaughter is here. I hope all goes well for Claire and the baby, and that her husband doesn't have too hard a time!!! I'm looking forward to hearing the good news soon.
    love Maureen xxx

    1. Hi Maureen

      Thank you so much, glad you liked the stamp too. There are a few good verses on this set of stamps.

      I am pacing like an expectant father. I'm going over to see her everyday. I've got the journey down to a fine art now, thinking of buying a blue light now as they have decided to do major road works near Claire's home and the ques are horrendous. Bl---y Road works.

      I'll let you know when something happens. X

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  5. WOW !!!!!

    On tenderhooks for you. Really hope your little girl copes ok bless her.
    Thinking of you xx

    1. Hi Boss

      I did reply but it's gone who know's where.

      Thank you Steph!.

      Me too, I will keep you informed, Ill pass on your blessings X

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

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  7. such a beautiful card Tina.
    The flowers are wonderful.
    Good luck to Claire with the birth - hopefully it you won't have to wait too long.
    I hope you will post some pictures of your grand daughter xx

    1. Thank you Maria

      Such a lovely comment to leave me.

      I'm seeing Claire again tomorrow and will pass on your good luck wishes. If I get the Ok from the new mum & dad I will be so proud to put a photo here.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  8. Hi Tina A gorgeous card and the flowers are so beautiful .

    I have got my new notebook sorted at last so lots to catch up with and so looking foreward to some news about the new Baby hugs for Claire .

    1. Hi Jeanie.e

      Thank you, and I'm really pleased you like the card.

      Don't worry you'll hear the news Jeanie, we are on tenterhooks waiting to hear that our 1/2 pint is on the way, but I have to say my heart is with Claire. She has such a big job to do to bring us our long a waited bundle and my heart goes out to Claire. I will definitely pass your hugs on tomorrow when I see her. Thank you.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  9. Hi Tina,
    It's such an exciting time for you all, fingers crossed you hear the patter of tiny feet very soon. Send our best wishes to Claire and hope thAt all goes well.
    Goodness me, I swear your flowers are becoming more realistic every week, your colouring is brilliant, love your card this week.
    My fingers are crossed very tightly for you.
    Until next week :)
    Hugs Angela xx

    1. Hi Angela

      Thank you Angela. I'm seeing Claire tomorrow and will pass on your best wishes.

      Really pleased you like the card this week. If you would like me to do a step by step tutorial of how I colour my flowers, I'm up for that.

      Thank you keep those fingers crossed, bless you, see you soon

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

    2. Hi Tina, please I would love you you do a step to step colouring of your beautiful flowers, when you have time that is :) xx

  10. Hi Tina,
    Keeping my fingers crossed for Claire and an easy birth (if there is such a thing, but my niece had all 3 easy and quick ones, so I suppose there are, relatively speaking).
    Now don't forget - COOL, CALM - that is what you need to be. The men will be panicky enough and Claire will want some sensible support from you. I'm sure you are her rock.
    Your card is lovely, as usual. those flowers are gorgeous, mine NEVER turn out like that. I'm now going for the abstract, fantasy look LOL.
    Looking forward to hearing good new, take care and smile a lot:-)
    Hugs, Rose

  11. Hi Tina. Once again i am late but as they say better late than never lol. So happy to hear Clare is doing so well and not belong before you meet your beautiful little princess. Your card this week is another little beauty. The over all layout is gorgeous and once again your fliwers are stunning. Take care Tina until next week when i hope to hear some great news. I have everything crossed.
    Best Wishes.
    Denise T x

  12. Hi Tina, what a gorgeous card love the layout. Glad Claire is doing so well won't be long now looking forward to hear it's all over and everyone is fine.
    Nancyd xx

  13. Morning Tina, sorry I missed this yesterday, hoping all is OK and that I have not missed baby arriving. Love the card by the way, but want to know the latest.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  14. Hi Tina
    I too missed yesterdays post sorry, had to go for my heart scan and was in a bit of a lather, however all was good news ,my heart is no worse from last time and no need to worry .
    Everything sounds so exciting for you all ,such happy times .I hope baby will arrive soon for Clair's sake { i bet you are on pins really, ? i know i was ,i was so grateful when my own grandchildren entered the world that i cried over every one of them , think it was the stress levels ebbing away .} .
    A very lovely card Tina gorgeous flowers and i so like the mini butterflies , { must look for this die } .
    Take Care My Lovely
    Elaine H X

  15. Good morning Tina,
    Your card is stunning as per usual Tina and those roses remind me so much off the capidimonte roses that i got as a wedding present and in my Nanna Kikkes little floral basket that i now have, so delicate in look but so beautiful. Gorgeous from head to toe and what a beautiful way to show off your beautiful reminder from your "other" precious daughter.
    You pair will get kicked out of surgery making all that noise, lol. As i once got told "didn't i know that there were sick people there", whoops sorry but since i had been feeling at rock bottom at the time, the laughter and the sillyness that happened was better than what the doctor ordered. Poor Claire having the notion for all the things that she just couldn't have, but i wonder how long it will last unopened post baby bunny coming out to say hello? When i was pregnant with my first daughter Kirsten, i kept on landing in the hospital and she was 3 weeks early and so tiny but they soon blossom and grow. Your baby bunny is just so nice and comfy in where she is and who can blame her especially since it's so cold the now. Looking forward to you telling us that she has come and met her new mummy and daddy, take care flower
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  16. Morning Tina sorry I missed your post yesterday, things beyond my control. Was hoping that you would be able to tell us that your dear granddaughter had arrived, but oh do they like to make us wait. I bet you are on tender hooks at the moment, worrying about Claire and bump. I know I was and just wishing the time away until baby arrived. You will Hope fully soon.
    Your card is stunning and the flowers are amazing. Don't know how you find the time with everything else going on at the moment. Your amazing.
    Would love a tutorial (when you have time) on colouring your flowers. Also what die did you use for the flowers?
    Looking forward to hearing your good news and hope Claire and baby are safe and well
    Hugs Wendyx

  17. Hi Tina.
    What a spectacular card I love everything about it. Ur flowers are stunning as always. Wish I had the patience to do them. I buy mine from a company can't remember the name now chemo brain again. Lol

    Hope ur wee baby arrives safe and sound soon and Claire gets relief from carriing her around in her belly lol. Wishing u all good luck and special happy times. Now remember to hang on till sat ok! Her hee.

    Love to all xx

  18. Hi TIna WOW WOW WOW Absurlutly stunning as always.
    I wish my flowers looked like yours I think they are ok untill I see yours.
    Wishing Claire & hubby all the happiness in the world & hope baby arrives ASP safe & sound.
    Love Lynda xx

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  20. My hearts breaking for all of u.
    So sorry