Thursday, 4 August 2016

At Peace At Last

                         RIP Beautiful Anthea. XX   

Yesterday, 03-08-2016 Anthea was finally laid to rest in a beautiful cemetery on a hill in Strood after a beautiful Greek orthodox service. It's so hard to think that she will never grace our lives again with her beautiful face, her laugh that would carry across the house that would bring a smile to everyones face knowing Claire had shared yet another special moment with Anthea. This was a very special lady that came into our lives and allowed us to share her son with us, who we love very much.

Claire took on board what many of you lovely ladies said to do, and made Jake a beautiful scrapbook of all our special times together, and Jake absolutely loved it. Thank you X. She sat with Jake after the funeral and looked at the pictures, but he has yet to read the words. In time he will. He has asked to see Claire again soon, so hopefully we can get together again soon.

It was a very long day for Claire Craig & Paul. They left at 8am and Paul got in at 8pm. I was so sad that I couldn't go to the funeral, and felt so bad, only to watch the clock at every step of Anthea's goodbye. Timing of things have been so bad for us all. I had a couple of procedures on Monday in Salisbury hospital, and only got home at 6pm that evening. Talk about bad timing. I did get ready on Wednesday morning to go to Kent, but Paul said no way!. It's a 3 hour journey there a 2 hours service standing, the wake, and then 3 hours home. I felt I had let Claire down as I really wanted to be there for her, but Paul said he would make sure she was OK. I spoke to Claire when she got home, I cried with her and said I was so sorry not to be there when she needed me, and she said it was too soon after your op mum and Anthea would have understood too.

I have only wonderful memories of Anthea, and all the intense and funny conversations we had, weeks days & literally just hours before you slipped away from us. My goodness Anthea, these words are not good enough to tell you how much we love you and how much we will miss you always. 

God Bless & Keep you Safe Sweetheart.XX

We are all hoping for some more positive results, God willing, so that at last the Eldridge clan can look forward to some happiness as it has been lacking here on my blog for a long while. I'm so sorry about that, but I'm just so lucky to have you all here by my side through all our sadness. Thank you all so much. It has been relentless. Get my health scare out of the way and we will be back. I hope I still know how to make cards. I have the tutorial of the daffodil ready to go, but never seemed to be the right time. I will check it again tomorrow and all being well will press publish at the weekend. Please don't expect too much!

Thank you all so much again for your patience.

Big Big Hugs & Love

Tina XX


  1. Tina! How much more are you going to have to endure? Surely there will be a let up for you and your family soon, positive thoughts my friend and I will only think those kind as you know! I am glad Anthea funneral went well, your family were right not to let you go to it, Anthea wouldn't want you to go that long journey or be on your feet for so long, just you hold on to those happy memories of her smile and laughter. Well done Claire for making that scrap book for Jake it will be with him all the time and yes he will learn to read those loving lovely words about his mum! That scrap book will also help Anthea's mum.
    Tina please take care of yourself, we don't need cards and tutorials we just need to know you are OK!!!
    (((((( hugs)))))) Hazel X

  2. Hello Tina,
    You have just had so much sadness and I can honestly say I have thought of you and Claire every single day! I'm so sorry you have been unwell too but glad that you didn't attempt a journey and a funeral on top of everything else. These things are trying and tiring when 100% fit and well. I'm so glad Claire made the scrapbook and that she was able to show it to Jake! That will be a very precious book for him.
    Please don't worry about the blog !! I love seeing your cards as they are beautiful and inspiring but personally, I just want you to be well , strong and a little bit of the joy of living back in your life.
    If we have helped you in any small way - that's wonderful and one of the good things about technology. Sometimes it is used for evil, wicked purposes but it can be used for good too.
    Love to you, Claire and all the family,
    Myra xxx

  3. Hi Tina, I have read your blog today and the 2 comments from Hazel and Myra and I can honestly say that they have hit the nail on the head, I could not have put it better myself.

    I go and visit your blog every day and keep wondering if you and your family are OK, I didn't realise that you had recently had a procedure, I do hope the results are good and yes Claire and Paul were quite right, it would not have done you any good at all to travel all that way (it is only about 10 minutes from where I live), you know that Anthea would not have wanted to you be there in your present condition, you had some wonderful giggles and laughter with her especially just before she passed away and those memories will be with you always, she is still with you in spirit. Jake will grow to appreciate the wonderful Mum he had when he is a little bit older and can understand, the memories that Claire made in the book will be his for ever to keep and refer back to whenever and however many times he wants, it is a true account of such a wonderful person, but he will not be alone because he has a network of family and friends who can help him on life's journey and he will never ever forget his wonderful Mum.

    Tina just get yourself well and back on track, don't worry about the blog, all your friends know what it is like, you have an extended family here who are there for you.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Hi Tina
    So sorry you have not been well i will pray you get good results , sometimes i think how much more do we have to take before things start to get better ?.
    It is so lovely of Claire to make the Album for Jake , i dont know how far you live away from Jake but perhaps a special bond and need for one another will help them both .
    Take Care Tina we are all here for you .
    God Bless
    Elaine H X

  5. Hello my lovely dear friend,
    Your family has been through so much sadness during this last 12 months or so....more than some of us go through in a lifetime....I can only wish happiness is not too far away and that you and your lovely family can begin to enjoy your lives in a much better place. Yes! ....your family were so right to advice you not to go to Anthea's funeral and knowing what such a lovely lady Anthea was (from what you have told us on your blog) she would understand and agree with them. Please don't worry about your blog yours and Claire's health and happiness is all we care about.
    Take care lovely lady will be in touch soon.

    Lots of love and gentle hugs Sheila xxxxx

  6. Dear Tina, I really don't know what to say that would make things better for you, you and your family have had so much sadness in this last year - more than anyone should have to suffer.
    I did not realise that you had also not been well and I do hope that your results are all good, and that you and your family can have some sunshine back in your lives.
    Your family were quite right not to let you travel to Anthea's funeral and I am sure that Anthea herself would not have wanted you to do so in the circumstances.
    Please do not worry about your blog, like everyone on here all we want to know is that you and your family are fit and well and we all just wish that the future brings you some sunshine and happiness into your lives
    with love and hugs

  7. Rest in peace Anthea xxx

    I'm so in awe of Claire, putting aside her own grief and sadness to do that for Jake and the rest of Anthea's family. A beautiful and special gift that will bring much comfort and will be treasured always. I'm pretty sure Anthea would have said exactly the same as Paul regarding such a long journey and day! She always will be a special girl to all of you and now that love, concern and time you gave her will be given to Jake. I've had the Eldridge family and Anthea's family in my thoughts every day and yes, I look for her star and Evelyn's star every night in the sky.

    Now on to you dear lady. I hope that what was done at the hospital is a success and I'm sending positive, healing thoughts your way. You must recuperate and recover- even minor procedures need a little getting over, That's my way of saying "be a good patient and do as you're told"! You will know when you're ready to blog again and we're going nowhere... We'll all be here for you whether you need to talk like today or when you're ready to share your talent with us.

    I can't believe one family could ever go through so much in the space of under 6 months. Unfair doesn't even begin to describe it. All I hope for you all now is that life balances things out for you. I believe you all have the strength to let time slowly turn your grief into hope for the future. You will never forget I promise you and Evelyn and Anthea will live on in your hearts forever.

    Not much else to do but promise my continued big hugs, wishes of better times and healing thoughts for yours and Anthea's families. Love to you all and very special fluffy cuddles to you especially from your favourite big, 4 legged boy.

    T xxx

  8. Hi Tina,It is lovely to hear from you again - it's like a smile on a dark day. Hope you and your family are on the right track to happiness again. Sending hugs to you all. Mary -Durham

  9. Hi Tina,
    What a beautiful lady Anthea was, I'm sure this was inside and outside too. Such a sad thing for Jake to go through at such a young age, its not fair :(. What a lovely gift for Claire to make for Jake, I'm sure that they'll have a very special bond between them and will be able to help each other through this sad time.
    So sorry to hear that you weren't well enough to attend her farewell with the rest of your family, she would have understood and sometimes its better to say goodbye on your own. You've been through such enormous stress over the last few months & have been a rock for Claire and Toby, its your time for a rest now. I'll be thinking about you Tina, sincere good luck with your results - THINK POSITIVE girlie. We'll all be here waiting for your next post (take your time), we're not going anywhere.
    Hugs to you all - Angela xxxx

  10. Dear Tina,
    What a beautiful girl is looking at me and sooooo very sad she had to leave this earthly life.
    Rest in peace Anthea.
    I hope for Claire that little Jake can give her her strength back as they have a special bond , so has Anthea with Evelyn.

    Hope all is well with you Tina (did not know you had to go to hospital) and that the results are good. Take time Tina to recuperate.
    Surely, you all had to go through so much these Last 6 month, that there is going to be some sunshine in your lives again soon.
    Take care Tina and love to you and your family, big hug Jane B.

  11. Hey Mrs.
    Thinking of u loads. Hope ur tests went alright and that the results will be fine.
    Speak to u soon chicky love n hugs

  12. Love you but you already know that we say it often to each other. I've shared my thoughts with you and my feelings, no more needs to be said dearest, faithful caring friend xx