Monday, 21 November 2016

Coooooo eeeeee, it's only me are you there

Hello my lovely patient friends

It's been a while, over a month in fact. I've been in a really sad place and couldn't find any way to talk here.

I had an absolutely fantastic day out with Claire & Evie Bear for an afternoon tea for my birthday, as you can tell from the photo's of the food and company ( I have to say we had tucked into the sandwiches before I thought I had better take some piccies ). Some children came in while we were eating  and commented about Evie Bear with big smiles. After we had eaten we had a walk around the hotel, the rooms we came across were stunning the photo's just don't do them justice. We then walked for a while in the beautiful gardens of Rhinefield House and said we would definitely go back with the family and walk all of the grounds, After an afternoon tea of course!

I have spoken to a couple of you on the phone and you have cheered me up no end, Thank you, and some of you have emailed me and sent doggy hugs too. It has meant so much to me and I can only say I'm sorry that I haven't replied, I wanted to but when I sat in front of the computer the last thing you needed to hear was how down & sad I was, as some of you have been going through tough times too.

To Angela, Hazel,Wheely bad (T), Steph, Jeanie, Lynn, Myra, Maureen, Clare, "P in Wales", Wendy, Tracy, Norah & June, A big Thank you for all of your messages on my candle lighting blog. Such lovely and thoughtful words XX.

I have to say to June I had no idea you have been in hospital to have a knee op. I really hope you are on the mend and that you will be running the London marathon soon (Sorry), Seriously, sending you hugs X.

Myra Thank you for returning and wishing me Happy birthday X

SuzzieQ. Beautiful poem, I showed Claire and she cried and said she was/ is here and still is in so many special ways. Thank you X

Jane, Thank you for my musical birthday message on my phone. It made me chuckle. X

Steph, A huge Thank you for my beautiful flowers, like I told you they made me cry. They were stunning and my favourite sunshine colours.XX

T. I will write to you & Billy soon. Hugs X

Here are some Pictures of my afternoon tea with Claire & Evie Bear. Another very special memory made to treasure.

Everywhere we go we write Evelyn's name on a stone, a forest walk out of flowers or twigs and most of all on beaches in the sand so Evelyn travels with all the family and friends on our holidays. So far she has been to many states in America the great wall of China, and many places in the UK. We take photo's and send them to Claire & Toby. They can't believe how much everyone loves them and thinks of Evelyn everyday.

I saw a stamp on Becca Feeken's blog and thought I need this one for Evelyn. It reads

I Will Write Peace
on Your Wings
and You Will Fly
All Over the World.

I also finished a card. I'm not too happy with it though. Paul has said for many days now that I need to get back into making cards, something that makes you happy or he will think of closing the workroom down. So, I started this card on Friday, couldn't be arsed on Saturday and was told to finish it on Sunday. If I'd stretched it out over 7 day's I could have made a song like Craig David. So this is all my mojo could muster, my mind is mush, but it's a start.

Cooo eeeee, still here. Sorry it's been a long blog. Pillows & duvets available if needed. Hope you liked the pictures and the card. XX

Thank you all again for your patience with me.

love & hugs Always

Tina XX


  1. good morning Tina. Sorry to hear you are still down The pictures are beautiful. The card is
    gorgeos and I wish I could make one like yours )can you tell me what you used as base card
    is it glitter card. Have missed your cards. I don't do facebook but that is where a lot of
    people put blogs on. Get back soon ( I had my hysterectomy a long time ago get it done you will
    feel much better. Mavis L x

    1. Hi Mavis

      Lovely to see you here again thank you.

      I'll be fine, I think it's going to take a long time. Regarding a hysterectomy I won't know if I'll have one until I see the surgeon in Jan/Feb, I do know that she is going to put me under for another hysteroscopy before she makes a decision.

      The base card is the pastel glitter card from C&C, glad you like the card. I must admit I have missed crafting.

      Big Hugs
      Tina XX

  2. Helloooooooo!
    It's so lovely to see you! Well you know what I mean!
    What a lovely afternoon you spent with Claire and Evie Bear! What a lovely setting and your tea looked yummy!
    What a lovely daughter you have! It's nice to see Claire smiling too. You have all been through such an awful time but it is so good to see you back making cards again! Well done to your husband!
    As for today's card! It's beautiful - really stylish and I will certainly pin it as usual!
    I have checked often to see if I'd missed a Post from you! You have been gone but certainly not forgotten! I can see that making Christmas cards is very difficult for you! I'm so pleased you are making some though!
    None of us has bought any Dies, stamps or anything in your absence! If you believe that you will believe anything! Ha ha!
    Lovely to see you! Thanks for thinking of us! That's very you!!
    Lots of love
    Myra xxx

    1. Hello Myra

      It's lovely to be back and to see you here too, what a lovely thing to say about not forgotten.

      I have to say although I'm biased, I think Claire is GOR-GE-OUS & Evie Bear is the best at cuddles.

      Thank you for pinning my card Myra, I'm glad you like it. I have admit I have bought some Christmas cards. I will try to make some more but I need to make some flowers cards me thinks!

      My goodness Myra, if I thought for one moment I had that much influence on crafting materials I'd run to the bank tomorrow and make my own dies & stamps.

      I think I am lucky to have such lovely friends on my blog. I'll be back soon ( Hard Luck ).

      Lots of love too

      Tina XX

  3. Tina, like Myra I to have been checking to make sure I hadn't missed a post. Gorgeous photos and lovely to see Claire looking relaxed and smiling! Oh that afternoon tea looks good.
    Your card is stunning as usual, yes you aren't still in the right frame of mind, it will come just give it time. Now as for the hysterectomy, you won't miss it I can tell you that, you don't need it now either so have it out and feel better into the bargain. Take care, just pop in. Now and again and let us know you are ok, good freinds understand why you are missing. Glad to see Claire is still posting on her blog now and again, it's good for her to do this and put her thoughts down. Hazel,xxx

    1. Hello Hazel

      We did have a really good day, but my heart went out to Claire as there was a very heavily pregnant lady in the lounge also having tea and she kept standing up and rubbing her tummy, so I swapped armchairs with Claire. She was really strong that day.

      So glad you liked the card, thank you.

      can I ask for a hysterectomy or will that be up to the surgeon when I see her in Jan/Feb, as I am still having lady problems. In 9 days time it will be 4 months, so fed up with it. I thought the coil was to stop all that. Although mine was to help hormone levels.

      Thank you Hazel for visiting Claire's blog too, you're a good friend. Bless you. Say Hi to Patricia for me, hope she is well.

      Take care, Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  4. I have been waiting for you to post too. As another hysterectomy gal I can only say it improved my life so very much. You tea looked lovely, I'm glad you all had good time. The card is lovely, I hope to see many more from you soon.

    1. Hello Andrea

      Bless you, thank you.

      My goodness, I will be in good company if I have a hysterectomy. Glad you liked my card too, and I will try to do some more soon.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  5. Hi Tina
    I am sorry you still feeling down but we all understand and hope you will feel much better in time (Hugs)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's and what a lovely place to go .

    The card is Beautiful and well done i hope you can share more soon .
    God bless thinking of you jeanie xxx

    1. Hello Jeanie

      I'm sure we'll get there given time, thank you.

      Your welcome, glad you enjoyed the photo's the place was stunning and like I said another special memory made with my grandbear & daughter.

      Glad you liked the card and I will try to make some more.

      Bless you Jeanie
      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  6. Hi Tina
    I'm sorry I haven't written a comment on your blog for a while. I'm afraid life has been so hectic. But that's no excuse. .. I think your card is wonderful even if you think is not up to the mark. Your afternoon tea looks wonderful and I hope you enjoyed your day xx hugs to you all xx

    1. Hi Maria

      Please don't worry, I fully empathize with you and your hectic life, I'm just really pleased you are here now knowing what you are having to deal with, bless you.

      I'm really pleased you like the card too.

      We did have a FAB day, Thank you.

      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  7. Thank you for the personal note on the email. Hope the poem I sent touched Claire's heart in a good way and not a discouraging way. Your trip out and about was wonderful and I appreciate you sharing your photos and your story about your day with Claire and Evie Bear. Your tea and cakes looked delicious. The scenery was awesome. I so wish I could visit and see landscapes and buildings so ancient as in your photos. Here in the USA, we do not have anything with this type of age or personality. A building that we have that comes close to your aged building in size is the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. Of course, the Biltmore House is not as old as this building - not even close in age. It was wonderful seeing a smile on Claire's beautiful face. You both need more smiles and happy memories. I pray you can soon pull yourself away from that sad place. I've been there and it is a dark and lonely place to be. I "lost" 2 1/2 years. I regret the years I can not get back. Making cards and meeting card making friends brought me back into a normal world. Your card today is soooooo Elegant! I hope you don't mind, but I would love to do something similar for next year's Christmas cards. I can not quite tell if you used a white, ivory, or light gold background. I think I recognize the dies you used on your card. You did a marvelous job on the coloring of your poinsettia. Did you use Cosmic Shimmer gilding polish? Please continue making your gorgeous cards and sharing them with us here. You have encouraged me so many times. Hugs,

    1. Hello SuzzieQ

      Claire loved the poem, although made her cry it's because the poem recognized Evelyn arrived and is/was a real person, so thank you so much.

      Claire & Toby and the family take Evie Bear wherever & whenever we can. We write her name in places we would have taken her to. Her footprint will go wherever we all go. It's not what we all expected but she was/is here in so many ways.

      I would love to see some photo's of Biltmore house in Ashville if you have any?

      We are all working on Claire's smiles, not easy some day's, very small steps, but very hard to watch your child go through something you have not experienced on your most awaited delivery. I'm really sorry that you have also been in such a dark place too. I hope you are on the other side of that sadness.

      I cannot believe the wonderful family of crafting, and I agree with you all the lovely friends that have been so patient with me and have waited for my return no matter how long it has taken. I open my blog page after a long break and leaving a message to see all my fantastic regular and not so regular but familiar, comforting names to me, just there to say. We are all still here for you, that's so special.

      You make me proud to want to use my design next year. I should have written the items down. So here goes.

      Anna Marie pearlised 8X8 card
      C&C Pastel satin card, lemon
      C&C Pastel glitter card, lemon
      Sue Wilson poinsettia dies
      Sue Wilson Fern dies
      Tattered lace flourishing leaves
      Spellbinders tag dies
      Creative expression Christmas stamp
      Syntego sparkly embellishments. Super fast, super quality products.

      The poinsettia was . The largest petals, pastel satin card, lemon. The next layer pastel glitter card lemon and finally the pastel satin card. So nothing difficult or messy.

      You're very kind on the encouraging comment. All I can say is I really enjoyed doing this card so hopefully this will spur me on, fingers crossed.

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Big Hugs
      Tina XX

    2. Hi Tina,

      Thank you for your reply and the material list for your elegant card. If I had not already started my Christmas cards for this year, I would be trying to make a similar card like yours. I really love this card. The make-up of your poinsettia petals were a surprise. I would not have thought to layer the satin and the glitter card together to make the poinsettia. You are so gifted in your creation of your cards. I really thought you had done a good deal of sponging colors on each petal.

      I don't have any personal photos of the Biltmore House. I have only been inside once. I visited there with my late husband and it was decorated for Christmas and was lovely. I keep wanting to go back for another visit. They now have a hotel on site and I would like to plan a stay over night. It takes almost a full day to go through the main house. Two days would give me more time to enjoy all the sites on the grounds. The gardens are out of this world. I live in the north western mountains of North Carolina, but the Biltmore House is in the south western part of the North Carolina mountains. I have added two sites regarding the Biltmore House for you to explore. Hope you enjoy the visit to the Biltmore House.

      Hugs and prayers, SuzzieQ

      History of the Biltmore House
      Biltmore photos by the dozens:

    3. Hi SuzzieQ

      Stunning place, as soon as I saw it it looked like a chateau Paul & i visited in the Loire Valley in France on a holiday after our honeymoon. It looks stunning. If you go back for a visit I would love to see some piccies. I can imagine what it looked like at Christmas spending it with someone special. Special hugs XX

      Tina XX

  8. Hi Tina,

    I get into work every day and check your blog, you must've posted after I checked yesterday. I'm sorry to hear that you've been down recently, its not surprising with all the things you've gone through over the last year or so. You need to get into that craft room of yours and create, you make such lovely cards and to be truthful we all need some inspiration from you.
    I've been making cards for the school Christmas Fair, goodness me its hard work isn't it. I've made 34 kids Christmas kits, 20 Christmas cards (large and small) and well about 50 Birthday cards, I just hope they sell and I can raise some money for the school.
    How beautiful is Rhinefield House, what a lovely setting for your Birthday treat, your tea looked scrummy and Evie Bear looked very happy.
    Tina I think we've all had grey times in our lives, its an awful place to visit and so very difficult to get out of but you will. Please get back into your craft room and get card making again, I'm sure it'll help you.
    Thinking of you, sending big hugs your way.
    Angela xx

    1. Hi Angela

      How lovely of you to check on me everyday to see how we are, thank you. I feel so helpless when I read what Claire has written on her facebook and I am in tears again, we all just need time, but I wish I could see more smile on my girls face.

      My goodness Angela, how on earth have you found the time to make all the Christmas items and birthday cards too and work. I take my hat off to you. I hope you raise loads of money you deserve to after all that work.

      Thank you, yes it was a good day with Claire and Evie Bear. We are so pleased we have Evie's ashes in the bear as she goes everywhere.

      I will get back into my workroom again and make something especially if Paul is thinking of pulling down the shutters saying closed for business.

      Sending hugs to you too

      Tina XX

  9. Hi Tina, so lovely to hear from you again but sorry that you are still in a difficult place. I know people will tell you it takes time, and yes it does, but that does not really help, we have to find our own way out of these dark places and you will.
    Your photos of Claire and Evie Bear are beautiful and it was lovely to see Claire smiling, a small step but an important one.
    I am so glad that Paul has made you get back to making cards as you really do have a gift. Your cards are beautiful and an inspiration to all of us who visit your blog. So please Tina do try and get back into your craft room as something that has given you so much pleasure in the past may help you during this dark time.
    Love and hugs to you all

    1. Hi Wendy

      It's lovely to be back too. I think I needed that push from Paul. It's small steps, sometimes it's one back but if I see Claire happy I take a couple forward. We love Evie Bear and Claire and I took so many photo's of her in so many trees at Rhinefield and hope to go back and do it all over again.

      I will get back into my workroom, not just to think but to make!!

      Love & hugs back

      Tina XX

  10. Afternoon Tina, sorry I could not answer yesterday it was a bad day for me. I am so pleased to hear from you again but sad that you are still having difficulties, take one day at a time, you will get there but at your own pace, although I agree with your Paul.

    A stunning card today, you so inspire me when I see your work, I wish I had an ounce of your talent, love the embellishments on here too, a wonderful keepsake for someone.

    My knee is continue to improve although it reminds me often during the day and night time that it is still hurting, have taken morphine tablets again for the past 2 days as they do help, I just don't want to get hooked on them. I will get there though.

    I am loving the pictures of Evie Bear and Claire, and I totally agree about the messages on stones etc, keep it up, it does help. hugs to you all xx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hello June

      Oh June I had no idea you had an operation on your knee. If you had told me I'm sorry, brain is very mushy. I'm sorry you had a bad day on Monday, sending you big gentle hugs and if you need the morphine your body will tell you when to stop. You will get there.

      Really pleased you liked my card June, such a lovely comment.

      Glad you liked the pictures and the message on a stone. Because the hospital call our baby Angel babies & also rainbow babies, Evelyn appeared so many time yesterday. We had lots of rain and lots of rainbows some were doubles.

      Sending you hugs June, take care of your knee.

      Tina XX

  11. Hello Tina,
    I've looked in most days to see if you were there, and here you are!!! It's wonderful to see you and your beautiful card, although I know your heart would not be fully in it, it's still gorgeous.
    I'm glad you had a good birthday and that Claire was with you to share the celebration. I think the stones with Evie's name is a wonderful idea and will bring comfort to you both.
    Don't worry if you don't feel like calling in for a little while, we will still be here waiting for you.
    Much love Maureen xx

    1. Hello Maureen

      Here I am Maureen, lovely to see you too.

      Thank you for your lovely comment about my card, glad you like it, it's a start of many to come, fingers crossed.

      Stones and name writing in the sand for Evelyn are country wide and going global with all of Claire's friends, she loved very much.

      If I don't get make a card I will call in to say we are, a o k. Thank you Maureen.

      Love Tina XX

  12. Hi tina.

    That house looks stunning I wouldn't mind visiting there myself. Great u both had a lovely time and nice to see a picture of Evie bear enjoying herself too.

    I just loooooove ur card. It's simply stunning even if it did take u a week so what??? It's very pretty. I feel like that often it's finding the get up n go but I struggle a bit. Doc has upped the dosage on the happy pills today to get me through the festive season. It would've been my dads birthday on fri so I'm feeling low. But it's normal u guess.

    Speak to u soon chicky chin up xx

    1. Hi Tracy

      Maybe when you come to stay next year you will extend your time and I would love to take you there. I'll leave that thought with you.

      Glad you liked the card, I've never struggled so much just to die cut.

      Of course it's normal to feel anxious about the build up to the festive time and the big day, I'm with you there, but so proud of you to get some help, well done you. I won't intrude on Friday but if ok I will ring tomorrow or over the weekend, of course it's normal, Bless you Tracy.

      Big Hugs, Talk soon

      Tina XX

  13. Hello Tina, just checked your blog and was so happy to see pics of your lovely day out, and of course your beautiful card. Just loved the colours. Two weeks ago we said good buy to our daughter and hubby plus grandchildren as they went on a world tour, at the moment they are in Cambodia. They won't be back till the end of May 2017, so long!!!
    Anyway lovely to hear from you again.
    Love and hugs Clare xx

    1. Hello Clare

      Pleased you liked the pics and my card too.

      What a wonderful once in a life time holiday and a fantastic life experience for your grandchildren, but six months! how can you bear it. Just remember when they return you are going to get 6 months of cuddles. Sending you a friendly cuddle, I know it won't help but I'm sending it anyway.(X)

      My niece has just come back from Cambodia. She was doing a charity bike ride from Vietnam to Cambodia, she loved Cambodia. Hope this reassures you.

      If you need to chat, I'll keep checking in.

      Stay strong
      Big Hugs

      Tina XX

  14. Hello Tina I have been looking in to see if you have blogged it's lovely seeing you again sorry didn't get in Monday but I had a operation to have a Stent put in my heart on Monday so have been resting after getting home,no crafting or housework for two weeks. They went in through my main artery in my wrist on right hand so awkward typing. Anyway Tina I'm so sorry your not in a good place but Paul is right about getting back to making your gorgeous cards & this one is definitely a WOWOWOW it's beautiful I wish I could make mine as good.

    Glad you had a good birthday Tina & nice spending it with Claire & Evie Bear 🐻 What a lovely place you went for your birthday tea it looked yummy. lovely to see Claire smiling She is beautiful. What a lovely idea writing Evie's name on stones. Especially if it gives her & you some comfort. Take care my friend just get in when you can we will be here.
    love & 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Lynda xx

    1. Oh my goodness Lynda. Oh hello by the way.

      I can't believe you have taken time out to talk, you should be resting. Honestly, couldn't you just tell you hubby you were fed up with housework. Seriously though I think you were so brave. Don't you have to keep really still for this op, and were you still awake?

      It was nice to see Claire with a smile, most of them were when we took photo's of Evie Bear.I'll be fine, how could I not be with all my lovely friends here.

      You look after yourself Lynda, crafting will be waiting for you when you are ready.

      I love your little hugs, and send you some right back with love too.

      Big hugs Lynda
      Tina XX

  15. Hi Tina
    Just looked in to see how you are - hopefully in a better place now, but Christmas such a difficult time when you've all had a truly horrendous year.
    Love your card, so beautiful, you'll get back to crafting when you're ready.
    Great photos, thanks for sharing them; lovely idea for Evie to be remembered worldwide.
    I often think of you all, as do so many, and send big hugs. My wish for you is that 2017 will bring hope and peace.

    'P' in Wales