Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Wishes

Hello my loyal friends

Sorry it's not a card.

I could not let Christmas go without sending you all a big heartfelt Thank you for all of your support for us as a family through the most difficult year in our lives, I genuinely don't know how I would have coped without knowing that you were there for us. To just turn on my computer and see so many beautiful words when I needed to see a friendly message, you never let me down, Thank you so so much.

I would like to send you all good wishes for a wonderful Christmas and for us all to have a 2017 that brings us all Peace, health & happiness.

Love to you all & hope to see you all here next year. Love & Hugs

God Bless you all

Tina XX

Just a little Christmas game, it won't take too long. It's called spot the dog. Paul found this on his phone the other day.

I remember this day very well. We couldn't find her in the house, we knew she hadn't gone far. We went outside and called her, unknown to us she had curled up in one of the chairs, when we called her this little head popped up from her snooze. Little minx!!

I took Half Pint over the forest the other day when we had that thing called sunshine. She was amazed at all the animals that were out that day. Here's just a few.

Mum had her nose right in the window.

This one I had to show you. I have never seen a sheep with such unusual markings. This one had 2 black ears, 2 black eyes, a black nose and black and white stripey legs. I did try to get a close up but it was a bit camera shy.

And finally, a Merry Christmas from Half Pint. XX

Merry Christmas everyone & and a Happy New Year.XX


  1. Morning Tina, thank you for your lovely comments too, and for these gorgeous pictures of half pint, and the multi coloured sheep, I wonder what it was crossed with to be born like that.

    I know it has been a very difficult year for you and your family and today will not be easy for you but you know we are all here to support you, whenever you are low, or just need a friendly hugs.

    Looking forward to the New Year and seeing your creations and inspirations from your new Craft home.

    Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas, a joyous time with friends and family, and a peaceful and healthy New Year.

    Now for the prezzies, I have a couple under the tree, then later off to our youngest sons for our Christmas meal.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Wonderful photos. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with hope and understanding. Hugs, SuzzieQ

  3. Hi Tina so lovely to hear from you and the great photo,s ,
    Thinking of you all God Bless and a Happy New Year to you and your Family
    love Jeanie xxxx

  4. Merry Christmas Tina

    Thank you for posting such lovely photos, I hope that you all have a lovely day. Give Half Pint an extra treat from Billy and me.

    Love and hugs to you all, T xxx

  5. Hello Tina it was so nice to receive your email on this special day as I know it will not have been an easy day for you all. I would like to wish you all a peaceful day and pray that 2017 brings you all happier times .
    Your photos are beautiful and half pint is a star, and I thank you for sharing them with us.
    I also look forward to seeing some of your beautiful cards as the are truly inspirational.
    Sending you all hugs

  6. Hello Tina,
    It's late and I should be in bed! However I found your email and it's so lovely to see you today! Your photos are beautiful! Half Pint is a real star! He picked the perfect place for his snooze - comfort, sunshine and shelter from the breeze!
    It's been a rotten year, my friend but I'm praying that truly for you and your family 2017 will a year to remember for good reasons! Like my little candles which are flickering in little glass pots which say Hope, Joy and Peace! This would be my hope and prayer for you and your family!
    It's been a busy day today and a busier one tomorrow . I almost admitted I was getting old earlier!
    Happy Christmas and thank you for keeping in touch! It's always lovely to hear from you.
    Hope Santa was kind to you!
    Lots of love, Myra xxx

  7. Hi Tina, It is lovely to hear from you again. I hope you had a few happy times this Xmas - I know it will be a time of mixed feelings - I lost my daughter and husband within 2 weeks of each other over the holidays a few years ago and I find it hard to put a "clown face" on but I know other people are willing me on. My heart goes out to you but knowing you have friends who understand means a lot.
    I hope next year will be a better year for you all. XXXXX Keep smiling !! Mary - Durham

  8. Hi tina.
    I hope u managed to enjoy family time yesterday as I know how difficult it is.
    Thank you for calling me yesterday for a quick blether on your busy day.
    that truly made my day yesterday. Got through it yesterday with a bottle of champagne and several toasts to family and friends and missing friends too.
    Speak soon my lovely friend xx

  9. Hi Tina lovely photos made me smile. My Emma and family were in New Zealand for Christmas but still managed to FaceTime on Christmas Day.
    Happy new year
    Love and hugs Clare xx

  10. Hi Tina,
    I hope that you had a lovely Christmas with your family around you. I really hope that you're feeling a little better, a couple more months and spring will be in sight, what a relief that will be.
    We spent the time at home with my Mum, our Son, his partner and our 4 grandchildren, as you can imagine it was busy if not a little chaotic - lol. My eldest Son and his partner flew off to Oz to spend Christmas with his old Uni friends who emigrated about 10 years ago.
    We had a couple of rotten weeks before Christmas as my brother had a relapse, was poorly, had more bad news and ended up back in hospital. He's still very positive and got home just before Christmas, he's weak but his strength is growing a little every day.
    Love the pictures of the forest animals and sweet little Half Pint, what a cutie she is :)
    Lets hope that 2017 will be a much better year for all of us.
    Hugs Angela xx

  11. Hello Tina,
    What fantastic photos, thank you and I agree, I've never seen a sheep with markings like that! Half Pint is certainly a star.
    I'm sorry that I'm so late in posting but this is the first day up and about for any length of time since Christmas Eve - no I wasn't being lazy, I am recovering from some flu like bug which has well and truly floored me. Christmas? what Christmas ha ha.
    I wish you and all the family a much better 2017 and hope that things turn the corner and good luck, health and contentment come to all of you.
    love Maureen xxx

  12. Hi Tina like Maureen I have got I have the coughing flu bug since Christmas Eav Eve the worse part is the cough it just drains you.
    Any way I'm pleased you managed a reasonable Christmas Tina & Half pint is so adorable & your pictures are gorgeous & that sheep haven't seen one like that. I truly wish you & your family a better 2017 very Happy Happy new year
    Love Lynda xxx