Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

To all my amazing friends here on my blog. You have walked with me this year on the most difficult path I have ever taken. You have shared my joys and my most intimate tears, and from my heart I don't think I could have got through this year without you all. I know we have never met and only conversed here on my blog or by phone & email, but all of you that have left messages of comfort, love & hugs when my family needed it the most, I Thank You so much. Thank You, are just two little words, but at this time they are the biggest words I can send each of you with the biggest of hugs to go with them.

We are all having New Years Eve on our own. I would love to have spent it with Claire, Toby & Craig but realise Claire & Toby need this time to let go of 2016 to be able to reflect and remember, it's so difficult as I just want to hug them all. It's so hard having to stand back sometimes.

I have been sorting out my workroom as it looks like a bomb has hit it over the Christmas, not because of making things but storing things, and I just want it gone! I did treat myself to a few of Sue's dies over Christmas in the sales. It is my intention to make some cards in 2017, and again Paul has said, " If you don't use it you'll lose it " ( Yeh right!! ). So I have to get my backside into gear in 2017.

So finally,      I think you are all amazing, and I would like to send each and everyone of you a heartfelt Thanks, Love, Health & Happiness for 2017, and maybe meet some of you this year at AP.

See you Soon

Tina XX


  1. Dear Tina,
    I am sorry I can only respond to you via your blog as this is the only address I have for you
    I want to say thank you so much for your kind wishes and sentiments for the New Year.
    I truly hope that you Paul, Clair, Toby and Craig have a happier, healthier and peaceful 2017 and can leave behind the heartbreak of 2016.
    Little Evie will always have a really special part in all your hearts and I know that you will always take her with you wherever you go. She is truly loved.
    I am looking forward to seeing some more of your beautiful cards in 2017 when you feel able
    Hugs Wendyx

  2. Hi tina.
    Happy new year to u and ur family. I know how hard things can be pet but hopefully this year will be better for everyone. Onwards and upwards!! Thanks for ur call last night I do truly appreciate u taking the time to call. I'll speak to u real soon my lovely. Special hugs xxx

  3. Hi Tina, I just wanted to wish you and your family hopefully a better 2017.
    All my love and crafty hugs.
    Clare xx

  4. Hi Tina

    Wishing you, Paul, Claire and Toby a happier, healthy and healing 2017. Glad you brought some dies, you need to get back to crafting, it's the right time. I need to sort my crafty space out too. About 3 bombs hit mine. It got used as the Christmas wrapping up centre as usual. From old laptops to football programmes to the biggest collection of used cardboard boxes! Some old crafty stuff to donate to a friends girl guide troop, some bits for eBay too. Lol, that'll be a conversation with my helpers "today we're posting stuff on eBay!" Must first stop Billy thinking that he's the centre of attention when the ladies visit! I must get back to crafting too. I will if you will, yes?

    Sorry it took me a while to compose my last email. Hope you have Ellie that cuddle and extra treat I sent. Sending many more of course 🐕

    Hugs from me, wags, woofs and cuddles from Billy monster.

    T x

  5. Hi Tina,

    Wishing you and your lovely family a very happy, safe, healthy and peaceful New Year, I will not say anything about 2016 just kick it up the backside.

    Looking forward to seeing some more creations and inspirations from you, yes you know you can do it, just a little bit at a time and you will find that you will get there. I so love Sue's dies, I think I have almost everyone of them, there are a few I don't like but out of her whole collections that is not bad. She does some amazing creations, as you do too.

    I too would love to meet up with you, hopefully will be able to get to AP in April (I think it is) then in May I will be going to Detling (Kent Show Ground) for the new Creative Co. with Hochanda and Gordon Frazer and their teams, this is a new venture for them and I am so looking forward to it, they will be announcing the exhibitors and details of ticket prices etc. in the New Year, would be lovely if you could get to that too.

    Anyway, off to have a cuppa with hubby now.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. Tina, wishing you all a better year and that it will bring some happiness in to your lives. Yes I do think Claire and Toby needed time to reflect over what 2016 was like for them. This year I would love to read that Claire has found an little bit of peace in her mind.
    You will get back into crafting in your own time, it's not something that can be rushed. We are coming to Devizes in April so a meet up could be possible in Salisbury. Take care my friend I hope this posts, Google want let me get into my account for some reason. Hazel x

  7. At long last I can post again. Hazel

  8. Dear Tina. I could not have done the message any better
    A Happy New Year to you all. We bloggers are always there.
    Love & Best Wishes Mavis L x

  9. Wishing you and your family a blessed New Year with great health and new beginnings. You all have been through a horrific year in 2016. I pray each and everyone of you finds peace within your soul and that you have much happiness in this brand new year. Looking forward to your cards to come this year using some of Sue Wilson's dies. Take care my friend.

  10. I wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope you find some Peace in 2017, all the very best to you all.

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family Tina. I truly hope 2017 will be kinder to you. Keep your pecker up. Best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

  12. Hello Tina,
    How lovely to see you. I wish you and all your family A Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. I especially hope for the Peace that will heal some of the hurt you have all endured in 2016.
    love Maureen xxx

  13. Hello Tina!
    So lovely to hear from you. I'm just catching up as we have had visitors and they left about 11.30am today! I've been a bit lazy since!
    Happy New Year to you and all your family! I'm really praying that this year will bring some peace of mind and not only that, joy and happiness into your family!
    I hope Christmas has been as nice as it could be!
    The long tailed tits arrived back in the garden on Boxing Day! The blackbird is making a noise again so Spring is coming!
    We have had two beautiful sunny days with clear skies and lovely sunshine. It's frosty but I don't mind the cold - better than fog or rain any day!
    Will be in touch!
    Lots of love, Myra xx

  14. Hi Tina
    Sorry I missed your blog.
    A happy New year to you and your family and may this one be more peaceful.
    I hope you start to create your beautiful cards soon, you have been greatly missed.
    My husband lost his father just before Christmas and its taken its toll on him they were so close. No time is easy when you loose a loved one but Christmas seems more pionient.
    Lots is hugs
    Maria xxx