Monday, 4 June 2018

Last minute card

Hi My Friends

I spent Sunday trying to think of a card for my brother in law after a reminder it is on Wednesday 6th. I was flicking through my dies and came across Sue's shirt die. It should have been a quick card but kept changing my mind on colours, but ended up with a black, silver, grey & white scheme. I hope he likes it. I wanted to do so much more with the card but he's not one for sentiments and will probably end up in the recycling bin anyway. Maybe the next man card using this die will be different.

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying this fantastic array of weather we are experiencing, from sweltering heat to electric storms to full on thunderstorms and torrential rain, wet & breezy days and back to very hot days. All I can say is it's not boring! The garden is filling out day by day, I think some serious pruning needed already. The fish in the pond that we built just before Claire's wedding 4 yrs ago seem to have doubled in size over this winter too, can't prune them though, so maybe we need to construct a bigger pond in the near future.

Anyway Here Goes with the card!!

Sorry I didn't put the studio up to take the photo's but got side lined to do dinner, and also to move a little bench we bought in memory of Evelyn to a sunnier spot in the garden so that the solar daffodil flower lights will charge, as you know daffodils always reminds us of Evelyn. I will put some pictures her of her little bench when the plaque arrives.

 I didn't take the photo's above until early hours this morning, so forgive me for not using the studio and showing an untidy sanctuary.

Look after yourselves. Until next time X

Love & Big Hugs

Tina XX


  1. Morning Tina. wow what can I say, it is absolutely gorgeous, and the embossing folder you have used (what is it called?) matches up exactly with the shirt and tie and all the accessories, especially the mobile.

    Sounds like your garden is keeping you busy, thankfully my hubby is a garden fanatic so I just reap the beautiful benefits.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June

      How are you, I hope you are keeping well.

      The embossing folder is a Sue Wilson one called LINEN., glad you liked the card. In hindsight I think I should have used a smaller sized card maybe a 7x7 as opposed to an 8x8, but didn't have much time to think about it as it needed to go off today.

      How lucky you are to have a lovely hubby gardener, I've got a hacker he takes after his dad, his dad used to drive mum mad. She would go into the garden for a nice walk about only to see that her favourite shrubs and trees had had the Donald demolition treatment. The garden will look at it's best soon for Phoenix's Christening, I'll take a picture before Paul hacks it all back.

      Love & Hugs June

      Tina XX

  2. Hi Tina
    A Brilliant card love the glasses a great mans card .
    I hope you and family are all keeping well and enjoying some sunshine at last.

    I am okay now after my fall but being nagged all the time ,never mind have been back in craft room and have made a couple of cards ( takes me so long )i think i better start christmas cards now ha ha .
    well take care love to you all jeanie

    1. Hi Jeanie

      Glad you are feeling better after your fall How's the nose, is it on the mend and hope the bruises have all gone too, and that the frame has helped stop anymore accidents.Hugs, don't you just hate being nagged, I've got one of those and I haven't even had a fall!!.

      Glad you like Brother-in-laws card, I hope he does too.

      We are all well. Phoenix has mastered his 1st cold and is soaking up the Sun/shade in Portugal for 2 weeks as we speak. They went on Saturday and it's only Monday but I have withdrawal symptoms already. Other than going to see my son I will have time to make some birthday cards due in June and our 39th Anniversary in July. I think it is a good idea to start on Christmas as it creeps up faster every year, or is that just me?

      Sending you all love and some hugs for you Jeanie

      Tina XX

  3. Hello you ! Is that folder from Crafters Companion I have one identical and it's so useful for male type cards, 💡 moment I can use it for the tool kit too 😆 thanks for the reminder and kick up the 'you know what' lol. This looks an extremely smart shirt etc I do love your work Tina no matter what subject they are always beautiful. Still have no enthusiasm to get into my craft room, still have a half made card sitting on the table that I started just before I was off colour ! Saying that, I have a nurse coming at 4pm to show me how to inject this new drug lol talk about wasting nurse's time, I've been self injecting for ages now like I need tuition - it's because it's a new drug apparently and a new NHS supplier so I have to show 'in competent' before they leave me to it so sweetie better make it a dog friendly hygienic place and Hoover up the mess a ginger dog leaves hourly during her horrendous shedding period. So looking forward to your next card and the photo of Evies special place to think and enjoy your beautiful garden. Love you lots xxx

    1. Hi Boss

      The folder is a CE Sue Wilson EF called LINEN. I only found mine by accident. I'm trying to get my dies and folder into some kind of order. I've quite a bit of money on zip up folders with lots of inserts so all the dies are in sections. There's babies & Christmas that takes up one folder, Flowers and leaves take up a complete large lever folder,Toppers & backgrounds take up another zipped folder, edging & fancy edgings take up another one and so on. I still have to sort out my stamps yet ( Getting bored too! ).

      Oh Steph as if your not going through enough, and you incompetent NEVER! just humour her.

      That is one hairy dog you have there Steph, I can't believe how many time you hoover everyday. I think the three cats moult more than the dog. Paul likes wooden floors and every morning after the cats have had their playtime over night you come into the hall and there are tumbleweed fur balls rolling along, I sound like a dirty mare don't I. I get my own back by turning the hoover on but that just makes them scatter and make tumbleweed in every room. Hey Ho! I will take some photo's of Evelyn's garden just waiting for the Evelyn rose to come out.

      Look after yourself Steph, Loves You too. X

      Me XX

    2. WOW Mrs organized lol. You've put me to shame. Mine are on magnetic sheets but lying on their side as no room to keep them flat in the plastic box I use and the ..... keep falling off !! My room use to be a delicate shade of green but when they fall and a 16 set of dies turns into 12 and I have to empty the box to find a couple of flowers/leaves the walls turn blue lol so what are these folders may I ask and are you free to come and do mine lol .... wine chilling lol xxx

    3. Hi Boss

      They are Xcut A4 dies and embossing folder storage. I haven't even thought about my EF yet either.

      A woman after my own heart. I'll even buy them for you on the way up, keep that wine chilled I'm on my way. XX

      Hic!, Hugs too

  4. Hi Tina. I really love this card it perfect for the men in your life.
    I agree the embossing folder is gorgeous & goes very well with your design.
    Your so well organised Tina.
    Bailey & Rea are both shedding theire coats so you can imagine the amount of hairs.
    We brush them every morning & evening but it doesn't seem to make much difference with theire shedding.
    They are small dogs as you know Tina I can imagine how much you could get from a big dog.
    Sorry I'm a bit late in commenting I haven't been well for a couple or more weeks with a bad flu like cold but it's the coughing I haven't had much sleep for over a week now & it's draining I have no energy. So apologies my friend.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda

      So sorry to read you have been so poorly.there are so many bugs going around at the moment. I've picked one up while travelling up to Yorkshire yesterday and we had many pit stops. Thank goodness we took the caravan.

      There's nothing worse than having a cough as it's always when trying to sleep it's the most annoying. I'm sending you some gentle hugs, don't squeeze them to tight incase you catch my bug with a cough that could be very dodgy.😫.X

      Luckily we brought our little hoover away with us as half pint is well decorating the caravan with's a full time job!

      Speak more when we get home

      Love & hugs

      Tina XX