Saturday, 24 May 2014

I made this card for my bestie. I met her at the school gates when our girls started school and we have been friends ever since. Her birthday was on the 23rd, so I hope she won't go on my blog , as I am going to give her the card today. I can't sleep too much still lots to do for the blessing today, but just had to take 5 as I just love making cards. ( took a bit longer than 5 though ).

Products used:-
Sue Wilson- Finishing touches Classic rose
Sue Wilson- Italian collection Umbria
A4 Lattice embossing folder
Butterfly die, sorry still trying to find out, any help on this one I would really love.
Diamond sparkles for butterfly wings.

I Hope she likes it.


  1. Good morning Tina. Glad you have decided to take time out for yourself and do what you love doing, it helps your dad would hate for you to stop doing what you love doing, he will be looking over your shoulder and I bet he has a smile on his face. He will also be with you all at the blessing, your daughter will feel him there to. Enjoy the blessing and take all the help you are offered today. I like to do thinks my way but there are times you have to just step back and except help from others and I think with all that has gone on this past week you just need that little bit. Your card for your friend is stunning and she will love it as she knows what you are going through, she is your "bestie" and she will be there for you today. Hazel xx

  2. Its beautiful, and I bet its the best card she gets it really is stunning, its sad what your going thro,but I hope you can get thro today and as hazel said take the help if its offered we all need support from time to time take care x

  3. Good to see you back Tina and with another stunning creation that your friend will truly love xx thoughts with you and yours today xx GailT xx

  4. Hi! Tina, I hope when you are reading this you will have enjoyed your day.
    Your dad will always be there, life goes on, he will be there with all the happy memories you have of him.
    The card for your friend is stunning she will be delighted and treasure it.
    Sending you loving thoughts and (((((hugs)))))

    Patricia xx

  5. Absolutely stunning Tina such lovely colours and so beautifully designed, your friend should be over the moon and honoured you have taken time to make her card and hopefully treasure your work of art.
    Delighted to know you are taking my advice and having some Tina time, I do hope all has gone well with the Blessing and celebration of Clare and Toby's wedding today I have been thinking of you all, I do hope the weather held up for you.
    Extra special hugs at this time.
    With love
    Margaret corgi owner

  6. Hi Tina
    Lovely to see you back. Lots to occupy your mind at the moment but what a beautiful card you have produced in the midst of it all.
    Hope the blessing and everything else goes well at this sad time.
    With all good wishes.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Tina.
    You are a complete star. You ask ME about time and fitting it all in, and you make this true beauty with all that's going on round you !? Amazing. If your friend shows no emotion around this beautiful card, send her our way and we'll sort her out - right guys ?
    My brain is mush, Im exhausted. So I shall take another look later.If.Im not snoozing !
    Hope the blessing was another lovely day, albeit with saddness. I was thinking of you all Tina and just wanted to hug you so much.

    Thinking of you and cant wait for your next stunning Sue lookilike - e

    Steph xx

  8. Tina, honey, this is a beautiful card, and obviously made with love. Crafting has helped me get through tough times too, I think if you can create something as beautiful as this, it puts a bit order in life.
    It seems strange to say that I hope you do get enjoyment from today, but it is a lovely feeling to find other people also loved your Dad, and listen to their memories.
    Janice W