Monday, 26 May 2014

The Blessing

The Blessing was very special. It was done by a lady I used to work with in the village school, she was the school secretary, now Jane is our vicar, so it was a little bit special. Jane made an announcement about Claire's grandad passing and asked for a minute of silent prayers. The only noise to be heard was of a Cuckoo, which was lovely as dad told us all the Cuckoo rhyme every year. I never get tired of hearing it. God bless Don. 

Just a few pictures to show what a beautiful day we had with the blessing and the fantastic weather we had. Just a few miles away had heavy rain, but we were just so lucky. Some one was looking down on us. Claire was just as happy and excited this day as she was at the wedding. So many lovely memories to cherish. What a lucky person I am.

All the photo's were taken by Jake, the cool dude in sunglasses playing badminton, he's 10yrs old. He is Claire's best friend's boy, but we have adopted him as our grandson, he's gorgeous.

I Would just like to say a big thank you for all your lovely thoughts, I can't tell you how much they mean to us. You are such lovely ladies. I hope you will come back.


Tina XX


  1. Tina, what a beautiful village church and setting. Yes you can see that they are just as happy as on their wedding day. See your dad was there too the cuckoo was to just let you know, as he knew you all love him to tell you the thyme every year. After 45 years I still know when my mum is around. She die very young at 43yrs old. Thank you for taking time out to share these photo with us, we are all here for you. Hazel xx

  2. Thank you Tina for sharing some pictures of such a wonderful day, you are truly blessed with having such a lovely family. It is so obvious you were all being looked after especially on Saturday to have wonderful sunshine, I am so pleased everything went so well after all your hard work too. Clare and Toby look so happy they are very fortunate to have you all, when they count their blessings I feel sure you are at the top of their list.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  3. What a,beautiful sunny day, im so glad it all went so well, when my hubbies dad died it was just before our wedding and we decided to mention him in our service in church on the day, We both felt from that moment he was with us. Ur dad would have been with u every step of the way. The sign was the cuckoo take care tina x

  4. Good afternoon Tina, the pictures are fantastic. The happiness is so obvious, is just shines through.
    Glad it all went well and your Dad was there, not in person, he was certainly there in "spirit" even sending the Cuckoo as a sign.
    Remember we are all here for you

    Patricia xx

  5. Hi Tina.
    Thank you for sharing your day and memories with us. Such a happy couple captured in the warmth of the beautiful day.
    I agree with the rest of your blog friends, dad's soul was bought to you all by the cuckoo, it was his blessing to Clair and Toby singing to you from a distant tree. It must have been a difficult day, but Im sure with the strength of such a wonderful close family, you all got through it with a gentle lonely tear.
    Im so happy the weather was kind to you, after all your hard work, you so deserved it. I was thinking of you SO much dear friend.

    Steph xxx

  6. Beautiful photos and what a lovely day weather wise too for you all - thanks for sharing xx as all the others have said the cuckoo was letting you know that your Dad was with you all that day and no doubt he had a hand in the weather for you too xx GailTxx

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  8. We would all like to say a big Thank you to all of you for all your lovely thoughts and king words of comfort, and for believing in the Cuckoo as much as we did, of all the birds to sing on that day and be so close. Really not looking forward to the 4th June.

    I don't know if you will come back so soon on my blog, but have a lovely holiday Patricia and Hazel. Hope you will tell us how good it was. Enjoy yourselves, take care.

    Love to all. and Thank you

    Tina XX

  9. We'll be here for you when you feel ready. Dont expect too much from yourself. You have been through so much Tina. High's and immense low's in such a short space of time, no one will be expecting you to jump through hoops love.
    June 4th will be 'your' time to weep and be angry just dont be hard on yourselves, cry when you want, shout in anger when you want, but we shall be thinking of you and although not physically, we shall be there to hold your hand. Just continue to be the family that you are and support each other, as you all do in times like this.
    We'll be here when you feel ready to show us your amazing cards again chick.

    Head up.
    Love is with you.

    Steph xxx

  10. Hi Tina
    Beautiful photos on a special day. I'm sure there will be many more cuckoo moments. There are certain sights or sounds that make me feel that my Mum and Dad are near.
    Grieve in your own way chuck and come back when you're ready.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  11. Hello Tina, what beautiful photos of Clair and Toby's blessing, they look so happy, and of course your dad was there in spirit with you all, and what a lovely call to have from the cuckoo.
    We will look forward to seeing you back here again, but take all the time you need, there is no blueprint on grieving, we'er going nowhere and come back when you're better, Hugs Kate x