Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hi Friends

Sorry it's late but the latest update on Claire is, we are no further forward. The surgeon said, that they are not going to put a name to her Episode, as they called it. He said it is in his opinion not appendicitis.  It could have been a cyst on the ovary, or it could be, If you can imagine a sea anemone surrounding the ovary. It could be that one of the strands could have gone into a spasm and because it would have bled could have died off. Nothing to in and investigate. He feels that Claire will be back to good health in 3-4 weeks, even though she still has pain in her appendix area. As we left he said I want you to have another blood test to make sure your appendix are not inflamed, and " Oh by the wat Claire we have not ruled out early appendicitis. she was so poorly yesterday when I took her back to hospital with an ulcerated throat the day she was discharged. She had to go the doctors today, and has now been put on antibiotics. She is so poorly, and her school rang her today and said could she possibly go into work tomorrow For PPA meeting for Monday. I told her she should go back to the doctors to get another sick note, but as usual Claire just ignored my concerns. " What else can I do ". I just have to wait until she wears herself out completely. I just wish Toby would be a little bit more stronger with her. I just have to sit on the side lines and hope she will be OK.

Mum's don't we really get a bum deal with attitudes sometimes, hey ho. I guess my mum used to say that about me ? really. I don't think so I would have got a clip around the ear.

sorry to sound so down, so much going on at the moment.

I missed making cards so much. I did start to make a card for the Scrapology competition Sue mentioned on her blog., but if nyone has read my blog you will know I have had problems with my Ebosser machine and my hubby took it apart and it is now running more slowly and with less pressure. Guess where my die is now, RIGHT stuck in my BL--DY Ebosser. What a Bummer. I will have to wait till Paul gets home from work to release my dies to be able to finish my card.

I hope I have'nt bored you with my message today, but in this household at the moment it does'nt rain for what it pours. Thank God I have big umbrella's, Ooooer missus!

Thank you all again for being there for Claire, it means so much X

Love to all Tina XX


  1. Oh Tina of coure you haven't bored us...I only wish there was something that I could do to help. Just want to let you know I'm here along with your other followers to listen and sometimes it helps a little to get it off your chest. I can't believe the school want Claire to go back to work, surely they must realise how poorly she is otherwise she wouldn't have been taken to hopital in the first place. I do hope Claire starts to feel better really soon. You take care Tina and I know if I say 'Try not to worry' that it's easier said than do as I would be exactly the same about my own daughter.
    Hugs to you and Claire and hope all will be well sorry about your Ebosser too.

    Love Sheila xx

  2. Oh, Tina, sorry but I had not looked at the blog for a few days. You and your family are having a difficult time this year. Poor Claire. It is always so hard to watch and know how to deal with the "experts" in authority. There are times we all have to kick out at them and yell.
    Hold on tight, scream and shout on the blog, no one minds.
    Take care
    Janice W

  3. Hi Tina
    What a palaver! We can send men to the bloomin moon but can't work out what is causing all this pain. I had similar happen a few years ago, sent home with painkillers. Didn't give me an endoscopy appointment until 6 months later and found scarring from a virus that never got treated. Happened again 2 years ago and still only got painkillers. Its not right!
    Hope they get to the bottom of this for poor Claire's sake.
    You vent as much as you like chuck but let's keep your "big umbrellas" out of this; its a family show lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  4. Hi Tina, I'm just catching up with you. I am so sorry to hear you and Claire are no further on, so worrying and frustrating for you all.
    Any mum would worry and be angry, so you vent all you want, we're hear to listen. I hope Claire finds ease of pain soon, like you I'd be saying Bu---r the school, she should be taking it easy. BIG HUGS, Kate c