Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Little bit Retro

Good Tuesday morning to everyone who visits my blog. I thank you very much, and feel free to stay a while and leave a comment. It will more than welcomed.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and has not been too cold for you . One of our fish in our pond died a couple of days ago but couldn't get it out because the ice was so thick.  We only managed today to break a small corner of the ice to get it out. The ice was at least 1" thick and it has thawed a little compared with last week, to enable to get it out to bury the fish in the garden.

Today I went to fill the bird feeders, a job I find I have to do several times a day at the moment,  and I have become very friendly with a little Robin, as I was filling the feeder the robin came and sat on the handrail to the decking. As you do I made silly birdie noises and held out the container to him/her, and blow me, it flew onto the container and ate a few nuts. It was literally inches from me. I thought how wonderful to have something so beautiful  so close. Now I am working towards it landing on my hand, Any tips?

Today's card I have used The shoes stamp by Creative Expressions, and the sentiment is a phrase from Marilyn Monroe. I've tried to use the more 50's/60's flower power vibe with more vibrant colours.

Wasn't Sue'S weekend show's fantastic. She makes everything so do-able and want-able.

 Products used :-

8X8 Black Card
Creative Expressions- Milk card
Creative Expression- Holographic card
Creative Expression- Doodle daisies mask
Creative Expression- Adirondack Ink pads- Raspberry, Citrus and Purple Twilight
Creative Expression- Shoes Ink pad
Creative Expressions- Iced Snow
Sue Wilson- Radiant Rectangles
Sue Wilson- Finishing touches- Camellia- Complete petals die
Sue Wilson- Embossing folder
Sue Wilson- Caribbean Island collection- St Barts
Gems- from my stash
Creative Expressions- Bow- Bias ribbon and hand coloured with above ink pads.

Another very different one for me,  I hope you like it.

I Started with an 8X8 black card, and matt and layered it with CE holographic card and another layer of foundations card embossed with Sue Wilson's folder, and did the same on a smaller scale for the focal point. I then used the daisy mask and inked it with the 3 Adirondack ink pads. I then covered it with a sticky sheet and covered it with beautiful iced snow glitter. For the focal point I cut a centre of thr Spellbinders Radiant rectangles and edged it with Sue Wilson's new Caribbean collection- St Barts. I used the Creative expressions shoes stamp and did stripes of Adirondack ink over the stamp. i stamped the sentiment on to white foundation card and cut it out with the oval die from the radiant rectangles die set.I cut some flowers from Sue Wilson's camellia die set and coloured with the same Adirondack stamps, and finished it with the seam binding ribbon also coloured with the Adirondack stamp pads. I tied a messy bow and attached it to the side of the card.

I hope you like this card.

Tina XX


  1. Tina. This is gorgeous, love how the holographic card just adds colours very lightly and brings out the flower colours etc. oh I can image your delight with the little Robin being so close, Charlie can go and fill the feeders and the Robin and a couple of chaffinches don't move away, the Robin often sits on the deck rail looking in the patio door as if to say " hurry up and feed us". Hope Paul isn't in to much pain and managing to do things for himself. Hazel x

  2. This is fabulous Tina the colours are wonderful and the holographic card just brings the whole card to life, and wow look at that bow! My goodness what a shopping list of ingredients for this card, Sue's dies are so inspirational, you really do use them so very well.
    So wonderful for you when your robin upped the friendly stakes with you they are such lovely and interesting little birds we have two along with a timid little wren I could watch their antics for hours.
    Hope the walking wounded are making progress in the recovery stakes.
    Take care, I hear you have fog this morning in your area.
    Margaret corgi owner

  3. Fantastic. At first I thought you had worked your colour scheme around that super ribbon, but when I read on, no, you coloured the ribbon yourself. Being on this design team has really made you show us a much wider range of your talent.
    Hope Paul is a bit better today.
    As for the robin, just be patient. My 92 year old father in law, who is an avid gardener, has had a robin work along side him for years. It sits beside him and he tosses it the worms he digs up.
    Janice W

  4. Hi Tina,
    What a super card! It is just lovely and would suit girls of all ages ! Because of the lovely bright colours my teenage grandaughter would live this! Your ribbons and bows are gorgeous. It is just so different but in a very good way!
    My husband has a close friendship with whom he calls Mrs Blackbird! Her favourite is pink pellets and she whistles for those to be scattered for her! She will let him sit beside her while she has them. Very funny and lovely to watch! Birds bring so much pleasure.
    Thanks, Tina,
    Lots of love,
    MYRA xx

  5. Hi Tina, love your card and the holographic paper is gorgeous nice colour combination altogether very elegant. About the robin it will sit on your hand soon just let it get used to you without forcing her .we had one which in the end sat on our shoulder ate out of our hand and even sat on the steering wheel of our car when we opened the door !! At one stage she walked into the house! I used to talk to her had called her Trixie and when I called her name she would come and sit next to me!incredible!! So be patient she will eat out of your hand .For now take care love Jane B.

  6. Wow love all the papers, die cuts, framing and image.

    Hugs Diane

  7. Hi TIna
    Gorgeous card love the colours very vibrant .A brilliant technique with colouring your ribbons.love the image
    All in all a stunning card
    Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Hi Tina

    You've nailed the 60's / flower power vibe! That was the first thing Ithought of when I saw the picture. I never read before seeing the picture on these notification emails, I just like to look first and just enjoy the whole before seeing what's in the 'recipe'! I love the colouring on the stamp, very reminiscent of that eras designs and fashions. Altogether it makes a lovely card I could give to my teenage sister or to my nanna!

    Hope hubby is healing well


    T x

    1. Forgot to say I love the story about the robin, I make sure the bird feeder is well stocked even though it's not been really cold here. We have a robin who sits atop the tree in the garden that is next to mine, he or she sings their little heart out all day. Can't tell if it's male or female as the tree is 40' high!

  9. Hello Tina,
    This is great. I love the colours and the verse, and the dying of the ribbon is inspired. The holographic card echoes the colours, it is fab and would fill the bill for those pesky teenage girls.
    I don't know why I have to search all over to find your latest blog, my computer keeps showing your older ones and I'm sure there must be an easier way to find you. Anyway, if I go missing it's because I can't find you!!!
    I have heard that if a robin comes into your garden and stays, it's because a loved one who has died is visiting you. My daughter's next door neighbour swears it's her Nanna who died last year, and now a robin is in her garden every day. I think it's because the robin wants feeding, but she has fed it every day and gradually it has come nearer and nearer, and now takes food from her hand.
    Hope to see you again, fingers crossed!!

  10. Hello Tina, I hope Paul is geting on and not in too much pain.
    Your card is stunningn, loving the image and bright Retro colours. That sentiment is so true, love it.
    Just be patient, we have a pair of Robins in the garden who are always there or there about singing their little hearts out.
    We have a Blackbird who taps on the Patio Doors to be fed. He takes from me but no one else.

    Patricia xxx

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