Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Design Team Card for February

Good Tuesday morning everyone and thank you for visiting my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you all have managed to stay safe and warm in this awful weather. Luckily we have got away with just heavy frosts and strong winds, but further up North you've had the lot, poor you.

We have a very important day here on Wednesday. It's my son's birthday and I can't believe Craig will be 30. He's coming over with his girlfriend for dinner, he hasn't given me a menu yet.

Do you remember when we had a party it was sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and jelly and ice cream with bread and butter, what was that all about! and finally a home made cake. Wasn't it good fun though.

I have just unpacked my new replacement Cut n Boss machine. I first  placed an order back in September 2014, it arrived End of October , used it for a day or so and it went wrong. It made an horrendous noise when taking the folders, it would turn itself off mid stream and it wouldn't take Sue's heart folder at all. I contacted JGD crafts and they were fantastic. It was collected the next day, Janet from JGD crafts kept me informed every step of the way. Anyway my new one as I said arrived today ( Monday ). I unwrapped it quickly as I wanted to have a play. I got the  mentioned extras Like an A4 embossing folder, a set of dies and an added extra of a hair statically stuck between the 2 clear cutting plates, and it wasn't from the head. I didn't know whether to scream, laugh, or gag. I know I had to wait a long time for my machine, but that was one free gift I could have foregone. Everything has been cleaned and sterilised and I am happy to report is working well. Yay!!

Today's card I've used a stamp called Chocolate by Creative Expressions.

Products used:-

8X8 card
Creative Expressions stamp- Chocolate
Creative Expression Vintage card- Silver
Foundation card- Black
Foundation card- White
Ranger Adirondack light- Snow cap
Couture Creations- Large Retro flowers embossing folder
Sue Wilson- Austrian Collection-Innsbruck
Sue Wilson- Frames & Tags- Dainty rectangular frame
Creative Expressions- Dazzlers
Creative Expressions- White Tulle
Black ribbon- Stash
Gems- Stash

I hope you like this one. Please feel free to leave a comment, and see you again soon

Take care and stay safe.

Tina XX

PS. Tuesday morning , 6.45 ish. Just opened the curtains to find a couple of inches of snow. That will teach me not say how lucky we are to have got away with not having any.


  1. Good morning Tina,
    I am glad that you are now the proud owner of a new WORKING Eboss although like you i think i could have for gone your extra free gift as well, I hope that it gives you many happy hours of play time sorry working time(hee hee). Now you know from Sue's blog i am not a fan of black but i'm getting there slowly and this is a very chic sort of card although i would need to change the sentiment as i look at chocolate and i get a migraine so i'll change it to Jelly Tots, mmmhh yum yum.
    I hope your "baby" boy has a wonderful 30th birthday but i'm afraid the jelly and ice cream and sandwiches that we so enjoyed as children at birthday parties are looked down the noses at now. I had a party for Rory being 6 and Kirsten being 13 and made up all the old favourites that made a birthday party for the other children to look at them and say in a very sarcastic tone "what is that". I never tried it again as it had taken me long enough to make everything,oh and i had to make up new sandwiches on the day as one child didn't take butter and another wanted margarine which i don't have in my house as i am a lurpak through and through. What ever the menu for the party i hope that you all have a great time and Craig enjoys his day.
    Take care flower and thank you for being one of my wilsonette angels, i appreciate the friendship more than any of you know.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  2. Oh I feel for Tina, your baby has reached another land mark birthday, 10 was ok he was getting to be a big boy, 20 not so good as he was old enough to leave home and be married in some cases. bUT thirty is oh no where has the time gone!!! Yes I dint think he will be wanting the sandwiches etc. I get away with sandwiches for Anna and Beth's partys also Tammy is the same we cut the into 8 bit sized triangles, no crusts of course and call them Dolly sandwiches, I do the same with pancakes ( drop scones) I make them tiny go down a treat. But I think Craig is to old for all that.
    Today's card is beautiful, it's different but a good different if you know what I mean, good sentiment too. Now I hope you don't keep looking at those extras you got with your machine and have a little shiver down your spine??? Not good. But glad your new machine is working and will keep going and give you lots of fun time. Hazel x

  3. Oh Tina this is exquisite so different from your own cards but it still has some of the Tina ingredients to make it extra special I love the sentiment too.
    Craig may be 30 and left home but remember you have 30 years of very special memories all of your very own, no matter what age he is, he is still your very special boy, always was and always will be, so enjoy every minute of tomorrow. As for the menu well we have to go with the flow and serve them what ever they want on their special day, he may surprise you and ask for a family favourite. I know Lesley did when we were sorting their, wedding menu out she said she wanted apple crumble as on of the choices made to my recipe, when Keith said 'I don't like it' she told him no apple crumble, no wedding, and she was serious! I suggested we have his favourite blackcurrant cheesecake so the wedding was on again. Kids I ask you.
    I am so pleased you are sorted with your Cut n Boss at last, I felt dreadful as it was me that told you about JGD Crafts but I have always found them to be very good too. Hope you have lots of trouble free fun with it, now it has been sterilised!!!!
    With love
    Margaret xx

  4. I love this card, and it's sentiment! It has a very classy look. The little pop of red just sets it off perfectly.
    Lets hope your new machine works well, at least now you have it disinfected, de-bugged and fumigated. I was thinking that you were employed as the destruction tester for die cutting machines. (was going to put crash test dummy, but that sounded really cheeky)
    We had more snow during the night too. Looks so pretty on the mountains now the sun is shining on them.
    Enjoy the birthday tea.
    Janice W

  5. Good afternoon Tina, sorry I did have a wee laugh to myself picturing you with your "free gift".........!!!!
    Happy Birthday to Craig for tomorrow. Oh! My word those were the days ...... now it's all high-tec or high price parties. Bring back the good old FUN days.
    Your card is so beautiful, I like how you have used the Dies cut in Black. Makes it very elegant.
    Have a great evening

    Patricia xxx

  6. Ohhh wow what a stylish, classie card Tina. Perfect, unlike your free curly gift ewww, disgusting or what !
    Hope you all have a great celebration for Craigs 30.
    Love to all.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  7. Hi Tina. WOW !! This is a lovely card !! I love these silouette girly stamps. You have made a very beautiful classy and elegant, easel card. I love your big bow at the side of the card and your cute little red bow on the ladies dress gives the card a great pop of red colour. Great sentiment and Roses to. Thank you for sharing this lovely card.
    I hope you have a wonderful family celebration dinner with your son. x x x
    Lots of love from Tres x x x

  8. Hi Tina the first time I am looking at your blog and what a lovely surprise to find such a gorgeous card!!
    I will be a new fan!!! Take care Jane B.

  9. Hi Tina the first time I am looking at your blog and what a lovely surprise to find such a gorgeous card!!
    I will be a new fan!!! Take care Jane B.

  10. Hi Tina,
    What a lovely card. I love the composition and the little touch of red. Very smart and a card to suit all ages.
    Glad your new machine is behaving well - well after you sterilised it! Yuk! The mind boggles!
    We used to worry about birthdays with a zero at the end! Now our children are having them!
    Have a lovely time and thanks for your kind words the other day!
    Love Myra xxx

  11. Wow TIna very sassy I love it, your flowers look like you have pick them they ar perfect as always
    Hug's Lyndaxxx