Sunday, 17 August 2014


Good Sunday Afternoon to you all that visit my blog, and thank you.

I had a bit, no a  major problem Friday with my Ebosser. I treated myself to the latticed heart EF from Joanna Sheen's shop. It arrived within 2 days of ordering on line. I thought I would use this for my next card. So i set aside some time Friday to make said card. I used usual sandwich for EF and then half way through it jammed, it tried to spit it back out but only moved an inch and the machine turned off. So I turned it on again it moved forward, stopped spat back an inch and turned off. I did this for a few more times not getting any further. So I decided to go back to the help desk where I purchased it from. The man I spoke to on the helpline, he said no problem madam, just get a block of wood and a mallet and hit it out,( modern technology is FAB is'nt it ) he guaranteed me this would work. So that's what I did, did'nt move a mm. I waited until 11 o'clock pm when Paul got back from a Sev 1 call, and we both tried again, not a mm of movement. Paul said the only thing now is to take it apart.After a couple of hours my lovely Ebooser was spread all over my workroom floor the roller bearings were everywhere. Paul then said, right it's too late to put it back together now, Ill do it in the morning. Guess what!, it's still on the floor. In fairness we had people over Yesterday for an all day and evening Bar-b-q-. As I speak he is taking all the bits out to the kitchen, he is covering the island with cardboard so as not to damage it, if only he thought of doing that on my workroom floor as I now have grease to boot on my carpet. Paul is a very very intelligent man, but logic fails him sometimes.It looks like emergency ward 10 of the toolshed world in the kitchen. He said I'm not holding out much hope for the Ebosser, but I'll try and resuscitate it.

I would use me Joy Trouvalle, but can't find 2 of the plates, I've got a little spellbinder artisan but Sue's dies are too big, so I think I will have to change my focal point. I will let you know the outcome of Ebosser gate later.. I would like to add that when we managed to get the EF out, the lattice heart is thicker plastic than any other of Sue's folders I have purchased. so just to make you aware they do vary when using electric machines.

Talk later

Love Tina XX


  1. Oh Tina not good, Patricia was saying she has had problems with her Ebosser . We were at a demo day last Sunday and the lady doing the demo had Ebosser and was saying if it jams a block of wood and a hammer will in jam it. To me that's not good the machine should be able to cope. Here's hoping Paul gets it back working for you. Hazel xx

  2. Aww what a pity about your EBosser, a hammer and a piece of would, that's some remedy to fixing it. I'm sorry to hear your trouble with it as I have been fancying one for a while now. I have a Big Shot and love it, but I can only do 6x6 cards. Hope Paul manages to fix it, good luck, hugs Kate x

  3. Hi Tina OMG never in a million years would I think a help desk would tell you to hit it with a piece of wood & hammer.
    I have an Ebosser too & did have trouble with Sues folders but when Julia was on c&c she told us the sandwich
    It was from bottom up D ,EF with card B rubber mat C it worked with the sea garden EF but yesterday tried the fanfare & wouldn't go through it stopped so I turned off turned it on again & came back out ( no hammer ) hope Paul has managed to get it all back together
    Hugs Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda

      That's the combo I used, but my machine would'nt accept it at all. So in the end I used, D, EF with card 3 pieces of card and C, no rubber mat or B plate. Like I say I looked at the thickness of the latticed heart when we took it apart and it was a lot thicker. That will teach me to check my folders in future. Thank god the NHS don't treat us the same way if we get something stuck in our throats.
      Love Tina X

  4. OMG!! Tina I do hope now Paula has got the EBosser together again it will work.
    I really do not like mine. I can cut out the same thing three times in a row. The fourth time it spits it back at me. I have no luck with embossing folders, I use my GC for them. Hazel has my GC at the moment hers is away for repair. I love my wee CuttleBug but it's too small for some of the Dies.
    I am thinking about a Big Shot but it is not that much bigger than the CB and no use for folders.
    Tell you what can't believe you were told to hit it with mallet and a piece of wood. I did hear the lady from Crafters Comanion say the same thing and was appalled.
    MACHINES ......... don't you just LOVE them!!!

    Patricia xx

  5. Oh my goodness Tina. Julia told us the sandwich to use with Sue's new folder's on her last show, and to feed the open side of the folder through first. The sandwich Julia used is : -

    Bottom up (cheer's lol)

    magnetic shim
    Folder and card
    rubber mat
    C plate

    as she was making the sandwich I was pausing the recording so I could make sure Id got it down right and added it to my ebosser user mannual. So I hope this combo works for who ever uses it (would be nice to have feedback if it works ok) Im sure many of us are now afraid to try it, as its the only 'mangle' most of us have got so it would be awful to have to go back to card making knowing we cant use our Sue dies !!! : (
    Glad all is well, so NO excuse Tina, we want more cards lol.
    Steph xxx