Friday, 8 August 2014

Look what I received today

Hi everyone I hope you are well. Thank you so much for visiting my blog again. I just had to share this with you. I know you have already seen this card on Sue's blog, but it's the first time on my blog. So I thought I would share it again with you.

I normally put, "I hope you like this card", but on this occasion I know you will like it . It's Sue's

See you soon, trying to make a wedding card for a Head Mistress I used to work with. I had better get this one right or she might make me stand in the corner.

Oh yes I just have to mention the tatty state of my work bench, I scribbled James Martins sticky ribs recipe on it. I will write later in my recipe book, and clean it off at the end of the day along with lots of other scribbles.

I hope one day soon you all win a Sue Wilson card, and I can assure you, you will be as shocked as I was.

Tina XX


  1. Tina. It is stunning isn't it??? Patricia has put hers into one of these box frames to protect it. Oh I am sure your wedding card will be well received, and no standing in the corner for you. Has Craig booked himself in for the sticky ribs?..., Enjoy your week end. Hazel xx

  2. Oh.WOW Tina. Congratulations again on your WOW - we all know by now what a WOW is right ? Tina, I cant even start to tell you just how chuffed I was when I read your name had been picked. It came at the right time too.

    Anyway - c-- LOL. I cant wait to see the wedding card you are making, that's if you will share it with us please ?
    Will check back over the weekend to see if you are showing it, although sometimes it's difficult to seperate your cards from Sue's if Im honest, Im sure if Sue could see your work she would be so proud she has helped to make your cards what they are today and that is stunning : )

    Have a good weekend my friend.
    Steph xx

    1. Thank you Steph for your lovely words. You know I only started making cards after I had seen sue on C&C, she has been my mentor, and it's the kind of cards I like to make.
      Tina xx

      wedding card up tomorrow Steph, maybe Sunday, If the weather is good Paul want's me to do a Bar-B-q for his my sister inlaw that is suffering from panic attacks., but would like to come over this weekend. everything is going to be about her , no one else is coming over it's just going to be the 4 of us, plus 2 kitties, 3 cats and 2 birdies. she'll be fine i'm determined she is going to have a good evening as she could'nt make the wedding or the blessing. Watch this space.

      God Bless you Steph X

  3. Hi Tina
    It is a beauty. I'm lucky to have a couple of "Sue's" in my craft room courtesy of being picked from the spotty potty on C&C.
    But hey, your cards are wonderful too so, looking forward to seeing our wedding card.
    Enjoy the BBQ and have a great weekend at the Cattery.
    Ang x

  4. Good morning Tina, love your beautiful card. Hope it gives you as much pleasure as I get from mine
    I have one in a Box Frame in my bedroom. The other I made a stand for it finds itself in different places depending on my mood.
    Have a wonderful weekend Craig will be over looking for some of those "sticky ribs"

    Patricia xx

  5. Hi Tina
    So very well deserved winning this card I was so delighted when I saw your name I do hope you enjoy this card and I know like me you will treasure it always. Did Sue sign your card, I do hope so, mine was signed and I do think that makes them extra special.
    I am eagerly waiting to see your wedding card as always it will be stunning I am quite sure and as for standing in the corner, no way lovely lady not for you.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family, but be on standby for another cupboard raid from Craig! A friend of mine was telling me her son had called when she was out and raided her cupboards, and left a note in her dry ingredients cupboard saying do you realise Mum you are out of pasta, I was so looking forward to some for my tea! She is planning to reorganise her kitchen to make him hunt for his goodies in future.
    Take care
    With love
    Margaret xx

  6. Congratulations Tina on winning A WOW card so deserved I know you will treasure it love Lynda xx

  7. I just had to stop going through your lovely cards and congratulate you on our win, not surprising as your cards are a joy. Can I ask how do you get these little pin pricks round the first layer, I'm very new to this card making and feel a bit out of my depth at times. Thanks for any reply.

    1. Hello Arlene

      Thank you for your lovely comments about my card, and I welcome you to my blog and hope you will return.

      For the pin prick around the card you need a ruler. If you go onto Creative Expression web site they are on sale for £5.99. I have just checked this out for you. When and if you purchase this item, I would be more than willing to talk you through using it.

      Regards Tina XX