Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wedding Card

Good Saturday afternoon everyone and thank you for visiting my blog today. I have made this card for a Head Mistress I used to work with in a little infant school in Hampshire, before we to Salisbury in Wiltshire nearly 16 yrs ago We still keep in contact a several times a year. She wrote to me this week to tell me her youngest daughter Nevena is getting married on the 16th of this month. So I thought I would make this card for her big day.

I hope she will like it.

Products used :-

8X8 pearl card, which I embossed with an Embossalicious folder
Sue Wilson frame dies
Sue Wilson Californian collection- San francisco
Sue Wilson Californian collection- decorative Frames set B
Cheery Lynn- Gardenia strip
Memory Box Butterflies
Sue Wilson Finishing Touches- Classic Rose
Sue Wilson Stamps to die for- Pacific Lace
Cosmic Shimmer- True White, does'nt look it to me
Diamond sparkles on the flowers
Glacier Ice behind focal point 

Hope you liked the card. Have a lovely weekend, but batten down the hatches for remnants of hurricane Bertha, saves watering the garden.

See you soon
 Tina XX


  1. Tina. You have been busy, your wedding card is stunning as usual, what wedding couple wouldn't love this? It's a gift on it's own. Patricia, Kate (I love socks and cards) Elaine and I had a lovely meet up and lunch would have been nice to have lasted a bit longer, but never mind we did a lot of catching up before Kate had to get back on her bus for Inverness. We are hoping to go up to visit Kate before we go to the NEC in November. Here's hoping the bad weather passes us by. Hazel xx

  2. Hi Hazel, thank you for your lovely comment. I think you are so lucky to have other crafters to meet up with. Paul is still trying to get time off work to visit the NEC in November. I am hoping to go to Ally Pally with my daughter Claire in September, if she is not too tired after her mammoth honeymoon jaunt.

    How is Christopher.
    Tina XX

  3. Tina. As far as I know Christopher is ok, he hasn't been in touch and I have been doing things this week and evenings are not good to get hold of Christopher . He hasn't said anything but through someone else they were saying that they are putting there house up for sale and moving, I do wonder about the two of them at times. We will get told when they need help. You will find out things are different with daughter- in laws to son in laws. It would be great if you do come to NEC . Ally pally is meant to be good but difficult for us. Hazel x

    1. Oh Hazel, I hope they are'nt going to move too far away from you. I get what you are saying. Is'nt it so difficult when your boy meets a girl as opposed to girl meeting boy. Deep down he knows how you are feeling and is probably being torn 2 ways. Our boy's will always know , no matter what, mum is always where we should be, That's HOME X

  4. Good evening Tina,
    I am convinced I commented on this card.
    However it seems to have gone into "Cybre Space"
    This is one stunningly beautiful card. I just LOVE the flowers and your fantastic design.
    The bride will love and treasure it forever.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xx

  5. Hi Tina
    Another cracker chuck. Your roses are super. I agree with you, the true white looks more cream to me but still looks fab.
    Meeting two of my blog chums at The Great British Craft Festival tomorrow (looking like drowned rats going by the forecast lol!) and the Scottish Posse (Patricia, Hazel and Kate) at the NEC in Nov. Would be terrific if you could come.
    Have a great weekend and hugs for the kittys.
    Ang x

    1. Working on it Ang, would really like to meet your posse. X. Weather does'nt sound that great for tomorrow, but maybe quick foot work will enable you to dodge the rain, if not rats look good wet. Enjoy and have a fab day.
      Tina XX

    2. Oh my Goodness that sounded really bad, you said , drowned rats, I said, wet rats look good, did'nt mean anything bad. have a great day wet or dry.

      Tina XX

    3. My goodness Tina you really have been busy this card is stunning and that bow is a wow and no mistake! If the headmistress doesn't like it put her on the naughty step, it really is so very beautiful, I just wish my roses looked as good but I will keep trying.
      Hope your weekend goes well, as yet we have had very little rain just the odd shower and no wind, so far so good, perhaps we will get the tail end of the storm.
      Love to all the kitties
      With love
      Margaret xx

  6. Hi Tina.
    I too also left a comment but some cyber monster must have eaten it !
    Wow ! I cant tell the difference between your cards and Sue's, its truly amazing Tina (with or without the gems) Im trying so hard to get through my list of cards to do. The Christening, wedding and 2 female birthday cards so far 3 - 6x6 and 3 - 8x8 Christening, boy/girl/either in both sizes. 4 large wedding and 2 New Home and Graduation still to do ! But earlier I thought I should do some Twin Christening cards ?! Why do I make work for myself !!!? Hmmm, I agree with you, the true white looks cream !
    I adore your card and cant wait to see the next : )

    Sending lobe all round.
    Steph xx

  7. Hi Tina, your card is amazing you are up there with Sue ,any bride would love to receive your Stunning card .wish mine looked as good.take care love Lynda xx

  8. Hello Tina, beautifully elegan and stylish card, just perfect and one which will be treasured I'm sure.
    It would be terrific if you could mange the NEC in November, we are all looking forward to it, and the more the merrier, hugs Kate x

  9. I am sure your headmistress must be impressed by your unique skills in card making. That card really looks great. I loved the amazing bunch of white flowers that give the card an ornate look. Can you tell me where I can find more such cards? I would love to buy some.