Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ta Dah

Hi everyone,

 Look what's back, After hearing swear words after Paul dropped the roller bearing on the floor in the kitchen, words like I've heard and had to have explained and wished I had'nt asked. It is now back in one piece. We took it into my workroom to try. I set the plates up just to cut a die, it sounded just like a teenage boy when his voice is breaking, and it won't turn off at the end of the pass and has also lost a bit of pressure on the right side.Hubby said give it time to settle down after it's big op, and that he had put a bit more grease on some parts he thought were lacking. So fingers crossed.

Ebosser before big op

After op

Lets hope it settles back down, and keeps going, a bit like me!

Love Tina XX


  1. Tina we will keep my fingers crossed that after a good nights rest it will be back to working, Hazel xx

  2. Me again love your kitchen, I can see why you made Paul put card board down to work on. Hazel xx

  3. Good evening Tina,
    Wow!! It looks good hope it is back to good health.....!!!
    Like Hazel I LOVE your beautiful kitchen.

    Patricia xx

    1. Hi Patricia

      Did laugh at your comment, Paul had become a Paula. I said how does she find out, that's only for the weekends. ( Really, only joking ) X

  4. Hi Tina. Hope the patient is doing well post op !
    Have listed the sandwitch that Julia used on your pre op page lol (previous post) I did see that Lynda had also posted the sandwich, but there is a little difference between the two. I think maybe the mag shim should have been used as Julia said.
    Hope your teenager grows into the man it was before surgery as Im getting withdraw symptoms. I need more of your stunning cards to help me through this pants of a week Im going to have !!!
    Have a great week everyone
    love n hugs.
    Steph xxx

  5. Hello Tina, what a piece of work, Paul sounds excellent on the repair front. I hope your machine gets back to normal, they are so expensive and you you do such wonderful cards with your dies it would be a pity if you can't get it fixed.
    Thanks for your email, no worries you were not putting me off buying one, if thats my decision.
    I have to say your kitchen is fab, Love your units, no wonderf you needed the cardboard down, take care, hugs Kate x

  6. Hi Tina just have others have said your kitchen is to die for it's gorgeous hugs Lynda xx