Friday, 24 October 2014


Hi to everyone, regulars and new visitors

Thank you for being patient and returning. My lovely son passed on yet another bug to me, and then went off to scotland on holiday with his girlfriend. I won't go into details, but it ended with severe aching in the neck, shoulders, arms and back. Because my Ebosser eventually went to crafting heaven, I didn't have the strength in my arm to use the musical one ( Joy Trouvaille ).

Anyway, you can't keep me down for long.

Thank you all for my birthday wishes, that was so thoughtful X

This card is something a little different for me, well maybe not, well maybe a little. You decide! . I hope you like it.

Products used:-

8x8 Card- Anna Marie Design, absolutetly fantastic card 300gsm
Pastle mirri card, Lemon
Gold card C&C 163-187
Flowers:- Sue Wilson - finishing touches, Classic Rose
Guilding flake- Crafty notions-Pitate treasure,Copper Thunder and Sunshine
Sue Wilson- French Collection- Corner Borders & Tags
Spellbinders- Fancy tags Two
Marianne design- Creatables Leaves
Butterflies, TBA

Again, I hope you like this one. I think this is one that looks better when you are holding it in front of you.

Kind Regards :-)

Tina XX 


  1. Hi Tina,another stunner your flowers are gorgeous,I love how you have done the border down the side with the butterfly
    I love butterfly's as I know you do too. A beautiful creation Tina .love Lynda xx

  2. Good evening Tina. Oh that wasn't nice of Craig to give you his bugs!!! Sounds like you have had a rotten time of it. Then for your EBosser giving up to. Yes your card is different for you but still stunning, we all have to step out of our comfort zones from time to time, it's the only way we learn different things. I hope Claire is feeling better and how is Anthea?? Hope you feel better. Hazel xx

    1. Hi Hazel

      Craig is so kind, bless him. Claire has a doctors appointment Monday as she is still in pain. When I last saw her she was crying with the pain, and when I said to her she really needed to go to the doctors. I got the normal attitude, saying there's nothing they can do, if they could they would have done it, and I just have to wait until it becomes unbearable again. Then at the weekend she was at the MIL for coffee and Erica noticed she was in pain, and said you need to go to the doctors. Because MIL is at the same practice as Claire, she rang until she could get an appointment. I thank Erica very much, because she did something I couldn't get Claire to do.How different the attitude is between MIL and Mum, even though she knows I was right to want her to go to the Doctors. Hey Ho !

      Anthea starts her treatment on Monday. She is just so pleased something is starting to happen.

      Mine is a bug, and it will go, what a wimp. I only mentioned it for the reason I hadn't made a card recently. I'm fine now. Thank you.X

      Love Tina XX

  3. Hi Tina
    Wow what an absolutely stunning card, so very beautiful and no mistake, yes there are differences but this card still says to me made as only Tina can, just look at those roses and butterflies they are your signature style and no mistake. I love how you have used the border die very clever indeed, but oh goodness what is our Steph going to say when she sees you have used the dreaded gilding flakes! Bless her at least she tries with them, I have a jar of flakes but I have not built up the courage to take the lid off yet! lol
    Trust Craig to show his generosity and give you a little present, if it is any consolation the weather up North is cold, windy and wet, I do hope they take extra care travelling. I hope you are now feeling a little better, do take things easy, hopefully your new ebosser will not be too long in arriving.
    With love
    Margaret xx

    1. Hi Margaret

      I took your last message on board about the rice bag, and my goodness it helped me so much. I kept one of the larger cushions that you sent for Claire. I filled it with rice, heated it in the microwave and put it around my neck and reclined on my workroom chair. I took a couple of painkillers and I slept for 21/2 hours. A lot easier Thank you X

    2. So pleased you got some relief Tina, but no need for any thanks if you need any more please don't hesitate to let me know as it will help me too. The more fabric I can use from my large stash of patchwork fabric I can use means it will free space for card! Take care xx

  4. Gorgeous card and yes a little different but still stunning xx lots of bugs floating about at mo but glad your are feeling better - have a good weekend xx GailT xx

  5. Hi Tina,
    First of all hope you are feeling much better after that nasty bug Tina.....wasn't that kind of Craig to pass it on!
    Another stunning card and I love the French border dies as you can do so much with them....oh and my favourite little creature....the butterfly.....they are like mini angels and so delicate. There is definitely a very subtle difference in your card today....I love all your cards anyway!!

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Good morning Tina,
    Well i must say that you have a very kind, thoughtful son that obviously loves to share with his mum but i think this time you wouldn't have minded him being selfish and keeping it all to himself, i hope that you are feeling more up to par now that he has flown northwards. I really like this card flower as it looks like the dream is radiating outwards just like a stone in water sending ripples out from the centre. I love you give your flowers enough leaves and foliage that they can look like they have been pick fresh before the leaves start to die and petals fall. The French set i think is my very favourite out of all Sue's dies as it does allow the creation of wonderful mini masterpieces just like this. Thank you Tina for finally getting some energy up to make this beauty for us and sending you a hug just to feel a lot more like yourself soon.
    Love and crafty hugs dear angel,
    Norah (Glenochil)

  7. Oh my goodness, is that guilding flakes ? Thought we were friends ? No, not the flakes, you and I ?!!! Now Ive broken out into a sweat !
    Yes, very different, but a definate Tina card. Well, you've burst my 'clever' bubble lol. Goodness knows why I thought I was being clever when there are SO many talanted ladies here, but when I used the French corner die, and curled it into itself and used 4 of them as part of a central focal point, I clapped my hands and thought all these talanted ladies talk about thinking outside of the box and wooohoo my brain cell has eventually clicked on eventually, and boom, im still behind with my thinking lol, one day I will 'get it' : )
    See what I mean, using the border to make a side border, well slap my thigh and blow me down with a feather, where did you get that from hon ? WOW, have you inserted a tiny l.e.d behind that butterfly, cuz it shur looks illuminated the way you have taken that photo, amazing work Tina.
    So, have a wonderful family celebration tonight, and Im glad Clair is going to her Dr again, shame it took the MIL to shake her up a little, my eyes would have gone a tiny bit green I think, at least she's going though : )
    Really really hope Anthea is ok Monday, jeez what a hill to climb bless her heart.
    Off to market tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to get another new festive ef that Sue has just launched all being well, then I HAVE to start the 'festive' cards ready for the November market, anyone fancy doing a wotsit line ? Cant think of the word I want to use and cant stay here until I remember the word or I could be here till breakfast lol.
    Have a lovely Saturday evening everyone and a lovely Sunday.
    Steph xx

  8. A stunning card Tina, I love your roses with the glding flakes, so beautiful, fabulous design with all the dies.
    Sorry to hear you've not been well, hope your'e on the mend now.
    poor Claire, I hope they find out what's wrong soon and things are moving along for Anthea whic is good.
    Take care or yourself, hugs Kate x

    1. Lucky girl Kate on your win on Sue's blog, hope you enjoy it, Well done XX
      Thank you for your thoughts about my Claire bear & Anthea XX

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