Monday, 13 October 2014


Hi,  to Everyone who visits my blog regularly and to those who just pass through.

I had some fantastic news late last week, that I was lucky enough to get a position on the Creative Expression design Team. I've had some lovely messages left on my blog saying I should be on a design team somewhere, and when the position to join the CEDT was announced, I was encouraged to apply, I never thought I for one moment I would be lucky, and to get a position with Creative Expressions is a wonderful compliment. Now I am "very nervous", there's one thing applying and another achieving it. Good grief what have I done.

Thank you all so much for the support you have given me over our tough times lately and for the lovely congratulation messages.


Tina XX :-)


  1. Hi Tina,
    Just found your Blog by clicking on the photo on Sue's blog! Many congratulations! had an email like many others from CE this morning and was so thrilled about your good news. You so deserve to have something lovely happen to you as you have had a difficult year. Pleased about good news about your daughter's friend too. Chemo is tough but she will get thought it with everyone's love and support.
    The card you made on Thursday is beautiful - really lovely. I love the roses. Looking forward to seeing much more of your work.
    Love Myra

  2. Hi Tina
    Congratulations! I got through to the final round but fell at the last hurdle
    Well done you! Some good news after a difficult few months.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. Wooohoooooo. You DID it : ) my god girl you have NO idea how chuffed I am. What have I been saying ? Dont keep your talent to yourself and now you cant lol !
    Have an amazing year Tina. If anyone needed some good news, YOU and your family did.
    Steph xxx

  4. You can do it!!! Your fans know you can, that's why we visit here.
    Just will get Sue's dies before we see them, how wonderful.
    Remember, your cards are fantastic in comparison to many that I see, and they are on other DT's.
    Janice W

  5. Yipee You have done it Tina, I am so very pleased for you, as I have already told you your cards are fantastic every single time, you just have a fantastic year it is the least you so richly deserve. Remember just say 'I can and I will'
    Do remember,if you need someone to clean up after you on C & C Steph and I will be at the studio door with our dusters and brushes! lol
    With love
    Margaret xx

  6. Hi Tina,
    Another one of your followers here that is also thrilled to bite for you. A position that is so truly well deserved!! Your cards are absolutely stunning so I'm not in the least bit surprised you were picked. C&C will be the next step!!!!
    I hope your news has cheered you up after what you have been going through these last months and I bet Claire and Anthea are thrilled for you too.
    God bless.

    Lobe Sheila xx

  7. Hi again. So many lovely messages Tina and I totally agree with Janice W. During blog hops I wont even leave messages as most of the cards are not worth of a comment. If I cant say anything complimentary I wont say owt at all, I dont like porkies, every single one of your cards has beaten DT members hands down in my opinion, so if your work hadn't been chosen then I would have wondered what on earth they were looking for if Im honest. And out of the two shown upto now, only one caught my eye. So when your card is showed tomorrow, it will stand way above what Ive seen to date. And yes, I'll be there with Margaret with my flask of coffee and sarnies waiting to sweep up your mess lol. C & C here you come xxx
    hugs. Steph xxx

  8. Oh dear, my comments has been lost again. Congratulations on your DT post I'm not surprised as your cards are fantastic and I'm sure you'll be an asset to the team, hugs Kate x