Saturday, 11 October 2014

So Lucky

Am I the luckiest person ever. I have made some wonderful friends on my blog who have given me such support lately, with everything that is going on. I came home from the wholesalers on Thursday, I had only been in a short while and the door bell rang. When I opened the door my lovely postman Jym was stood there with a big smile on his face with my post and two boxes. I was so choked when I read the cards. I had two beautiful bunches of flowers, one from, Lancashire Steph and Margaret corgi owner. I know these lovely ladies as Steph and Margaret, but I just wanted you to know what beautifully, kind people I have on my blog and also on Sue Wilson's blog. Thank you so much  Steph and Margaret for your support.


  1. Two great minds Margaret lol : ) well, if you cant give cuddles , send em that's what I say, and if they make the recipient happy, it makes me happy. You've had the most awful of times over the past months, and words never seem to say it all, flowers do. Plus you can press flowers you cant a hug lol.

    Your welcome anyway Tina. I think we are ALL lucky in our own right as we've ALL met such lovely people thanks to Sue, and without Sue, I wouldn't have found Tina and the other lovely ladies here and at Particraft xx

    Steph xxx

  2. Tina. Steph's words are just so right. " if you can be there in person to give a cuddle/hug send flowers. " Your deserve them, Steph and Margaret think the same as myself. Two beautiful bunches of flowers to brighten your world. Hazel xx

  3. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful flower from two of the sweetest flowers we know. I hope you enjoy your beautiful surprise Tina from two of my angels that keep me going. Girls you are one in a galaxy as a million would be too few.
    Love and hugs to all 3 of you lovely ladies,
    Norah (Glenochil)

  4. Hi Tina,
    They are beautiful and from such caring people very thoughtful. Sue Wilson has alot to answer for having such a wonderful bunch of followers on her blog.
    Enjoy your gorgeous blooms Tina

    Love Sheila xx

  5. Absolutely agree Steph, Tina you are more than welcome, I am so pleased they have brightened your day, you had been on my mind and I thought these would be the next best thing as I could not give you a hug in person. You have had such a tough time of late and still you can come up with your wonderful creations and you share them with us all so freely too.
    We all enjoy seeing your cards and value your friendship you are so special, take care and have a lovely weekend.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  6. P.S. I wonder if Sue Wilson realises what she and her wonderful blog have done bringing people from up and down the UK together who otherwise would never have met as well as upsetting bank managers up and down the country lol!

  7. Hi Tina beautiful Flowers from two beautiful lady's. It's so lovely to have so many Friends even if we have never met I feel I'm apart of so many lives from Sue's blog.& sending love & Hugs to all that need them,It would be so nice to exchange addresses so the sending of cards & or flowers if someone is feeling low or unwell it would be lovely.Well done Steph & Margaret for putting that smile on Tina's face she is a special lady.Tina I'm so pleased I found your blog your cards are amazing.
    With love & a Big Hug Lynda xx

  8. Hi Tina
    I have met some fabulous folk through blogging, the lovely Hazel, Kate and Patricia being three, who I shall be seeing again in just over three weeks time.
    Its nice to know in these times that there are still some really genuine and wonderful people out there.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  9. Beautiful Flowers
    Hugs from Sam x