Sunday, 12 October 2014

Just love em so much

Just wanted to share this with you all. bubble is always the one to give cuddles, and she really loves her bro!

They are on the cat chair in my workroom having a cuddle

aren't kitties so cute. I have never rescued two kitties from the same family before, and watching them I think all pets should be be given a home in pairs, it's so beautiful to watch. this is how they sleep most of the time.

Tina XX


  1. Hi Tina
    I was wondering how the kitties were doing. Gosh, haven't they grown? They're absolutely adorable and I hope they're not still getting you up at silly o'clock lol!
    I don't think I could concentrate on crafting if I had these two to fuss and play with.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

    1. Hi Ang

      I have now moved the kitties over with the other cats, Mo is a bit stand offish, she wants to play but thinks sometimes she is much too important to bother with the two little reprobates we have adopted, and my beautiful Summer is too old to worry about them, but they really respect her and leave her alone. As we speak I can hear the kitties crying and want to come in my room, but I am using gilding flakes, so they really need to be shut out of my workroom. what pretty kitties I would have if I let them play in the flakes. I just think all my puddycats are so adorable.

      Tina XX

      My workroom is an open invitation, the older cats know not to walk on my work, ( Well trained ) but the kitties like to be in the same room as me when I am making my cards. They have their own Crafting Kitty chair, where they snooze and they are more than welcome, until I use the heat tool, and then they flee in every direction. cute though.

    2. Hi Tina
      Goodness how they have grown, their coats look so soft and silky, but best of all they look so happy and content. I do so agree that if at all possible siblings should stay together. We agonised all Easter weekend over getting Tomas and Amy, one or two if only one which one, was it fair to split them, Monday night we were having neither. At 6.30am next morning Derek woke me saying get up we were going to Huddersfield to see the dogs before his head exploded! We took one look, and the rest was history. Not a single regret and after they had been together all their lives 6 years, there was no way we could have taken just the one. I am sure it was intended we should have them as Oliver bless him was their uncle.

      So, at last, now we know, the secret is out, how you create your beautiful cards, your inspiration comes from the kitties!!!!
      I wonder if Steph will be going to her local cattery tomorrow, I don't dare as Amy doesn't like cats, so I will have to struggle on.
      With love to you and the kitties not forgetting Summer too
      Margaret xx

  2. How long were you going to keep your secret Tina? ...... Just went on Creative Expressions blog and guess what....
    Congratulations Honey. Look forward to seeing your designs for them.
    Well done
    Janice W

  3. Tina
    Haven't they grown? They are gorgeous,, but being a cat lover I think they are all gorgeous!!! Your two sleep like Gillian's two older cats, they were rescued Squeek is over 18 and junior I'd around 9 now, she doesn't know if Junior is Squeeks of spring but whatever they are so together, young Oskar is so good with Squeek again it's the respect thing, Summer I think is just like Squeek living out they retirement in luxury and give back lots of love in exchange. Try making a necklace with a kitten wanting to play with the wire and beads!!! Can just
    see those FLAKES if the workroom door opened. Have a good day, I am enjoying just knowing I don't have to go to work. Hazel xx

  4. Hi Tina
    Beautiful cats but just how long were you going to keep your wonderful secret from us? I am just so thrilled for muchly deserved with your exquisite works of art and after the terrible time you've been having several months it's fabulous for you to have some great news. CE have added a wonderful asset to their team! Very well done to you and here's to more happy times.

    Love Sheila xx

  5. Ooops was so excited for you forgot to say ....CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Tina, it's just me again just read Janice's comment. Congratulations , well done you deserve it as your cards are stunning and beautifully put together.. Plus is this the turning point? Good news and positive ness now. So happy for you. Hazel xx

  7. A very big CONGRATULATIONS Tina on joining the CE design team you relay deserve it,your cards are stunning. Your kittens are so gorgeous & cute. Love & Hugs Lynda. Xx

  8. Tina,
    A big well done flower on achieving such prestige in becoming a CE DT member and i am not a bit surprised as you make the most beautiful of cards. I cannot start to describe just how chuffed i am for you, well done angel.
    With a lot of love and hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  9. Congratulations Tina on becoming a Design Team Member for one of the best companies in crafting.
    You totally deserve it as your cards are gorgeous!!!
    Just had a look at your rescue cats, how cute and they look so happy and content.