Sunday, 13 July 2014

WHAT no card

Sorry it's only me again, no card. We have been very busy cleaning out our son's new abode, and heaving furniture in and out, up and down in one room, out to another. I can't believe a time my crackers have been so creamed!!.

Craig said to me I will be over on Sunday to clean my old bedroom, well I have never know anyone have so many tea breaks, had a homemade cheese burger and then say,  can't wait for the Lasagne. I miss him already he only moved out a few days ago, but he is going to stay over night tonight and go to work from here then back to his new place. I'm thinking of locking the doors so he can't leave. Is that wrong?

I was going to have a day of crafting tomorrow and make a card for my blog, but Paul has taken a day off work and we are going to go and look at a new caravan, go for lunch and then come home and have a lovely bar-b-q just for us 2 lonely sad old g--ts with empty nest syndrome on our 35th Wedding Anniversary. Hey Ho.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and thank you for popping by it's very much appreciated. So I hope you have a pleasant Sunday evening, and  from a sunny but windy Wiltshire. Be back soon, with a card I hope!

Kind regards :-)

Tina XX 


  1. Happy anniversary to you both, that wasn't a very nice gift your son gave you - leaving home??? You have to let them go, but believe you me he will be back more than he is away. Mums food is so much better than anything he will make he will tell you. Yes it must be hard for you as Claire has left lately too. I hope you have a lovely day out. Patricia and I are just back from Aberdeen, and we had the most fabulous time with Sue and Julia, lots of new things to try and Sues new dies are lovely, it was hard to choose. Any way I am off to relax. Hazel xx

  2. Happy Anniversary, to both of you and many more to come.
    Have a great tomorrow, enjoy every moment. Definitely not sad old g..ts, enjoy looking for that caravan.

    Patricia xx

  3. Card, card, card ! : )

    Guess who ?

  4. Good Evening Tina, Happy Anniversary to you and Paul, I hope you both have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    Sad when the fleglings leave the nest, but they have to go, and we have to let them. He will be back often though I've not doubt, there is always something that mum can do best, and of course he will miss you too. Enjoy your caravan viewing, Kate x