Sunday, 6 July 2014


Good Sunday afternoon everyone

Hope you  had a good weekend.

The house has been very quiet,  calm and has stayed clean, while hubby Paul has gone walking in the Lake District. I have taken full advantage and played with all 4 cats, and crafted to my hearts content. My son is upstairs packing as he gets the key's to his own place tomorrow, I say this with tears in my eye's yet again,I am going to miss him soooo much.

Thank you for all the support you have given us, for a fair few months now, with all the sad things that have happened in our lives just lately, and you are still giving to  us, so I thought I would make this card for you all.

On a much lighter note, thank you for asking about Bubble & Squeak after their ops. They are just fine, I don't know if they transplanted a hunger bug into them, but if they carry on begging for more food, it will be a case of honey I blew up the KITS.

 I really know how to spoil them, tomorrow it is a trip to our own vet for a post op check and 2nd lot of feline jabs. I would like to say that it is going to be a noisy ride but when they open their mouths to meow nothing comes out, the only time i get a tiny little noise is when they get in dirt tray. I always say to them we''ll know soon enough you don't have to announce it. ( Sorry ).

Any way thank you for popping by again I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Regards :-)
Tina X

products used:-

8X8 black card
Mirri card, Lemon, Blue and Pink
Cheery Lynn Gardenia strip
Memory box butterfly dies
Sue Wilson finishing touches classic rose for the leaves
Focal piece California collection- Holly wood
Either side of Hollywood is Californian collection -Beverly Hills cut to fit.
Tim Holtz distress ink, Tattered Rose,Wild Honey and Weathered Wood
Sue Wilson A4 Sea Garden embossing folder
Creative Expressions Vintage lingerie stamp

Hope you like it. X


  1. Tina. You are welcome to any support that we can give. I know when I was going through all my treatments, Patricia had her blog and so many where there for when she was a bit down and they were also there for me. So no matter what's is going on in someone's life we should be there for them. Your card is stunning, I just love everything about it. Hope the kittens get the ok from the vet. Our Squeak was the same, he never was noisy, our lab doesn't bark, we would be shocked if he barked. Hazel xx

  2. Love, love, love, this stunning card, your roses are wonderful.
    Were they made using the Gardenia Die??
    I bought the SW Classic Rose Die just for the leaves which I think are brilliant.
    Glad the Kits are fine, had a wee laught at "honey I blew up the KITS" comment........!!
    I can just image how you are feeling about your son. It a long time since mine left home but is still remember the move.
    Have a great week ahead

    Patricia xx

  3. Hello Tina, your card is stunning with all those beautiful dies and gorgeous blooms. Thank you for posting it. Your are most welcome to our support, even it's by way of cyber world. I't always good to know that your being thought of when life gets difficult and too much to bare. Just pleased we can off the support. I experienced wonderful support when I was going through difficult times due to a situation at work which got my health down, it felt so good that my Blogging Friends offered support and words of advice.
    Hope Bubble and Squeak get on well tomorrow, best wishes, Kate x

  4. Oh my lord what a picture, yet another beauty. Please check the name and brand of your little butterfly as I really need a small dainty one as mine are the larger SB dies, which are lush for 8x8 & A4 but sometimes I make 6x6 and they wont take large embelishments. Tina, I just adore your roses, if and when I eventually get Sue's classic rose die, there is NO way under the sun that I could do such a professional job as Sue or yourself - NO WAY at all.
    Anyone as caring as you and other ladies we have met on blogs, deserve all the support we have to give, as we know our time will come when we need TLC, so you are welcome hon.

    Next card please lol.
    Hugs to all before me and those that follow after me. Hope your Sunday has been as sunny as it is in Lancs.

    Steph xxx

  5. Thanks for the beautiful card, Tina, but as the others have already said, support is here when needed, since there are few of us who are not in need at some time. Sometimes it's easier when we are not close, as we can often relate our own experience and feelings to someone else.
    Thanks for the kitty updates, been a while since I had any cats here, just my 10 year old GSD.
    Janice W

  6. Thank you so much for such a beautiful card but as others have said there is no need for thanks, I was just pleased to have helped on a small way I just wish I could have done more. You have all been through such a lot in such a short time and have been so thoughtful any help we have been able to offer you has been a privilege to give. You only have to say and the help is there for you remember, we may not be near but we are only an email away.
    Craig may be leaving but you will have all his return visits to look forward to, all those meals / food packs to take home with him for those times when he has not had time to cook or shop. Don't cry, I know it so very hard, but give him your best smile and biggest hug and kiss to reward his brave move in setting up his own home. One chapter may be closing but there is another new and exciting one about to begin, so look forward, no one can take away your lifetime of happy memories of him before he has stretched his wings, they are yours to keep forever.

    Looking forward to your next beautiful card.

    Margaret xxx

  7. Another fab creation - luv it and luv your amazing flowers xx GailT xx

  8. Hi Tina
    Sorry I'm behind. Combination of work and memory lol! . . . . . . .you need a followers button chuck.
    Thank you for the beautiful card. As the girlies have said, if we have made a little brightness in amongst the darkness, then that's good.
    Glad the expanding kitties are doing well and although you will miss your lad, I bet you won't miss his washing lol!
    Enjoy your weekend matey.
    Ang x