Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Morning of the big op

Look at the two innocent faces, did'nt have clue I was about to take them back to the Blue Cross for their respective operations. Good job they did'nt realise. I felt so guilty.

Squeak even climbed up the duvet to be put in the basket. I can't wait till 4 o' clock when I can pick them up again. Bless em!!


  1. Bless them they don't have a care in the world, do hope everything goes ok and they are bright eyed and bushy tailed when you collect them.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  2. They look to little to get their ops, but I wish more people got their kittens done it would save so many unwanted litters.. They are adorable Tina. Hope they were ok. Hazel xx

    1. Hi Hazel

      Apparently the Blue Cross like to get them done at a young age, as they feel they get over it more quickly, but it is heart breaking putting 2 tiny little things that just fit in the palm of your hand to send them off for a big op. I think I am feeling the pain more than they are, they are so ultra loving and even more hungry. We were very lucky the day we went to the Blue cross, we have two little gems. Thank you Hazel.

      I will go on your blog later, to say Claire loved her pendant, so much so when I met her at the garden centre on Sunday, put it on straight away.

  3. Good morning Tina,
    Awwww!! how cute are they?? Best to get them done sooner rather than later. They will be fine and running about in no time.
    The Susan's Garden Create a Rose Die by Sizzix is a small Die. You have to cut out multiples of each petal to build up the Rose.
    I can cut the petals on my Cuttlebug!!! I have all the big machines but I just LOVE this wee treasure.
    It takes a while to make each Rose but great to see the wonderful flowers you can create.
    Have a good day and don't worry too much.

    Patricia xx

  4. Hello Tina, two adorable little cuties. Good to get it over and done with at an early stage, and they will be back home soon.
    I've been thinking about getting another puss and have been to my local SSPC to have a look, my Cuillin died almost three years ago and I've missed him so much, I had him for 16 years, he was so much part of our family. I'm still not quite there yet though.
    Have a good day, and I will all go well, Kate x

  5. Hi Tina
    I hope that the puddys came through their ordeal fit and well. I remember my Sam had both her stitches out by the time we arrived back from the vets, bless her! I'm like Kate, would love to have another but can't bring myself to take the leap yet. Your two are so beautiful, it is making me think about it again.
    Hope they are ok.
    Ang x