Sunday, 27 July 2014

"Chuffed", so I made a card

Hi to everyone that has taken time out to visit my blog on this hot Sunday evening. I hope you have all had a good, and relaxing day. I am taking it easy today, as yesterday I was bitten by something. It started to turn into a blister, my ankle is now swollen and  the blister is now the size of a 10p piece, it's disgusting. I hope you are not about to sit down to eat dinner ( Sorry ). So I have kept my foot up and made a card ( not easy ) because as you must have read on Sue's blog that I was the Wednesday card winner.  Paul said my face was a picture and if he had had a camera ready he would have put it on my blog. Then he said, maybe not, not before the ready mix and a face painting artist arrived. He did'nt stay in my workroom too long after that. He looks really cool with a black eye. (not really )!!.

Anyway, I was so chuffed at winning a WOW, I made a card to celebrate, again I hope you like this card.

Products used :-

8X8 Black card
Lemon mirror card, pastel.
Background, Diesire Embossalicious embossing folder
Sue Wilson- French collection- Corner, Border & Tag die
Flowers - Spellbinders Delicate Asters- tried to make them look like daisies
Sue Wilson- Californian collection- decorative frames
Sue Wilson- finishing touches- Magical Butterflies

See you again soon X
Tina :-)  XX


  1. Good Evening Tina, Well done on winning on Sue's blog, looking forward to seeing what you make.
    Your card tonight is stunning, I love everything about it, the dies are gorgeous, beautiful embellishments too.
    How awful for you to be bitten, I hope the swelling goes down, just take it easy, hugs Kate x

  2. Stunning card yet again - luv it xx and your asters definitely look like daisies - congrats on your win, I can understand why you feel well chuffed - good for you xx I have been bitten around the ankle too (last night, while we were out celebrating a 30th birthday of a friend of our daughters) thought there was only one bite but on closer examination I have three although not blistered like yours but my skin is really tight now and a bit sore - I should be used to it by now I was always getting bitten when I was young by midges and when we go abroad I am the local delicacy for the mosquitos - you would think you would become immune as you get older but no such luck - I hope yours is settling down now xx GailT xx

  3. Good evening Tina, another beautiful card with lots of lovely embellishments. I was so happy for you winning a Sue card on Wednesday knowing you were feeling very low. A good pick up I hope??? Not good about that bite, and yes you are better to have your foot up and do some crafting. I have just got back up from Gillian's the young cat just wouldn't come in, if I thought he would have been ok I would have left him out. Then again I wouldn't have slept, 3 hours of trying to get him to come in all because he had been in since 10 this morning - he just wanted to play. At least Squeek the old one got lots of cuddles. Hazel,xx

    1. Hi hazel
      You sound as soppy about the welfare of puss cats as me, I could not have left the cat out if I knew it had to be indoors.We had a cat that knew that when the caravan turned up to be loaded for holiday, she used to sit in one of the cupboards, and when it was time to fill that cupboard she knew we we off the next day. It did'nt matter how many people were watching the doors she always managed to give us the slip. It would take a couple of hours to get her back in, the kids would be moaning because it was 3 in the morning all they wanted was to sleep, the cat wanted to play. Does this sound hectic or what, trying not to wake the neighbours but trying your hardest to get Thomas back in. Glad Squeek got cuddle though X

  4. Good evening Tina, I hope the bite has calmed down by now.
    Your card is amazing, all those wonderful embellishments and fantastic design.
    I love using that Aster flower it is so effective.
    Congrats on your win.
    I have a Sue card in a box frame hanging in my bedroom, luckily it is all cream/white which does not clash with anything.

    Patricia xx

  5. Tina, did I not tell you that you would get a call from Claire? She is like my 2 and needs to talk to her mum. Also Craig still needs his mums home cooking, yes he wants to learn to cook but yours will always be the best!!! Enjoy your lessons with him. Hazel xx

  6. Hazel you are so right. Claire is having a fantastic time on the Dixi Dude ranch in Texas, waiting to hear were they are off to next, and Craig came home to cook tonight, and took lots of food back home with him. It's just quality time I am going to enjoy. Does it get easier when you wave them off.

    Tina XX

  7. OH MY WORD ! This IS chuffin fantastic Tina. Im lost for words (shush) !! : ) lol
    Im going to see if my Asters will turn into daisies, they look amaaaaazing. I wish I could make such eye popping cards like this. Mine are boring in comparrison !
    You watch that bite Tina, sounds like infection to me, you may need some antibiotics. If you ignore it, it may spread and then you'll need i.v antibiotics and you DONT want that to happen !!!
    Nor do we cuz we wont have any cards to dribble over if you're in hospital !
    Have another card day Tina. Cant wait to see the next : )
    Love to all.
    Steph xxx

  8. Hi Tina
    Sorry I am a little late leaving my comment but I have been in Lancashire visiting relatives, that was why my email yesterday was short and sweet but I just had to let you know about the gel before I left. I do hope by now your leg is feeling much better, if it is any consolation I got three bites while in Lancashire, greedy little devils at least our Lake District ones are not so greedy!

    Wow your card is stunning I can almost smell the daisy flowers and hear the flapping of those butterfly wings, and as for the bow quite simply delicious, a truly beautiful card to give us all inspiration, thank you so much.

    Take care
    With love
    Margaret xx

  9. Hi Tina, sorry catching up sorry for a late post but had to say I just love this card you are so all the dies you have used,especially the butterfly's another stunner love Lynda xx