Sunday, 20 July 2014


Good Sunday afternoon everyone, I hope you are having a good day watching Sue & Julia on Toolshed. I have been trying to get this card finished for a few days, you all know how it is other things take priority, and my crafting has to be put aside but not for long.

I look forward to reading your comments, I hope you like this one.

Products used:-

8X8 White card
Pale Green mirri card
Embossalicious Folder
Sue Wilson French collection- Corner, border & Tag
Californian collection- Hollywood
Finishing touches- Magical Butterflies
Cheery Lynn- Gardenia flowers
Iced snow, behind focal point
AB crystals on butterflies

See you again soon.

Tina XX


  1. Another beauty Tina. Your embossing is always so crisp. I had to take my GC. Back to Hobby craft today , is just wasn't cutting it's like the pressure of the rollovers had gone, and seeing how it's not even 8months old it's not good. They couldn't give me a replacement it has to go to be looked at. I can see me buying something else if they only repair it. I will wait and see. So no play time after all not a bad thing as I need to do some serious sorting out. Hazel xx

    1. Hi Hazel, I never really got on with the GC and it let me down big time and broke in less than a year. I then purchased a Joy Trouvaille which cuts like butter. Paul then bought me an eBosser which I love, but does'nt always cut through 1st time, but still good. I bought my daughter a Spellbinder Artisan X-Plorer. What a meaty little machine this is. Claire has left it with me until she set's up her work room, but I feel I will have to buy her a new one, as I use it for all the flower dies as you can pass it through quicker than the eBosser, so I have a couple of machines going at one time. I'll be really sad to see this little machine go. Hey HO!!! I hope you get something sorted soon, it's something crafters can't do without.

      How Is Christopher doing?
      Tina XX

  2. Wow stunning Tina, you are so talented love the flowers, butterfly's my favourite I'v even got on tattooed on my ankle lol.
    Hugs Lynda ( Brock ) xx

    1. Hi Lynda

      go girl, I am so scared of pain I could'nt even contemplate about having a tattoo.

    2. Ha ha Tina, I had a small blue butterfly done a few years ago, & it stated to look like a blue blob,
      So 3 years ago went on holiday to Spain & hubby said as we past tattoo shop see if you can have a bigger one to cover it
      So I did but after two days my ankle swelled up was red hot but as we were going home the day after I left it & when I did get back went doctors he said at my age I should have known better not to get one abroad,I had a bad that will teach me never again lol Hugs Lynda xx

  3. Hi Tina. Whoop whoop another Tina special at last : )
    Wish I could make them as beautiful as your's. Sorry if this sounds selfish to all sun worshipers, but id love maybe 3 days of rain as hubby feels a prisioner indoors when its so beautiful, yes I can understand that, but I have quite a few cards I need to make ready for market this Sunday, but feel guilty id I let it take priority over taking the dog out to various shaded woods/country parks, so I get as many as I can done after breakfast then a little bit of lunch, then 'drag' myself out for a couple of hour's then back into my little room, prep dinner, craft if a warm dinner (such as chicken drumsticks to go with cold) so ehilst they are cooking I craft a bit more, eat, and while hubby is washing up I pinch another half hour crafting ! Its my own fault as I decided to do a bunch of 6x6 cards for newly weds to give to best men/ushers/maids of honour bla bla bla ! Lets say ive just opened my 2nd pack of 25 cellobags !!! And not all cards have been made with the help of Google wedding images, so Ive been stamping a lot (and not just on my cards) lol.
    Ok Ive rambled enough now so I'll say tarra and... Next please Tina : )

    Hugs to all.
    Steph xx

  4. Wow!! another stunning card, love everything you have done on it.
    How are the little "rascals" getting on??

    Patricia x

    1. Hi Patricia

      They are mental, 4.30am their alarm clock goes off, and they are running around the bedroom like lunatics. The bags under my eyes are getting bigger by the day, but I love em and forgive em. They are still in our room because it is taking a bit of time to mingle with our cat, Moet, taking it slowly but getting there. Summer is so laid back about the 2 monsters, at 171/2 cat yrs she's just too old to care, bless her.( lovely nature ). Thank you for asking. X

  5. Beautiful card - luv it xx GailT xx

  6. Hi Tina
    Wow what a beautiful card this has taken my breath away, so rich and opulent and ... oh I am lost for words it is simply fabulous.
    The sentiment is wonderful and quite simply you, thank you so much for your wonderful support of late it has been so wonderful and just what I needed, thank you so very much.
    With love
    Margaret xx

  7. Hello Tina, catching up after having been away for a few days. Your two latest cards are stunning, what gorgeous dies and wonderful designs. Beautiful colour themes and embellishments.

    Good to here that your little kittens are doing well, they are so much fun at that age, though perhaps not at 4am, take care Tina, hugs Kate x

  8. Hi again Tina,
    Another corker. Loving the gardenia die. Love it all!
    4.30am? Blimey, there's only one 4.30 I want to see in a day and its not AM lol!
    Have you a playpen to pop em in?
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

    1. No, It's called our bedroom, but I'm seriously thinking of it though, but I would miss bubble sleeping in the crook of my back and Squeak in the crook of my knee. The problem occurs when I need to turn over, and then they wake up too, but they are so gorgeous I can forgive them anything, they just come up to my face for a cuddle, but I think they are as knackered as I am and have a mad run around for about 20 mins and then they sleep until 4.00-4.30am.Bring it on I love it, they are so special.I only gave them a home, but they don't realize they give me a lot more, bless em!! Thanks Ang

      Tina XX